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Go to ******* for a cool RPG game like Runecape, free! Oh and ... The Richest Runescape Bank EVAR
24 Oct 2008
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A video showing you how to embed YouTube videos and flash games (like PacMan) to your Desktop so you can play them at any time during the day, no download what so ever.
14 Apr 2009
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Thebes Casino is a revolutionary online casino offering state of the art casino games like blackjack, roulette, video slots, classic slots, video poker and more.
20 Jul 2009
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No game like football can make grown up men shout, cry and laugh - all of it in just 90 minutes. For us who feel the passion every time this video brings it all back.
12 Nov 2008
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10 Nov 2008
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Games like, World of Warcraft has helped me stay off alcohol for 9 years now but if you type my name Clive Worth into any search engine you will see all my sex stories and nothing about my games addition, OK Sex also play a big part in my life but to me they both go together because I enjoy both, Google Me, Clive Worth, There are 6 Google searches of me, 1st, (My 100,000 lovers), 2rd, (Clive Worth News), 3rd, (Clive Worth blogs), 4th, (Clive Worth), 5th (Love Rat & Proud), 6th, (Studs of Suburbia), also Photos on, MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, Photobucket, Flickr and Videos on YouTube, (worthalot2),
15 Nov 2008
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Now let’s all admit that when it comes down to it, all of us have rock and roll dreams. And thanks to games like Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour, we can finally indulge our inner rockstar fantasies. But as the holidays approach there is a bonafied battle of the bands on the horizon when it comes to which game is better at fulfilling our rock god dreams. So which game is superior? And more importantly, do you invest $180 dollars to form a Rock Band or do you spend $190 bucks to go a world tour…it’s difficult dilemma and In order to answer that question, I think we’ll have to take a close look at the competition.
3 Dec 2008
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Microsoft are usually included with all windows operating systems, but not with Windows Vista Business. Microsoft games are included with Vista Business, but are not enabled. This tutorial will show you how to enable games like Solitare and Freecell on Vista Business.
3 Jan 2009
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Listen in stereo link here: Gaiden Piano Arrangement written by me. I notice that there are barely any ninja gaiden piano videos on I thought...WTF? how can a popular game like ninja gaiden have no piano version score??? so I wrote a ninja gaiden piano score based on the original OST guitar version of the ninja gaiden guitar theme. Please comment rate and subscribe :D thanks so much :) reference: ninja gaiden 2 xbox360 trailer clips used with permission from teamxbox****
2 Jan 2009
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*******www.wiisportsprices**** From www.wiisportsprices****, These games I'm speaking about aren't like the game bundle with the golf, tennis, boxing options. Nope. These are real games like skiing, snowboarding, racing, etc. Admit it, all the games and components for Wii are absolutely spectacular, but there is just something really fun about the whole interactive gaming that is brought on by using the Wii. This is one of those consoles if not the only console that will get you up off your couch and on your feet. I know it's different. I know it's unusual. But its fun! It's exciting! It's innovative! And if you're a trendy freak like me you will just follow along with it. After all this system has...
6 Jan 2009
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Website: *******tinyurl****/9yxyjz I visited a website called FusionCash a couple of days ago and have had success with it already! Unlike other sites where your looking to earn a little extra cash, FusionCash has offers thats gives instant credit. Credit cards are NOT required to earn money and it's basically a straight forward and easy to use site. Whether you choose to receive the money you earn in a check, bank deposit, or Paypal... YOU'LL ACTUALLY GET YOUR MONEY! You should check it out and see for yourself. Use this extra cash towards a discount for ps3, xbox 360, wii, psp, video games, camera, bills, online video games like runescape or fiesta... anything! **************tinyurl****/9yxyjz
11 Jan 2009
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Read the lyrics below if the sound is too shitty. This is me performing jokes at the Ft. Lauderdale Improv. Thanks, guys, thanks, guys. How are you ladies doing? I didn't say, "How are you guys doing," because I don't give a fuck about the guys. I saw this guy reading a book the other day at work, it was one of those For Dummies books, you seen these? The yellow For Dummies books? Why would you read that book, why would you walk around with a book that insults you? I'm a dummy, this book calls me an idiot, just to let you guys know. That's like a guy walking around with a book that says Dating for Assholes. And it's silly, too, because the book he was reading, uh, was called Reading Books for Dummies. It's like, how can you learn what your learning disability is? Why do they put ads on racecars? You know? Jiffy Lube, zyoom...! Wonderbread, zyoom...! Who's idea was that? Sorry, man. But who's idea was that? Let's put ads on a car going 200 MPH so everyone can see it. I think they should put ads on turtles. Broadcasting on turtle crossings nationwide. That reminds me of when I grew up in this neighborhood, the people who designed my neighborhood, I always thought that they were assholes cuz when they put the turtle crossing, they built it across a 6 lane highway. That's cruel, how are you gonna put a turtle crossing across a 6 lane highway? And they have a speed limit sign that just says "Fuck you!" Every time I drive over it my car goes, "Joot joot joot joot joot joot joot joot joot." It's the circle of life, it's the circle of life! Because the kitty cats come out and eat the carcasses. And I used to loved to go pet them because I'm really good at petting kitty cats. I just now exactly where to hit the spot, and at the same time while I'm petting them I go, "Yes, I love to pet the pussy, I love to pet the pussy." You think that's funny? It's funnier to me cuz at the same time, their face, they're looking at me, they go, "Rehrrrr! Rehrrrr!" They love that shit. Which reminds me: if someone tells you they're a pathological liar, do you believe them? Cuz to be completely honest with you guys, I'm a liar. Like, people always ask me, "Hey, Mike! How come you never answer the question you're being asked?" So I tell them: "Because it tastes great. Because it tastes great..." Well, you guys are cool, I'll be damned. No, really, I'll be damned. I sold my soul to the goddamn devil. And all I got was a shirt for it, she gave me a shirt. The shirt she gave me says: "I sold my soul to the devil and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." That's a terrible trade-off. That's right, she. In my joke Satan is a woman cuz I believe a woman has every right to be portrayed as the devil. For once. Thank you. Speaking of which... which... (sneeze) Speaking of witches, what's this replacing "history" with "herstory"? You know March is Women's Herstory Month? That's a bullshit word. Feminism is ruining the Ingles language. You never hear anyone say, "Try reading the wo-manual." Well, I guess unless you need to learn how to be a bitch. Am I right? (goes to hi-5 a cross-armed woman, who refuses) Looks like someone's been reading her wo-manual! She's got the 2009 edition. See, I'm—I'm not like other guys. Like, I'm not that into sports. I'm more into games like, like you know, sports, somebody wins, someone loses, it could go either way every time. I like games where everybody loses. Like voting for president! Or sex after 60. Or sex with 60 year olds, in my case. No! Uh... Am I right? (goes to get hi-5 again from same woman, who again refuses) I've been meaning to ask you, what is that? (points at random spot on the table; when they look, walks away) If you guys read the newspaper, you might be aware of this recent—I recently read this in the paper. This is for those of you who don't keep up to date with the latest news... as of yesterday. But did you know the Latinos are the #1 Hispanics in South America? Sorry, Spanish people, you were #2. And that's all you'll ever be... I was at Denny's the other day, you guys been to Denny's? The waitresses there freak me the fuck out. They look like they play in the WNBA, they're giants! I wonder where they make this—this, uh... Denny's waitress factory. What are they making these waitresses out of? They're 60 feet tall, they come up to your table: Bookh! Bookh! Bookh! "Can I get you guys anything else? OK." (suck air) Bookh! (suck air) Bookh! (suck air) Bookh! The other ones that don't sound like that sound like they've been smoking since they were 3. "You didn't want the blueberries?" No, there's blood and vomit in it, Paige. Before I let you guys go, I just wanna tell you this thought I had the other day. You know, the thing that I really wonder about a lot is, I wonder who the best rapist in the world is. I'm juhbuh juhbuh. Go to myspace****/jubuhjuhbuh. (goes off stage to make love to pretty ladies)
1 Jul 2009
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CLICK MORE TO READ THE LYRICS!!! Intro Verse 1 I'm in the middle of a war zone warred on Like the 4 strong horsemen of the apocalyptic world I was raised on Trying to stay on with and eighth of my brain gone Trying to stay safe or get smoked like a blazed bong Every nigger in a 4 mile radius must have an alias Label me Zaniest The Almighty declared me the atheist Left me to burn in this waste like an alien In a void that be blacker than cocoa Feel the air disappear like a chokehold Living life as a curse from the birth to the hearse to the church It's been driving me Loco Living life never elegant, mentally militant Live where the pain is irrelevant Suffered depression of higher intelligence Nothing you've seen could compare to the hell I'm in Dark situation like the skin I'm in Adrenaline and melanin is equal to amphetamines I'll be here till I jettison, write till the letters spin Leave you in a dust never settling Lyrically, metaphorically, virtually As a mercenary I be ready for the kill Others might have the means to destroy a whole nation of hatred But I have the will My dreams have been shattered, my hope has been battered And scattered like eons ago I won't ease for these heathens, I have to keep breathing They won't take a piece of my soul The resolve of the loneliest, holiest Angel of Rage on this Earth ever known Live life, never yield from my throne Live life as the V Double O Hook X2 They try tell me they know something bout me but they d d d don't When I spit lines on break lines I break spines and they just cannot cope Cause I'm the V V V V D D D D D D O U B B B B L then E E O You better get to know Verse 2 From the darkness the arsonist Raised from the flames of the game like a phoenix, the meanest Murderous like a mercury shot to your arteries Chains never taming the realest In the war I'm a soldier, my hands have been soldered to mics And I write like a genius Coming through the airwaves, rise like a staircase Straight to the raves I amaze when you feel this Take a shot at me? Possibly, nothing can scupper me Dealt with the mockery properly In the game like a soccer league, clever like Socrates Nothing will ever be stopping me Spit a verse let it spray like a hydrant Always stay loud not silent When I sleep all I hear are the sirens Mentally I'm sick and should be sent to an asylum In the music my heart is, my lyrics: the smartest And came to the game in a TARDIS Every track I'm on rap as the last As there's no on to blast after Vesus the artist The reason the mark is as high as the sky And the bar's in the highest of echelons So, Mi Casa Su Casa, the second my record's on Come on now, let's get the session on Take the lead and the followers follow me Never weak, always strong that's my policy Raising idols on islands to honour me From the start to the end like chronology I'm the quickest and slickest you know In my city, UK and the globe I been rapping since 7 years old As the V Double V Double V Double O Hook X2 Breakdown Verse 3 There will never be another body ain't nobody Spittin with the quickest flow seen on green land Lick a rhythm like I wanna kill em Hit em with with the double O flow so you know it's the V man From the second I was beckoned to rap I just been wrecking the map, and niggas know what I mean man Spitting vocal energy on any of my enemies And I won't rest till I own this scene man G damn, it's me man Hop on the rhythm like a train Infecting the rest and I push a pen into the brain And my lyrics will break a person apart and leave remains And I'm crazy Take a pill like I'm a vitamin addict and psychosomatic, my lyrics taking flight when I've had it And I be pushing pen on paper, let me write like a habit And let me rip the rhythm when I see a mic and I grab it, its on! They try tell me they know something bout me but they don't know shit From my tracks to my skits, I cause fits, make mountains split when I spit Pause play, screw the foreplay, I been the boss since old days Rip tracks all day V Double O the vocal and verbal demolisher will echo through the ages like old school hallways Spit a lyric from the back and still crack at your dome Make you feel it from the front to the back of your home Hit a verse and I react and attack when its on Thinking I'm slack on a song, take a step back as you're wrong Militant till its over, cold like shoulders Luck like a 4-leaved clover Drop like boulders, bark like rover First name V Double, last name soldier Hook X4
19 Feb 2009
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Street Fighter IV review, another awesome Playstation 3 title! A lot of people have been talking to me about Street Fighter 4. They kept asking me if I was going to buy it and I was thinking about it for a while, but then I decided to wait. BUY STREET FIGHTER IV-PS3 - *******www.Extreme-Days****/buy/SFIVPS3.html BUY STREET FIGHTER IV-360 - *******www.Extreme-Days****/buy/SFIV360.html The reason for waiting was because they never gave us a demo, so all that we have to go from is trailers, screenshots, and written articles trying to describe what the new Street Fighter really is all about. Without the hands on aspect of it, I think Capcom made a big mistake there. Even if they gave us a very limited demo like we got for Killzone 2, I think that would have sealed the deal for all of those people who are still on the fence about buying it. I think that Capcom is going to do well anyway just because Street Fighter is a classic and everyone used to play it back in the day. Two days after Soul Calibur IV came out, I went and bought it at Best Buy. Even though Soul Calibur IV is a great game, I personally didn't get a whole lot of use out of it. That is the reason I'm so hesitant on buying Street Fighter IV. I think I will use it every day for about a month and then lose interest in it and it will just sit in the case on my desk for months until I take it out for a day or two and put it back again. One more thing I'm worried about is the online play. Street Fighter and Soul Calibur are very closely related games and the whole concept is pretty much exactly the same. So with what people are doing on Soul Calibur IV online, what is going to stop them from doing the same thing on Street Fighter IV? It's fun for a while until you play someone who just does the same move over and over and over again. Even if you can block or counter it and fight back, it's just not fun. Or when someone just mashes buttons and ends up winning somehow, that's no fun either. I can deal with these things, but when every other person you play against does one of these two things, it gets to be more an aggravation than a game to sit down and kick some butt on. In my opinion, games like this you're either having fun or just getting mad. Even when you're playing someone in the same room as you, the person that's winning is always happy and laughing, but when you're the one losing it just isn't a whole lot of fun. That's my take on it anyway and I'm not saying not to buy Street Fighter 4. I'm just giving you my opinions on what I think is going to happen with this game. CHECK OUT THE BLOG - *******www.Extreme-Days**** I'M ON TWITTER - *******www.Twitter****/Godismyrock FACEBOOK GROUP - *******www.facebook****/home.php#/group.php?gid=50665979660 Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow for Friday's gadget review, I'm sorry it's not going to be on the bluetooth bracelet like I had planned, I'm probably going to do it on my LG Dare instead so that you guys at least have something to watch tomorrow. Anyway, I'll see you then! *******www.themodelship****
20 Feb 2009
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Video about my new website that gives the lowdown on freebie sites, along with guides and howto videos that will help you get games like Resident Evil 5 for free.
28 Sep 2009
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Asad Pathan.Opening batsman hit 6 fours in a row in the very first over. He was 102 Not Out with 8 Sixers in the enning played In an APL Twenty20 Tournament at Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. Another Pathan from Gujarat after Irfan and Yusuf Pathan with a game like Yuvraj Singh.
4 Sep 2009
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