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we play drinking games like everyone else, but we look goooood.
10 May 2007
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The documentary investigates gaming workshops in China that hire people to play online games like World of Warcraft and lineage. The gaming workers play at least 12 hours a day to produce in-game currency, equipments and whole characters, which are sold to American players
26 May 2007
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The Simpsons Game is a third-person action game featuring an original storyline written by Tim Long, Matt Selman and Matt Warburton. The plot is self referential in nature, with the family discovering that they are forced to participate in another The Simpsons video game. Like the show, the game will poke fun at popular culture, other Video Games and EA itself.
12 Jul 2007
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"Hit the bricks laughing" This summer follow a marathon man who leaves laughter in his wake. Fling Films, in association with Zarathustra Studios, brings you an animated short exploring the lighter side of life and love. The movie coming this August was recorded using Moviestorm (a new program designed specifically for making machinima in a game-like environment).
6 Aug 2007
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Is not my video, it` belong to my guild. Immolation & Metraton, Server Sylvanas Europe It is already on youtube, but i post here for those hwo are playng games like Oblivion, Lineage, MU... This is the only MMORPG game everybody should play. "I am not working for Blizzard"
22 Aug 2007
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you can play free online games like Online Golf Flyff Rapells
6 Sep 2007
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These guys are nuts. When they don't organize fights in the Thunderdome, they hang out with their buddies from DPW and Space Cowboys to set up nice games like the one I catched on video: somebody steals a bottle and escapes on a bike avoiding obstacles, including jump ramps and drunken campmates who'll kick your butt to get the bottle back. Sweet!
24 Nov 2007
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Game like the japanese dancing games !!
2 Dec 2007
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This video is meant to show how to get a WildPlanet's SpyGear headset and hack it to use with Computers, Ipods, RC cars/planes, Robots, wireless cameras, and games like Call of Duty and Command and Conquer
21 Dec 2007
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This video is about Space Shot at Genting Theme Park, Malaysia..A game like roller coaster but not..Pretty scary..Are you dare to be on it?? Just watch..
29 Dec 2007
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On June 7, 2002 Derek Border disappeared. On January 22, 2008 we will discover what really happened to Derek Border. Introducing Nowheremen the only web-series that takes you beyond the episode and puts you in a social reality game like nothing you have ever experienced before. Get ready for Nowheremen at: Nowheremen**** x12productions****
15 Jan 2008
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Eve Park takes a look at Piano Wizard, a program that teaches you how to play songs on the piano using a MIDI keyboard and game-like interface.
30 Jan 2008
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