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GameSpot tells all about its predictions and most anticipated games for the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo!
6 Jun 2010
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We ain't afraid of no ghosts and neither is this video preview for Ghostbusters The Video Game! Read more:
8 Jun 2010
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This video shows gameplay from the game Sniper Elite on the Playstation 2. This is one of my favorite PS2 games and I have played a lot of them. This is one of my favorite World War 2 themed games and I have played far too many games in this often stale and boring genre. Also, This is one of my favorite third person shooters. Yes it is set in a World War 2 setting, but it follows a fictional and interesting story. You play as a special agent guy whose enemy is not the Nazis or any other Axis power. His enemy is The Russians, but, more specifically, the enemies are the Russian secret agent people. They have a plot to get a hold of nuclear material in Germany to make their own Nuclear weapon. So in essence, you are starting to fight in the cold war while World War 2 is still going on. What is cool about this from a gameplay perspective is that in many levels you will encounter dueling German and Russian forces, but you do not need to kill them. They would rather shoot at each other than you. But of course I snipe all those guys for fun anyways muahaha. Why do I love this game so much? It is just such a unique game. There is no other game that I know of that is purely focused on realistic sniping like this. You can adjust the difficulty/ realisticness of your single player campaign. I play on the rookie level. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!!!!!!!!!! ,some of you less enlightened gamers may proclaim to yourself in a giggly prepubescent frenzy, but this game is very challenging even on the Rookie difficulty setting. You see, enemies in this game are tough and they are intelligent. If they spot you they will run from you and go hide. Unlike in other games, when they get shot at by a sniper they have the common sense to go take cover. They will even try flanking you if you stay in the same spot too long. They often will sneakily toss a grenade at you if you camp in one spot too long after you are spotted. This makes things very intense and makes enemy encounters play out difficulty almost every time. As for the realism of sniping, it is really great. On the Rookie Difficulty setting, gravity affects your shots. This means that based on how close or far away your targets are, you have to adjust your aim vertically to compensate. It makes getting sweet headshots on far away targets or from quick shots even more satisfying. Your heart rate also effects how you play on the Rookie difficulty setting. Think real snipers can sprint for 5 minutes then dive to the ground and hold their breath for 30 seconds to stabilize their shot? Well, they can't. If you do lots of running around you see a little heart rate monitor thing act up and if you try holding your breath to stabilize your scoped in view, it won't work until you catch your breath. On higher difficulty settings, you can add even more variables to the gameplay like wind for example. This means that on top of taking gravity into making consideration when placing shots, you have to adjust your aim to the left or right depending on how hard the wind is blowing in either direction. You know what else is great about this game? Sniping is fun. It is really fun. Especially when this game lets you compete for high scores on levels. You get more points for lining up 2 or 3 people and hitting them with one shot. You get points for "remote detonations" which means sniping explosives or having somebody trigger a tripwire explosive you set. You get points for headshots. Even cooler is that this game compares your scores with other players online. _____________________________________________ Due to the size limit here in the video description I could not fit the whole review for this game, You have to read the second half of my review for this game here:;continue;1
13 Jun 2010
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We take an advance look at Naruto's return to the PSP after a lengthy leave of training. Read more:
26 Jun 2010
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**CLICK THIS LINK IF THE VIDEO'S MUTED** FFX and x-2 clips to My December by Linkin Park. Sorry if this is bad, but I'm not in love with this song or anything close to it. I just made this because some people said I should make videos to songs other than Evanescence or Within Temptation. Well, here it is people, I hope you're happy! THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR ANIME COMPANY IN ANY WAY
17 Aug 2010
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The second trailer to the new game by Capcom, Dead Rising 2.Capcom's Captivate 09 event featured a slew of games, but the highlight of the show was undoubtedly Dead Rising 2. The original game was one of the Xbox 360's early standouts and a knowing homage to American zombie movies, and it's hard to believe that the game is now almost three years old. Capcom R&D head and Dead Rising 2 producer Keiji Inafune has entrusted development of the sequel to Canadian studio Blue Castle Games, which was on hand at Captivate 09 to walk us through the game. Dan Brody, CEO and general manager of Blue Castle, gave us a tech demo that offered highlights of a few key features that will be in the sequel. Like in the game's predecessor, anything and everything can be used as a weapon, but the team is keen to up the ante with even more zombies and new weapons. Brody talked about maintaining the constant feeling of dread and being "out of your element." Dead Rising 2 introduces you to a brand-new location, the Vegas-like Fortune City, and a new hero, motocross champion Chuck Greene. The demo that we saw started out on a street where 1,000 zombies were enjoying a night out on the town, and moved into a small gaming lounge filled with rows of slot machines, card tables, and undead patrons. Taking control of Chuck, Brody picked up a baseball bat and begun laying into some hapless undead. Chuck will have plenty more weapons at his disposal, and we saw him taking hold of an electric guitar, machine gun, chair, roulette wheel, and even a slot machine. Ka-ching!If that's not enough, you'll be able to don a moose head and use it to head-butt, sweep, and charge through zombies, which seems to be as much fun as it sounds. Another makeshift weapon is the aptly named "drill bucket": a bucket with three power drills attached to it that face inward, making light work of anyone unfortunate enough to be wearing it. Meanwhile, the "paddle saw" is essentially a mop with a chainsaw affixed to each end. You can also attach these to the handlebars of a dirt bike and use it to dispense with the crowds milling around outside the casinos. Driving at full speed through the zombie-filled street resulted in complete mayhem, with bodies flying and splattering in every which way to amusing effect. Inafune hinted that some weapons, such as the drill bucket, may need to be constructed rather than acquired as is. Another weapon that can unleash plenty of satisfying carnage is the katana blade. Dead Rising 2 features plenty of dismemberment, and you can slice and dice heads, limbs, and even bodies in half. Dead Rising relied on Capcom's internal MT Framework engine, but Dead Rising 2 uses a completely separate engine developed by Blue Castle. The first instalment was capable of drawing 500 zombies at once, but the sequel is able to draw up to 7,000 zombies onscreen at once, all staggering, leering, and drooling in real time. The graphics look promising, with plenty of crisp textures and vibrant colours lighting up the neon-filled town. Although blood pools left behind by your hapless victims looked a bit unrealistic, other effects such as water reflections on asphalt and body dismemberment looked great. Capcom has yet to reveal a release date for Dead Rising 2, but expect to see it heading to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in the near future. -
15 Sep 2010
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The PC version of last year's beautiful action adventure is lots of fun, but you'll have to overcome its online-only copy protection and high price point. Read the full review:
28 Sep 2010
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Check out new ways you can combine items to make bigger and better weapons in this demo of Dead Rising 2 straight from Captivate 2010! Read more:
7 Oct 2010
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Read the full review: Call of Duty: Black Ops bears the series' standard superbly, delivering an engrossing campaign and exciting competitive multiplayer.
19 Nov 2010
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If you have any interest whatsoever in off-road racing you'd do well to take this beautiful and thrilling game for a spin. Read the full review:
30 Nov 2010
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Read the full review: Mafia II's exciting action and uncompromising mob story make for an impressive and violent adventure.
22 Dec 2010
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Read the full review: Ezio's Roman holiday is a joyous and gorgeous addition to a quality series.
25 Dec 2010
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Two players assemble their weapons and take the fight to the zombies from Captivate 2010. Read more:
31 Dec 2010
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Read the full preview: Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi sounds off on the recent announcement of Dead or Alive Dimensions.
30 Apr 2011
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visit my site Check out an awesome new trailer for Assassin's Creed 2! Available Video source by , edited by Me ~Its Beautiful Game GameZone's Natalie Romano gave the game a 8/10, saying it is "An impressive game true to the series, Assassins Creed II: Discovery is actually an entertaining title that makes the best companion to the console version. That said, the game is far from perfect but its easy to look past the flaws when the game is too fun to even want to put down. If you bought Assassins Creed II then you really must buy Discovery
7 May 2011
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Read the full review: Over-the-top, bloody, and bursting with content, Mortal Kombat is a return to form for the franchise.
17 May 2011
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