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This little piggy went to market! Keith using a GAMO Hunter Extreme .25 caliber to take out a good eating hog in the Texas Hill Country. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *******www.facebook****/keithwarrenoutdoors *******www.twitter****/thehighroadtv *******www.keithwarren****
8 May 2013
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I see so many people improperly load break barrel pelletguns that I think there should be a demonstration how it's done. Look, your airguns are expensive and you want to keep it for awhile. NEVER TRUST THE SAFETY!!! Metal will fatigue one day and disaster will hit. I ALWAYS want to keep my hand on the barrel just in case it "triggers off" causing the barrel to whip up and damage the gun or worse, hurt you or others. If you disagree, no's your stuff and I fully respect your style...but if you want to learn at least something safe then I'm glad I showed you. Other method is to leave it it on the hip but my back was kinda sore. Lol.
6 Sep 2009
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SEE MORE at *******gamousa**** A Gamo Hunter Extreme .177 Cal Air Rifle is used to knock down a wild hog. Note extreme caution should be used and boar hunting should only be performed by experienced hunters.
6 Apr 2010
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******* - CLICK HERE For More Information. Hog Hunting with Gamo Hunter Extreme .177 cal. Air Rifle - Hunter Extreme: The fastest spring airgun on the planet blasts a .177 caliber PBA pellet at a muzzle velocity of 1600 f.p.s! The Extreme is adult sized in every way from precision steel bull barrel to the extra large power plant. New full-size select beech stock with deluxe laser checkering, raised rail receiver with NEW 3-9x50 precision optic, illuminated reticle and one-piece mount. _____________________________________________ air rifle, gamo, gamo hunter extreme, air rifle hunting, gamo hunter, gamo air rifle, airgun hunting, air gun hunting, gamo hunting, gamo extreme, rifle, air gun, hog hunting, wild hog hunting, hog hunting texas, boar hunting, pig hunting, hog hunt, texas hog hunting, wild boar hunting
17 Apr 2012
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6 Sep 2009
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I was invited to solve a problem in my neighbour's garage ... The rats are back! Fui convidado a resolver um problema na garagem do meu vizinho... Os ratos estão de volta!
6 Sep 2009
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Air rifle rat hunting using GAMO HUNTER 440 .22. Ammo: Gamo Rocket Shot in the eye. Big one (40 cm) Tiro ao rato... Carabina Gamo Hunter 440 5,5 e munição Gamo Rocket. Rattus norvegicus is a rather large member of the mouse family. On average, these rats reach nearly 400 mm nose-to-tail, and weigh 140 to 500 g. Males are usually larger than females. Although not technically a seasonal breeder, a mating increase occurs in the warmer months of the year. An average female is capable of giving birth approximately seven times per year. Around 18 hours after giving birth, females experience postpartum estrus, and mate again. This reproductive function is responsible for the huge birthrates of Norway rats, which can reach 60 young each year per female. Norway rats are incredible pests to human populations. The species plays hosts to a plethora of diseases, including Trichia, Typhus, and the Plague. These rats also carry bacteria in their saliva that can infect those bitten and cause a sickness known as Rat Bite Fever. Norway rats also cause billions of dollars per year in the destruction of crops and food stores. They also cause fires by chewing electrical wires in buildings. (Animal Diversity Web)
21 May 2009
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This is my airgun colection. Air rifles: Gamo Viper max with tasco scope 3-9x32 -- 305m/s Gamo hunter real tree -- 305m/s Bam 31 -- 160m/s crosman phantom -- 300m/s 2x crosman 1077 1 from 1996 and other from 2007 -- 190ms Hatsan mod 125 -- 375m/s Air guns (pistols) : Crosman c11 -- 140m/s Anics 201 -- 145m/s If you want to see my Crosman 1077 shooting go to ***********/watch?v=VvUGNrf5vsM Thats all! Leave a comment! Edit: I got some new airguns 3-4 months ago and i may create a ...
13 Mar 2009
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4 air rifles compiting at power:P Gamo hunter Real Tree got 305m/s at 4.5mm Crosman 2260 got 183m/s at 5.5mm Crosman 2250 got 167m/s at 5.5mm Hatsan mod. 125 got 375m/s at 4.5mm pellets used for the 4.5mm - gamo expander and for the 5.5mm - Crosman premier hollow point Please rate and leave comment!
14 May 2011
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