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These are the Red Warriors of the Super Sentai (Power Rangers) you may recognise some (from Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai)
26 Apr 2007
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Gao Silver from Gaoranger
9 May 2007
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Special Henshin clip 2 This Henshin clip is taken from the Team-up movie: Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger! (Jakanja are the Evil baddies from Hurricanger!
13 May 2007
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Special Henshin clip 4! You may of already seen AkaRed in my: Boukenger vs. Super Sentai Henshin video! In this video he transforms into 2 red warriors: MagiRed & GaoRed (MagiRed from Magiranger & GaoRed from Gaoranger) Henshin clip taken from the Team-up movie: GouGou Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai
13 May 2007
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From HyakuJuu Sentai Gaoranger is, GaoYellow's English! Hello, Oh my God, Jesus, Silly and much more! (Funny surprise at the End!)
23 May 2007
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A video I made using footage of the openings Goranger - Boukenger and some footage of HyakuJuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai
16 Jun 2007
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28 Jan 2010
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Gaoranger vs Super Sentai part 1
6 Apr 2010
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14 Mar 2011
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Episode 4 of the PSX game, Hyakuju Sentai Gaoranger.
1 Jun 2011
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PLEASE DO NOT MAKE MECHA REQUESTS!!! I will make videos of what I feel like! -------------------- DX Chogokin Gaoking! DX 超合金 ガオキング! Gaoranger was the first animal-based Sentai show of the 00s. It really brought in some sweeping changes in how mecha were presented. For starters, this show has tons of them (which i'm sure you can tell from the title of the show). Second...the Power Animals (パワーアニマル) had some pretty fluid designs... Instead of being mecha animals, they were animals who happened to be mecha. How well did this concept port into it's toys? Being that Gaoking is the only Gaoranger mecha I own, they atleast got it right once (though I do own pretty much every primary mecha). Gaoking is, hands-down, the best animal based mecha design since...well...Liverobo. Gaoking is made up of five Power Animals: 1. Gaolion 2. Gaoeagle 3. Gaoshark 4. Gaobison 5. Gaotiger 1. ガオライオン 2. ガオイーグル 3. ガオシャーク 4. ガオバイソン 5. ガオタイガー They can be combined into a Tank Mode (タンクモード) which was never used in the show. The only accessories that Gaoking comes with is the plate to make Tank Mode (which also doubles as a stand for the completed Gaoking to stand on) and the Fin Blade (フィンブレード). Since this is part of a series of Power Animals, Gaoking relies on other Power Animals for more accessories. Gaoking was definitely revolutionary in it's design. Never in the past had there been a mecha with such a smooth design. This toy really lacks edges. Edges prevented Gingaioh from being the great looking mecha it really could've been. The quality is something else to behold too. While Eagle, Shark and Bison are pretty average in quality Lion and Tiger have excellent paint and detail. Especially Lion since it has about a thousand joints to fold up. My only complaint about this toy is that it's very small. The box is one of the smallest boxes ever for a DX Chogokin Mecha and the sad truth probably could be smaller too. The cardboard packing takes up quite a bit of room. Bandai America released their own version of Gaoking for Power Rangers Wild Force as the Wild Force Megazord. Wild Force Megazord is very similar to Gaoking. It seems to be missing any Die Cast and Chrome elements from Gaoking as well as a few other mold swaps. If you spot a Gaoking, which they are common, snap it up. They're typically not too expensive wherever you look for one, and since it's recent, one can be had in good condition. Check out my Myspace Blog! This week I talk about why I uploaded Gaoking as well as talk about why Kamen Rider Decade fans are possibly the worst fans ever. *******blogs.myspace****/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=369670221&blogId=508960774 Or check out my main page: *******www.myspace****/CCLemon99 Be sure to follow me on Twitter! I'm pretty loose with information there. I really like to hear from people: *******twitter****/CCLemon99 Finally, please be sure to subscribe to my Channel(s)!! I upload a new video every week and subscribing is the best way to keep up with me! Thanks for watchin'. See ya next time!
18 Sep 2011
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A fanmade teamup henshin for Timeranger VS Gaoranger, which was not done in 2002. enjoy! Want to find out what it will be like? check out the fanfic of the teamup at: *******www.fanfiction****/s/3385570/1/Hyakuju_Sentai_Gaor... Disclaimer: This isn't mine but it's Toei's.
2 Nov 2011
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ガオアクセス! HAA! Here is the very first standard Cell Phone Changer*! The G Phone! This toy is incredibly cool and fun, but at the same time they engineered the hell out of it making it probably too complex and fragile for many children [there are some very smart kids out there though!]. Also, the electronics are kinda sparce. Everything else, however, makes up for that! This toy is truly a collector's piece. It feels like that's who they made this toy for, the older fan. A toy like say ... the Dynobuckler [Zyuranger] can stand some hard knocks from a kid. The G Phone is one that would probably break with your average toddler/child. Maybe thats why this toy is a rarity these days... If you're a Gaoranger or Sentai fan be sure to pick this one up! And spend those extra dollars to get a sealed one! My G Phone was sealed until today when I snapped a million pictures of it. You can even see in the pictures of the box that it hadn't been opened! * NOTE: The very first Cell Phone Changer was the Keitaizer and it belonged to Megasilver [Megaranger].
13 Nov 2011
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Final episode of the PSX game, Hyakuju Sentai Gaoranger.
9 Jan 2012
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A teamup of two beast-themed sentai, Gaoranger and Abaranger. Disclaimer: I don't own them but Toei and Disney.
5 Feb 2012
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DX Gaomuscle!! DX ガオマッスル Fact: Gaoranger has a TON of mecha. Gaoking [ガオキング] was the first combination. From there, things get pretty crazy. Trying to keep track of the different variations of Gaoranger mecha is enough to make your head spin. So what exactly is Gaomuscle? You might consider it a secondary mecha...but you'd be wrong. I guess the best way to classify it would be as an alternate Gaoking. Here's why... 1. Gaogorilla 2. Gaobear 3. Gaopolar 4. Gaoeagle 5. Gaobison 1. ガオゴリラ 2. ガオベアー 3. ガオポーラー 4. ガオイーグル 5. ガオバイソン So...the bottom half is still Gaoking, but the top half is all new. Like I said, alternate to Gaoking. Not quite a new mecha, but too different to be considered "add-ons". Included with Gaogorilla is the Muscle Anchor [マッスルアンカー] which clips into Gaobear's mouth while the chain is held by Gaopolar. If I had to complain about something on Gaomuscle it'd probably be it's lack of a sword. The Muscle Anchor isn't very menacing, it just looks like an anchor from a dinghy. That is more of a show complaint than a toy complaint, though. I will say that some of the chrome seems to have formed a strange oxidation that turns it green. See Gaogorilla's chest as an example. Otherwise, I really can't complain. Gaoranger mecha toys are pretty solid. Gaomuscle was also sold as a giftset in a single box. Seeing that I already own Gaoking, I opted to buy the individual boxes for Gaogorilla and Gaobear/Gaopolar. I don't really have a use for more than one Gaoeagle and Gaobison. Bandai America released a version of Gaomuscle for Power Rangers Wild Force as the DX Kongazord. Be sure to follow me on Twitter! I'm pretty loose with information there. I really like to hear from people: *******twitter****/CCLemon99 Finally, please be sure to subscribe to my Channel(s)!! I upload a new video every week and subscribing is the best way to keep up with me! Thanks for watchin'. See ya next time!
15 Feb 2012
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