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Dorothy Pang, CAO Cornerstone Community Church Dorothy has a heart for people and a mind for systems. Drawn by the mission of the church and God’s undeniable call, Dorothy wound down her law practice and joined the church in late 2011. She helped oversee the construction of the new facility and presently oversees the day-to-day operations as well as participates in its strategic planning. Originally from Saskatchewan, her life journey has taken her across the country and taught her many lessons along the way. #God #Gaps #Gap #Lifework #Christian #Success #Lifeworkproject
19 Jan 2019
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Lack of communication might give a rise to insecurity within your child. He/she may stop sharing things with you. This, ultimately may lead to more complex problems. In this video, your parenting coach, Naren Goidani discusses why communicating with your child is of utmost importance. He also sheds some light on the various signs of bad parenting. WOW Parenting is an online parenting course platform designed to guide parents on how to effectively groom and deal with children to create a more fulfilling and less stressful family life.
24 Jan 2019
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Feito a pedido do nosso professor de musica para lembrar ensaios, amigos e apresentações.
9 Feb 2019
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Dear friends, in this video we have discussed about #1 Ayurvedic treatment that help to gain weight naturally. These natural pills • Promotes growth in muscles mass and bone density • Speed up metabolism • Reverse genetic disposition of a person • Improve joint endurance and strength • Fill in nutritional gap Must watch this video till end and don’t forget to comment.
16 Jan 2019
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Dear friends, In this video, we have discussed about best Ayurvedic medicine for muscle building with 0 side effects and so many benefits. We are taking about Mega Mass and D-Whey capsules which helps to gain weight quickly in men and women naturally. 7 Amazing Mega Mass and D-Whey Benefits • Increase Appetite • Build Muscle Mass • Cure Body Weakness • Help To Achieve Fitness Goal • Fill Nutritional Gap • Treat Underweight Problem • Boost Immunity Power Must watch this video till end and don’t forget to comment.
17 Jan 2019
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In this video, we have discussed about 10 major causes of short height. If you are facing any of these issue don’t worry, just take Long Looks capsules and forget about all short height issues. If you are above 18 and fed up of less height just take Long Looks capsules. These herbal pills fill nutritional gap, provide vital nutrients to body, stimulate growth hormones and help you grow taller naturally. To know more benefits of these pills must watch this video till end. Thanks for giving your valuable time in watching video. Have a healthy and fit body! If you like this video, then please subscribe to our Metacafe Channel to get updates on other useful health video tutorials. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
28 Jan 2019
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Connect with Telus Business Connect and leverage the big power of internet to be in touch with the customers round the world. We fill up the gap between your business and potential customers. See the pricing and choose your plan. Explore our website to know more hosted VoIP solution. Mobile workforce for your office.
5 Feb 2019
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Vice presidents are the most senior employees in an organization, second only to C-level executives. They function as the working executives of a company, bridging the gap between lower administration and elite executives, handling everything from corporate security to employee benefits programs.
12 Feb 2019
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Does it mean you CAN do all these things when you visit Gap?
29 Mar 2006
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Guy on his bike clears a beautiful little gap.
27 Aug 2006
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mike vallely does and ollie gap over 1.7m of wood
22 Oct 2006
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Fancey Gap Mountain Driving downhill in a 18 wheeler truck
24 Dec 2006
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