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How to protect your Contract Hire lease with Contract Hire Gap Insurance from GapInsurance123******. Did you know you could be left with a bill for outstanding rentals on your lease if the vehicle becomes a total loss? Visit GapInsurance123****** to find out how to protect yourself
11 Nov 2011
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Learn how to protect your invoice price with RTI Gap Insurance from GapInsurance123******. Return to Invoice Gap can cover the differnece between the vehicle market value, when it is written off, and the original invoice price you paid. Up to 5 year cover available at GapInsurance******
11 Nov 2011
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Thomas Voeckler speaks after the finish in Gap after retainnig the yellow jersey at the Tour de France for another day Cyclingnews‪*******www.cyclingnews****‬

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13 Jan 2012
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Short promo video for new Goober Patrol album 'Mind The Gap' available as a digital download from Hulk Rackorz It is also available from iTunes and Amazon. Edited by Tom Goober CHEERS!
19 Feb 2012
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Now that the Camaro was covered in BASF Epoxy Primer, It was time to make the car a roller and put the body panels back on. We start by installing the sub frame and making sure it is square. Once the car can roll, we started putting on doors, fenders, hood, etc. With a little persuasion, the gaps were all lined up and the car is ready for body work.
3 Mar 2012
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Experience wonderful adventure travel anywhere in the world with GAP ADVENTURES coupons and promo codes. Save on tours in top destinations around the world and spend less with GAP ADVENTURES coupon codes and promotional offers. Get more savings at *******www***uponsaver****/gap-adventures-coupons-codes.html
10 Mar 2012
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(Image Source: MinistryofTofu****) BY REGINA WANG ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN They aren’t models for some of the most expensive names in fashion. Emilio Pucci, Zegna, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Giorgio Armani. They are China’s top politicians, and some of its wealthiest citizens who are in Beijing wrapping up meetings at the National People’s Congress. It’s often the rich and famous who are chosen to represent their provinces, NPR reports... “In fact, the wealthiest 70 delegates are worth $89 billion. According to Bloomberg News, that's 11 times the net worth of the entire U.S. Congress, plus the U.S. president, his Cabinet and justices of the Supreme Court.” But the Financial Times says, a group of rich delegates is not a good representation of China — and it shows Chinese leaders have failed. “They have pledged to build a fairer, ‘more harmonious’ society, but the wealth gap has steadily widened during their time in office even as economic growth has averaged 10 per cent.” Critics are calling the congress meetings Beijing Fashion Week. The New York Times blog reports the meetings are also causing an angry uproar among Chinese netizens for their delegates’ extravagant tastes. “One snarky and popular blog site, the Ministry of Tofu, said the fashion parade ‘created a backlash among Chinese netizens, who usually show zero tolerance for public display of luxury goods and wealth, and sneer ruthlessly at knockoffs.’” But The Telegraph reports quotes one delegate, Chen Zhishi [pronounced “Chen Gee Shee”] of China’s Economic and Social Council, who responds to the uproar saying... "It is every delegate’s own business what kind of clothes they wear. Wearing formal dress is appropriate for this solemn occasion. But drawing attention to yourself by wearing ostentatious clothes is not appropriate."
16 Mar 2012
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Why do gaps appear in trading? ***********/Stop-loss-leverage.html Sometimes in a trend a gap will appear - a gap is an explosion of speculative interest and the market opens the next trading session markedly higher or lower. Gaps in bull markets can be taken as signs of support while gaps in bear markets signify resistance.
12 Apr 2012
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70 Ton Heim Single Crank Back Geared Gap Frame Metal Stamping Punch Press by *******www.Affordable-Machinery**** We have Bliss, Minster, Clearing, Verson and other press brands available. video link *******
15 May 2012
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Lovecraft Garments is a factory that has recently supplied GAP clothing and Nygard. We arranged to meet with several Lovecraft workers at their home. They gave us an insight into the conditions in which they are forced to live and reveal that the factory is breaking several labour laws. You can learn more about the film and the continuing campaign by visiting the website: *******appareltruth****/ 10 people live in one room sharing one bed Normal working week is 10hrs per day but with compulsory overtime this is12-13 hrs Bangladeshi labour law states that a working day should be no longer than eight hours with an optional, two hours of paid overtime They are paid just $50 a month A dozen rooms like this share one toilet and water supply On this wage of $50 the workers cannot provide for themselves, and therefore lodge with their uncle. Their family of ten can afford one small room in which to cook, sleep and live, taking turns in the single bed. A street of a dozen such families share one toilet and water supply. The workers were confused when we asked about their holiday entitlements. Apparently they are offered compensation for not taking any time off work. Although this extra income is appreciated by the impoverished workers, the practice is illegal and leads to exhaustion. The factory offers half the legal requirement of maternity leave: just eight weeks. The workers are therefore forced to work gruelling hours in the latter stages of pregnancy endangering the health of both mother and child. The factory also provides no child care, despite the fact that it is a legal requirement. To see the full film about abuses in the clothing trade please watch the full film: The Apparel Truth
6 Apr 2013
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Meet the "thigh gap," the latest trend among dieters that suggests your legs should be so thin they don't touch above the knees! Not everyone is on board with this new trend, and plus-size model Robyn Lawley is leading the charge! In an essay to The Daily Beast she wrote, "The last thing I would want for my future daughter would be to starve herself because she thought a "thigh gap" was necessary to be deemed attractive." Robyn first decided to weigh in on the topic after a picture of herself was posted on a pro-thigh gap Facebook page, and hundreds of people commented calling her "too hefty" and "a pig."
31 Oct 2013
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22"/31" x 90" Brand New Acra Gap Bed Precision Engine Lathe, Mdl. 2290ACH, 15" 3 Jaw Chuck, Full Length Splash Guard, Coolant System, 4 Way Tool Post, Halogen Work Light, Steady (1 3/5" - 10"), #A2597 To buy or sell new or used engine lathes for sale please visit *******www.SterlingMachinery**** Call Today! 626-444-0311
22 Jan 2014
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When I look at you....
14 Sep 2006
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Get yourself ready to watch amazing Madona in this ad!
11 May 2006
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Starring: Courtney Cox, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley.
4 Oct 2006
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Kid tries to run and jump a 30 foot planter, but catches his foot on the last tier causing him to smash his face into snow and ice and ultimately loses consciousness. I'm sure he had quite the headache.
5 Dec 2006
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