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This jazz waltz features vocal, saxophone, and flute performances accompanied by a jazz trio. Vocal - Lee Fitzsimmons * Live Yamaha tenor saxophone (YTS - 21) - Lee Fitzsimmons * Live Gemeinhardt flute - Lee Fitzsimmons Piano - Lee Fitzsimmons * Acoustic bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Drum kit and ride cymbals - Lee Fitzsimmons LYRICS "Think I'm gonna go sail away, forever and a day. Through the clouds and over the trees, think I'm gonna go sail away. Gonna get me a big balloon, so I can fly away to the moon. Through the stars on Mercury's tune, gonna get me a big balloon... Breathe deep the golden air, swirling through our minds. We'll find a solace there, an essence so sublime." "Maybe we could fly away to Mars, the whole universe is ours. See the light wherever we are, maybe we could fly away to Mars. Jupiter and Venus, too. That's what I'm really gonna do. Saturn in it's hazy dew, Jupiter and Venus, too... Breathe deep the golden air, swirling through our minds. We'll find a solace there, an essence so sublime." The jazz trio sets up a spirited groove; the vocal begins. A soulful tenor saxophone fills the gaps of the vocal melody during the verses. In the chorus, a playful flute plays during the vocal breaks as a clever modulation occurs. After the chorus, the saxophone takes a lively be-bop style ride and is then joined by the flute, so the pair can present a two part harmony that sets the stage for the second verse. The entire form repeats and the song ends on the final note of a brief coda. The philosophical essence of this tune is the concept of "floatation" as an allegory for the ascent of the kundalini energies up the spinal cord. The planetary chakras of alchemical lore are mentioned in the lyrics as guiding beacons of light that guarantee that the balloon's pilot is never lost.
27 Sep 2017
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I'm finally used to Becky G's new teeth. Let's face it, even if a donkey kicked her in the face I'd love her. BUT for those of you that don't know .. [read on below] Anand Bhatt "Latindian Style" on Apple Music now! Becky G used be this chunky girl with a gap between her teeth, and it was SEXY. What made Becky G so charming is that she owned this tooth gap and her confidence was hot. Sadly, since her gig in the Power Rangers movie it appears as if she got her teeth fixed and now she just looks like everyone else - she has that cookie cutter homogenized look that Hollywood and Miami have been cranking out like a "pretty girl" factory. And now that all girls look exactly alike, "imperfections" like gap teeth and a thick body are "PERFECTIONS." But Alas, she has joined the collective and it'd be hard to pick her out in a crowd now. That being said, on the inside she is still Becky from the Block and if she ever wanted to do it Latindian Style I'd give her a shot! Hope you enjoy this remix!
30 Sep 2017
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Williams Building Services, LLC Portage, MI, 49024 (269) 271-6333 Williams Building Services aims to fill the gap left by others, providing quality services at competitive prices to commercial and industrial properties throughout Kalamazoo and Portage, Michigan! Office Cleaning Service, Industrial Cleaning Company, Professional Cleaning Service, Cleaning Company, Cleaning Business, Cleaners, Industrial Cleaners, Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Apartment Cleaning Schoolcraft MI Cleaning Service, Industrial Commercial Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Service, Industrial Cleaning Service, Commercial Office Cleaning
3 Oct 2017
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If you have a missing tooth or gap in your teeth and want to restore your smile, then you may want to consider dental bridge. This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make your smile look better. Schedule your appointment with Female dentist Lithia at Bridges Dental.
5 Oct 2017
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10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing Marketing is a vital affair of any business and the current trend of marketing is digital. To acquire new customers is the biggest challenge and requirement of any business. To meet this demand, marketing department has to plan various budgets and tasks involved in a marketing strategy. However, customer engagement and interaction is slightly missed and taken for granted in these strategies. This gap can be eradicated by means of digital marketing where customer engagement is the key and interaction has been shaped up using various techniques. for more details you can call us at +91-8088998664
11 Oct 2017
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Have you ever had a gallbladder attack? Talk about painful! But there is hope – here is how to get rid of gallstones naturally! Thankfully, I have found something that works like a charm, is not invasive and lets me keep my gallbladder! Plus, it doesn’t hurt – yeah! My Experience I had my first when pregnant with our 8th child and after an all-you-can eat pizza buffet – a high fat meat! It was no fun, in fact, it was quite painful! As a nurse, I knew that I was a prime candidate for gallbladder surgery. Having cared for gallbladder patients, I knew that it was a difficult surgery and I did not want it! In seeking an alternative to gallbladder surgery, my father introduced me to a gallbladder cleanse, also called a gallbladder flush. I have continued to use the recipe that I will give below, as needed with success. Until I started the GAPS diet, I would use the flush once a year or so. Since I have been on the GAPS diet, interestingly, my gallbladder attacks increased during the first 8 – 10 months or so. During this time, I did the gallbladder cleanse monthly until my stones subsided. Whatever the reason, the GAPS diet seemed to accentuate my gallbladder problem. My gallbladder was not functioning properly and through the healing process of the GAPS diet it is now much better and the need for a gallbladder cleanse in almost unnecessary.
16 Oct 2017
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Does it mean you CAN do all these things when you visit Gap?
29 Mar 2006
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Guy on his bike clears a beautiful little gap.
27 Aug 2006
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mike vallely does and ollie gap over 1.7m of wood
22 Oct 2006
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Fancey Gap Mountain Driving downhill in a 18 wheeler truck
24 Dec 2006
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blaize gap 5 personnes au port de caen
15 Apr 2007
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Gap on pkin on Warsaw
9 Jul 2007
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second story gap
30 Jul 2007
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A day at the top of a hill at Deal's Gap. We where there with a pair of Harleys but wanted to be on our GSXR1000 and TLR1000 so bad! So we stopped and took some video to help! Oh yea, our wifes were with us as well......
2 Sep 2007
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Another video of our trip to Deal's Gap. We rented Harley's for the trip and took them through the DRAGON'S TAIL!! Well I am a sports bike rider and LOVE to lean...Hard to lean a Harley with Floor Boards!!
2 Sep 2007
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