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Being Irish means that I am born with a passion for potatoes but even I get bored of them sometimes and think they need to be jazzed up ever so slightly. How many times have you been served side orders of spuds that do very little to excite the palate such as…..mashed potatoes, chips, wedges etc etc. Well on a recent trip to Barry’s kitchen in London I thought I would cook something with potatoes that would make a change to the usual boring fodder! Check this out, I think they rock and would make a great side dish to any meal!
10 Sep 2008
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Most popular dishes. Tip for peeling tomatoes (In case somebody dont know how to do it): drop whole tomatoes into boiling water for 10 seconds. Take them out, very easy to peel. This dish is actually very good for chinese noodles. Although it is very simple and popuplar. Personally I dont like rare dishes, I love good popular dishes myself.
2 Mar 2009
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10 Apr 2009
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We have prepared a delicious dish here with shrimp from Lobster Gram. Easy to follow instructions and a great meal as well.
20 Apr 2009
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15 Aug 2009
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23 Sep 2009
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26 Nov 2009
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22 Jan 2010
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Serve this traditional Italian side dish with meats, fish or pasta-and-tomato dishes, and garnish with lemon wedges or a sprinkle of crisp-cooked pancetta or bacon. For more recipes and information visit *******
6 Feb 2010
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Disclaimer: This video is uploaded mainly for educational purposes only. Quality of Video have been decrease.
7 Aug 2010
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8 Jan 2011
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15 Oct 2012
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16 Oct 2012
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15 Feb 2013
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Another review from Gregory Ng, The Frozen Food Master. Go to Freezerburns**** for more great frozen food reviews
21 May 2013
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BON introduces the healthiest and tastiest foods found in Chinese cuisine
2 Jun 2017
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