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*******hockeyus****/montreal-hockey/montreal-goal-sticks/montreal-9000-goalie-stick-2008-review.html Video review of the Montreal 9000 Goalie Stick
2 Apr 2009
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Daddy Troy reviews all the features of the new folding booster seat from The First Years. Troy evaluates this booster car seat for convenience, design, and safety. Does this model stand out from the crowd? DadLabs Ep 514 brought to you by BabyBjorn. Distributed by Tubemogul.
13 May 2009
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In this episode, Ben and Josh show off a camping classic, the Coleman lantern. Evolving over time, these lanterns now use batteries and fluorescent bulbs. Wow! If you're in the deep, dark'll want to bring a lantern. Be sure to check out CampingGearTV**** for more episodes!
29 Dec 2009
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In the eleventh installment of Camping Gear TV, Ben and Josh review the Quest Shade Chair sold by Dick's Sporting Goods. It's a pretty cool chair, with an overhead shade. The chair has received mixed reviews from the camping community, see for yourself if it's worth the $40. If you like this video, please check out CampingGearTV**** for more!
3 Jan 2010
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Which mummy sleeping bag is right for you? In this episode of Camping Gear TV, Josh and Ben attempt to solve this age-old question. Both moderately priced, the SleepCell Mummy sleeping bag and the Field & Stream MT20 offer good value. Check out CampingGearTV**** for more video reviews and demos of camping gear and accessories!
9 Jan 2010
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After a bit of a break, we're back with the first of a special 2-part series in which Ben and Josh examine some of Josh's personal gear collection. We're talkin' dry bags, beer bongs, sunscreen for pale folk, an old as balls propane stove, and more. Just what will we uncover?!!?! As a special tribute to the USA Olympic hockey team, this episode features patriotic USA colors. Check out more of our videos at *******www.CampingGearTV****
25 Feb 2010
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In part 2 of this special series, we finish going through some of Josh's personal gear collection. The episode features lighter fluid, a collapsible shovel, a portable fan, beef jerkey and much, much, much more. Hold on to your pants ladies. Check out more of our videos at *******www.CampingGearTV****, unless you're which case you might not want to.
13 Mar 2010
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In this episode, the third and final with guest Tony Heck, we review some of the basics of cold weather clothing. Polyester, Under Armour, Wal-Mart, fleece, polypropylene, chili stains, rayon, gloves without fingers, and more! What's your go-to clothing for cold weather camping? Leave a comment! And check out more of our camping gear video reviews at *******www.CampingGearTV****.
2 Apr 2010
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In the last of a number of special "cold weather camping" episodes, Josh and Ben review the Baffin Apex Boot. Designed for extreme cold weather, the Baffin Apex has been tested in the North and South Pole. But what about Missouri? Let's see if this boot can stand the frigid tundra that is Saint Louis. Watch more videos and take part in the smooth pimp revolution at *******www.CampingGearTV****!
30 Mar 2010
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In the thirtieth episode of dat show Camping Gear TV, Josh and Ben review the Screwpop tool. Relatively new to the market, the Screwpop is a keychain multi-tool that not only handles multi-toolage, but also opens beers. Check it out peeps, and leave a comment mon! Watch more videos and get stronger at *******www.CampingGearTV****!
8 Apr 2010
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Aquapac waterproof camera cases and cinnamon swirl bread are like peanut butter and jelly, they're simply meant to be. In the 31st episode of CGTV Ben and Josh eat bread, drink milk, and review the Aquapac waterproof camera case. The Aquapac is designed with ultra-clear optical quality materials, keeping your camera protected at all times. Guaranteed submersible to 15 ft, Josh and Ben put it to the test and showcase some pictures and video taken with the product. Check it. *******www.CampingGearTV****
13 Apr 2010
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In this episode, Ben and Josh take an in-depth look at a camping food favorite, beef jerkey. What is beef jerkey all about? Why is it so popular? Why does it taste so delicious? All of these questions are explored on the latest episode of Camping Gear TV. Check out more episodes at *******www.CampingGearTV****!
20 Apr 2010
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