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The clip cancel You Go Girl from I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007) with Mackenzie Crook, Michelle Pfeiffer Be with you in a minute. Cortney Love? Drop out Hag. Fay Dunaway? Don't call us we'll call you. Sharon Stone? Hag. Gena Davis? Hag. Sigourney Weaver? Hag. Kim Basinger? Hag. Emma Thompson? Britt hag. Susan Sarandon? Richly alienated hag. Meg Ryan? Too much plastic surgery. Melanie Griffith? Way too much plastic surgery. Patricia Heaton? Pointless plastic surgery. Cher. Insurmountable amount of plastic surgery. Listen you little bird of a man where do you come off insulting these women? How many good songs did you sing? How many Oscars do you have? Could you look cute next to Warren Beatty, or live with Don Johnson, or act with Ted Dansen? You're not worthy of kissing Cher's tattooed ass. He'll see ya now. Hey you look great. How's Lizzie? You're asking me about my kid something must be wrong. OK, I won't BS ya. There's fewer and fewer spots for scripted show. They're expensive dinosaurs. No one cares. "Two And A Half Men"? Older woman, the least desirable demo. If we want the kids we gotta be cutting edge and off the chain. That means music and cloths. You keep lowering our budget. Face it "You Go Girl" is... straight played. I'd rather tell you now since we're friends then... So you're replacing me with a reality show. Actually we got a sitcom for that slot. Two hip young writers, Rosencrantz and O'Reilly, have created a show for this hip new funny kid uh... Oh wait you know him, Adam Pearl. It's called "The Shizzle". "The Shizzle"? "The Shizzle". It mean the new cool stuff. No, it doesn't, it means shit! I can't say anything and you can name a show after shit! How do you like that? Good luck. I'm sure it'll live up to it's name. Thanks for your support.
28 Nov 2011
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