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2:05 New research out of UCLA indicates that genetic engineering techniques could trick the body’s cells into burning more fat.
24 Jun 2009
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11:22 - SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY Life, Genetics, and Quantum Mechanics - A Discussion with Dr. Johnjoe McFadden, P1/2. Episode: 1019, Air Date: 29 - Jun - 2009.
8 Jul 2009
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Watch full documentary here: For more free documentaries visit
9 Aug 2009
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Genetic testing used to be reserved only for those were were almost certain to get diseases like cancer. Now, almost anyone can request a genetic test from their doctor and more people than ever are getting them, but should they? Some genetics experts caution that testing isn’t for everyone and reading the results shouldn’t be left to just anyone.
29 Aug 2009
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12:22 - SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY Life, Genetics, and Quantum Mechanics - A Discussion with Dr. Johnjoe McFadden, P2/2. Episode: 1026, Air Date: 06 - Jul - 2009.
31 Aug 2009
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In this installment of the innovatinos in facial plastic surgery update, Dr. Verret discusses current genetic hair loss testing and genetic tests that can be performed to give an idea if a patient will be responsive to finasteride (Propecia) treatment. For more information, visit
16 Sep 2009
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Activa - Genetic (Original Airflow Mix)
29 Sep 2009
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Kari Stefansson M.D., Dr. Med talks about genetic tests
18 Nov 2009
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NBC Nightly News on deCODE genetics
22 Nov 2009
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Get these seeds at: and some grow help at DNA Genetics Master Martian - 2 Cup winning genetics crossed into each other, good yield, 9 week flower. Genetics are California Master Kush x Martian green
11 Dec 2009
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Get these seeds at: and some grow help at DNA Genetics Sharksbreath offers an incredible flavour, distinctive aroma and an outstanding buzz. The guys at DNA Genetics have done a fantastic job in creating this very special plant. The Sharksbreath is a conneseurs delight with the highly potent crop that it yields. Short stout plants pack on frosty and very dense colas. This strain has been referred to as the “cash crop” plant yielding well above average but it is a heavy feeder and to avoid bud rot setting in, a consistent air flow needs to be maintained. Indoor Flowering time for these Cannabis Seeds is 9 weeks. 13 regular Cannabis Seeds per pack
11 Dec 2009
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Get these seeds at: and some grow help at DNA Genetics LA Woman is a match of two multi-award winning strains. She is great tasting and very strong. DNA Genetics LA Woman flowers a week longer than the original LA., but a week shorter than the Martian Mean Green, making it a well balanced cross time wise. DNA LA Woman is quicker to veg than the Original LA., and her yield is almost double! This cross grows like an indica with one main cola and little side branching, and will work well for sea-of-green. With her incredible smell and strength, it's hard to go wrong with this cross. People will be satisfied by the bag appeal and frostiness ,keeping all who try her begging for more. DNA LA Woman stays short, and if you feed her heavily, the buds pack on the weight early and finish in the best part of 9 weeks.
11 Dec 2009
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Get these seeds at: and some grow help at The DNA Genetics Cannalope Haze cannabis seeds are renowned for their very sweet smelling buds that have a melon taste. This translates into silky smoothness on inhale and exhale, as well as amazing flavour to titillate your taste buds! The heady hitting high is a top one that hits you in the temples and eyes. The Cannalope Haze is a fast finisher and produces a good yield, making her a very easy plant to grow. Mild Haze qualities, with an expansive smoke and good resin production, results in great water hash. This cross was made from Cannabis Seeds acquired separately from some close friends of us at DNA. The low flowering time of the DNA Cannalope Haze makes her a great strain to breed. This is yet another award winning mother and one of our favourites!
11 Dec 2009
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Get these seeds at: and some grow help at DNA Genetics Kushberry Cannabis Seeds are the perfect blend of two top notch West Coast flavours. The Blueberry male from Oregon was used for his taste and vigour in combination with the zesty, lemon taste of the OG Kush from LA. The Kushberry is a shorter, stockier plant that produces as good yield. The exotic flavour doesn't rival her strength, she is one of our strongest strains of Cannabis Seed. The DNA Genetic Kushberry is very good for medicinal use, helping with pain relief as well as eating and sleeping disorders.
11 Dec 2009
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Get these seeds at: and some grow help at The chances of something special from Martian Mean Green Cannabis Seeds are without a doubt! She grows like an Indica, having one main cola and few side branches, with phenotypes that finish between 9-12 weeks. Hazy smells that are unlike any plant known to the human race have led to the suspicion that she is from the deepest depths of outer space! The combination of Sharksbreath, one of DNA Genetics flagship strains, and the G13 Haze that was kicking around Holland a few years back meant the birth of the Martian Mean Green. And we're very proud parents! The Little Green Men - Article about Martian Mean Green 1st - Sativa High Times Cannabis Cup (2005) 3rd - Coffeeshop High Times Cannabis Cup (2006) Top 10 strain of the year, High Times (2006)
11 Dec 2009
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Get these seeds at: and some grow help at DNA Seeds Chocolope Feminized cannabis seeds which were originally named D-Line, are a novice grower's dream plant! With a uniquely heavy yield and large heavy nugs, DNA Chocolope is extremely easy to grow. This Sativa heavy plant likes to grow tall so beware if space is an issue, however she can grow out with a little training. DNA Genetics chose to cross our Original Chocolate Thai female with the Cannalope male, and then started backcrossing this to achieve a shorter flower time and still retain some of the Original Chocolate Thai qualities. What makes these cannabis seeds so special is that when you enjoy her you taste that chocolate you've been missing from the 80's! The DNA Seeds Chocolope is the "ONE"! Not much haze, but you don't need it. 4 Times Cup Winner!!!
11 Dec 2009
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