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Breaking into a dojo with guns, even that does not sound safe and this idiot rampaged barehanded, but have to admit he is fast.
30 Oct 2017
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Everybody has a genius idea. Andres de Antonio Simancas shares his accelerated construction project where he can build 7 floor buildings in just one week
15 Jan 2008
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These brain blendings prove to be a genius idea. If you're smart enough you'll win a trip to Cannes with Spike Lee: www.babelgum****/boff
3 Apr 2008
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True story of how homelessness has been made a crime in Inglewood, California punishable by a sentence of 40 hours of community service. Inglewood has the genius idea of turning homeless people into slave labor. Public Domain music and film footage. Distributed by Tubemogul.
1 Oct 2008
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Actress Priyanka Chopra is proudly making her mark in a men world! The lady was recently signed on to promote a men's wear brand – J. Hampstead that was earlier promoted by sportsmen like Leander Paes, MS Dhoni... This time however, J. Hampstead chose to be different, and rope in a Bollywood actress to do the needful. It seems Piggy Chops wants to be different from others and wishes to try unconventional ways. And according to her promoting a men brand is a genius idea! Distributed by Tubemogul.
17 Jul 2009
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My education is ongoing. I may have some good ideas, some really good ideas and even some genius ideas, but I know that I still have some things to learn. I’m modest that way. Like I didn’t know that the Old Man of the Mountain had fallen off the mountain
29 Mar 2010
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HEADLINE: "ON MAY 30TH 2012 THE WORLD CHANGED!" Register for the Webinar Today: ******* TODAY GOOGLE FLUSHED THE WORLDWIDE TOILET ON LOCAL BUSINESS LISTINGS, GIVING YOUR COMPANY A SEVEN DAY WINDOW FOR THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME. Within the next two weeks you have the opportunity to leverage the Google Places restructuring and jump start your business light years ahead of your competition! During this webinar you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know about what just happened at Google, what will happen in the next two weeks and how you can take absolute advantage of it for your business right now! If your local business has been building reviews in Google, the playing filed has just been leveled and new comers to the review game now have the ability to wipe you out within the the next two weeks! On the other hand what if you have been considering jumping on the Google review bus for our local business? Today you have the one and ONLY opportunity to dominate your local market in both reviews, star ratings (or so the use to be knows as) and Google search positioning effectively taking your competitors to the cleaners. We all are aware of the power that reviews from strangers has on our decision making process of choosing one restaurant over another on Yelp or Urbanspoon. We also may conduct a search on our phone, iPad, or laptop for a local business and judge which to choose on the 5 star ratings of Google reviews. That has now been made completely obsolete in one day. Now you will be able to see reviews from people you know and trust when looking for a business in Search, Maps, and Google +. Google now has changed Google Places pages into the more content rich and socially sharable Google + Local Page. Early adopters and smart business owners who regularly get reviews from their local clients and engage with them in Circles will have the upper hand in a matter of weeks. They also changed from the 5 Star ranking by review to the new Zagat review system that will dramatically influence the results that are seen in Google + local, Google Maps, and Google Search. It's all in an effort to encourage more reviewing than ever and more sharing on Google + with content that will be more accurate and relevant to the user. Google is also indexing these + Local Pages by how your Circles review them and even showing reviews by your Circle peeps. That means, your business will rank higher in position depending on how many people in Google + review you and are in your circle. Facebook likes are important to engage in marketing on Facebook. Google + Circles is now made it mandatory to build a following and will no doubt become just as powerful if not more than Facebook. This new indexing will allow a consumer to place a higher value on the review of someone they know and trust and make the search in Google + look custom for each searcher that is a Google + member. A genius idea on Google's part to get people using their system and a great way for the online savvy to dominate the online space. It's a race now to achieve top position in your community using these new features. What To Do Now? Get on your Google + Page and see how you look Start asking for reviews from Google + users Develop a review capture and incentive strategy to ensure you always have new positive review content and a growing following
1 Jun 2012
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