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That's a way to Go!
26 Apr 2017
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This guy is a genius, at least in this amazing thumb trick and definitely, he has taken it to the next level.
2 May 2017
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Well, either a genius or someone with a lot of time on their hands. You won't believe how fast he does this. Notice the other guy stuck on the final cube the whole time.
4 Jan 2007
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Rodin, the genius, the artist, the romantic, speaks for himself and his art in this film that takes his life full circle from the age of 19 to the time of his death at 77. The brilliance of his revolutionary creations is seen outdoors in natural settings and in museums around the world. To view this film is to experience Rodins life, his spirit, and the moood of his work RODIN was probably the greatest sculptor since Michelangelo. Far ahead of his time, he was both a romantic and a classicist, though his contemporaries often thought of him as a radical and revolutionary. His work celebrates the human form and sensuality. Several of the great Rodin museums and collections have been used to illustrate the best work of this 19th-century artist. The Burghers of Calais, The Thinker, The Kiss, and The Gates of Hell are a few of the masterpieces examined in detail. The camera zooms in and out, gracefully gliding over and around each sculpture to show its three-dimensional quality and capture the play of light on the surface. There are few straight lines or angles shown. Much of Rodins work is fluid and sensual, featuring round edges and undulating surfaces. The sculptures have a life of their own, yet their essence has been frozen in time so that they will always elicit an emotional reaction from the viewer. The dramatic narrative moves well and advances the story of the artist. This would be an excellent purchase for most library collections. The appeal is to adults, but artists and students could also enjoy this title. This well-produced program offers great appeal to those who desire to be awash in the artists celebration of beauty and sensuality. *****5-stars, ABC-CLIO Video Rating Guide for Libraries Of interest, Camille Claudel, Rodin's mistress and prot is also featured in this film.
28 Jan 2007
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Genius baby
30 Jul 2007
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A french genius playing Paganini Franz Liszt
16 Apr 2007
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Dr. Peter Hupfer, Vorsitzender des VdTÜV, bei der GENIUS Preisverleihung 2007.
22 Apr 2007
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Prof. Dr. Dieter Anselm ,Geschäftsführer Allianz Zentrum für Technik,bei der GENIUS Preisverleihung am Rande der AMI 2007 in Leipzig.
20 Apr 2007
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In Leipzig überreichte die Allianz Versicherung AG den Sicherheitspreis 2007 \\\"Genius\\\" an den Entwickler, des Reifendruckkontrollsystem, Tire Safety System, die BERU.
19 Apr 2007
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Rules: Select the starting black peg and then select an empty hole to jump to. The peg in between your starting peg and the empty hole will be removed. Leaving a single peg on the board makes you a genius!
27 Apr 2007
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Follow up coin puzzle to "Are you a Genius?" which generated 18,000+ views and 460 Diggs. This puzzle is slightly harder than the original.
1 Jun 2007
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Third puzzle in the "Are you a genius?" series. This time JV presents a puzzle that was sent in by a viewer. How quickly can you get it? Post your times!
6 Jun 2007
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A summary of the business book "Organizing Genius" by author Warren Bennis
14 Jun 2007
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Genius Bra AD
25 Jul 2007
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One of the many Bud Light - Real men of genius adverts
31 Jul 2007
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Not genius boy (you need to saw it)
1 Aug 2007
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