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alan rickman slideshow one true media i do not own any of these images. i borrowed them from Delphin77s Website: i had her permission to use them in my slideshow. No Copyright infringement intended. This is just a slideshow for fun & entertainment. I own nothing and no money is being made off this.~music unusual by gary pfaff and transcendental by bitstream dreams. genl music by one true video i make no monies from these tunes. this is a fun video for entertainment. i cant say that enough for sure. all you Rickman Lovers i tried to get in your own personal Alan favorites. for my friend Nina who is Delphin77 A few Snapes for her Harry Potter Vids and fan/fics. to donna who is RhiannanAR on her fabulous channel im sorry hon i think i only got YOUR Sheriff George in there 3 times. i will do one for you wih just him next time(hope your mom is ok) ..daphne1225 "mrs hans gruber" i think i got him in several times. ARObsessed i saw you a couple times i think maybe more. the Colonel was very "visible" all you Rickman gals & even some guys i found out this was truly a labor of love. i am petrified. but this slideshow only tookj 35 minutes to upload unlike the VDO/Law & Order CI/Bobby Goren slide which took 18hrs on may1st it was a long nite than but tonite i can go to bed early. all my friends who are not Rickman lovers i hope you will like the montage as i like to call it anyhow. all my SHARE VIDEO BUDDIES IN WISCONSIN AND MISSOURI THANX TO CHERRILALBUM FOR A REALLY NICE LETTER TONITE WHILE I WAS WAITING FOR THE UPLOAD. I Hope my law & order ci friends will watch this also. they are all excellant vidders and they love their Vincent & Bobby very passionatly as the Rickman lovers do Alan. i really love them both..but not at the same time of course..the older alan images are my kind of will notice i have quite a bit of those. he is a sexy and yet really distinguished man. to which he himself would say "O B V I O U S L Y" and last but not least this is dedicated to a wonderful loving girl..PERIWYNKLE17 THIS ONES FOR YOU HON!
8 Apr 2010
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