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Hello people my real name is George Xero ( but i like the name George Heaven better ) in some of my videos i am doing telekinesis ( the ability to move objects with your mind ) i have need to learn it 4 months . If you wanted to learn it too contact me and i will help you ^^
WATCH BLOOPERS & BONUS SCENES: ******* George Zazzo has his own nature documentary. Today he will be documenting the illusive and strange species of homosapien known as the wild teenager. ------------------------------------ Hey it's our very own website: *******smosh**** Oh and our Facebook page: *******facebook****/smosh Want to know when we're filming and/or pooping? Now you can: *******twitter****/smosh
5 Nov 2011
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Funny spoof with Bush on Air Force One.
9 Jul 2006
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www.paknewz****. During recent visit to Iraq, an Iraqi journalist threw shoe on President Bush.
14 Dec 2008
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George (Paul Rudd) learns that maybe a commune isn't the best place to try and show off your guitar skills in this exclusive clip from Wanderlust, in theaters February 24.
10 Feb 2012
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On an island off the coast of North America, local residents simultaneously fight a zombie epidemic while hoping for a cure to return their un-dead relatives back to their human state.
5 May 2010
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I cant believe the Nerve of these Illegals Crossing the Border, Check this out, During a Interview on the Early Show you can Actually see them Jumping the Border, WOW
22 May 2006
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Bush and Blair got asked a hard question yesterday at a press conference about Iran and Syria and the Situation in Isreal. Check out the answer they came up with.
2 Aug 2006
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A bit of this player's class shown in this video. Consider for many the greatest player of all times after Pele, even Maradona considered Jorge "Magico" Gonzalez superior than himself, Born in El Salvador a Country with no Football History he was transfered to Cadiz CF (after a fight between Cadiz CF and Atletico de Madrid to acquire his services) after leaving sparkles of his class the 1982 World Cup, no in vain in that tournament he formed part of the best 11 of that Year's World Cup although his Country didn't even win one single match scoring only one goal. In the 80s he was one the most wanted players in Europe Clubs such as Barcelona, Valencia and Bayern Munich put their eyes on this mythic player, He never got to do much bigger things professional wise, such as winning the Balon de Oro or Fifa World best player because of his known reputation out of the field, reason why he also never played for a greater team. In the 1986 Spanish League Competition Cadiz CF agreed with his directives that "Magico" was not going to get payed a yearly salary anymore instead he was going to get payed per each game he played, that way the team would cover their backs if "Magico" decided not to show up for a game, that crazy he was. In cadiz He is considered a Legend, no other players has ever had so much impact or influence in any other Club as this Central American had in Cadiz. In Cadiz His tales are told generation after generation. He was the one that created the snake what you see Ronaldinho doing all the time, He was voted greatest player of the Century for the CONCACAF Region. Yes that means over Hugo Sanches. CHECK OUT THE 4TH Video Scene I have never seen anyone done that before he makes the ball pass right in front of his opponents face.
7 May 2006
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Funny Commercial
30 Oct 2008
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A compilation of words of wisdom from the most powerful person in the world.
27 Mar 2006
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That's what going all the way means in soccer.
14 May 2006
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Full court shot to win by 1!!
29 Jan 2009
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