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*******GoldMakersUniversity**** Are you ready to get to work? I have the proven system all you need to do is follow it... *******GoldMakersUniversity****
22 Nov 2010
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*******danoday****/90minute Entertaining video of time management expert Harold Taylor, explaining to an audio of radio program directors at PD Grad School why "getting to work early" doesn't increase workplace productivity.
7 Jan 2013
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The new UK Cabinet, led by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, meets again today to work on wide-ranging reforms; the new Foreign Secretary, David Miliband also meets his teams at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
5 Jul 2007
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Pleasure sounds are being delivered to me every morning. I listen to the sound that the cool breeze and feel it. I listen to the blue wave and see it. what kind of sound does it contain today?
16 Sep 2008
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Funny vid from cctv footage of a teacher who cant wait for gate to open
13 May 2009
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*******www.multimarathon**** Billy telling the ladies to get a move on
1 May 2010
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Angelina Jolie looks smart in an all-black ensemble on set of Unbroken in Sydney.
22 Nov 2013
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Angelina Jolie shows off her super slim figure on set of her movie, Unbroken, in Australia.
6 Dec 2013
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Can't wait to get to work!
9 Apr 2006
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Great massage technique (tapotement) for really tight muscles, as well as pre-event massage. Good for warming the muscles up and getting them ready to get to work!! Difficult technique to master because of speed and trying to keep rhythm.
11 Oct 2006
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Plot Line: Everyday people get up in the morning and don't notice the noises and actions we go through to get to work. We wake up to annoying alarm radios and get dressed to, hopefully, make it to work on time. What do we rush for, if your jobs are not that exciting? Some of us just rush to the office to sit in front of a computer. Project Elliott is here to help change your outlook on work. So sit back and have a laugh with this video & check out www.projectelliott****
17 Apr 2007
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Este es mi primer videoclip. Yo hice la música, la historia, todo. El video habla sobre un camión que llega a trabajar a una obra, pero como ya había otro camión que hacía el mismo trabajo los demás camiones se sienten amenazados y se unen en su contra. This is my first videoclip. I made music, story, everything. Video talk about a truck that gets to work at a construction, but already there is another truck that make the same work, the other trucks feel threatened and they do united against the new truck.
5 Jun 2007
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Whoa.. this intro kicks so much ass! i love it! and it is about time they made starcraft 2. Get to work Blizzard!
9 Jan 2008
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President Bush and Shimon Peres Roll Up Their Sleeves And Get To Work
10 Jan 2008
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My first film! The tale of a man who just wants to get to work.
7 Feb 2008
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Hey everyone. I'm Izabella Wentz, a newly wed for nuptialstv**** Here to share my wedding story. Today I am going to be talking about married life! As a newly wed, I am learning a lot about marriage. We are incredibly happy and in love but it is not always roses and romance. Reality sometimes sets in. Michael just finished his MBA in August. He started a really amazing job that he loves but he spends 11-12 hours a day at work. We no longer have the luxury of going out on weeknights because Michael has to wake up before 4am daily to get to work. I usually work evenings, and am NOT a morning person. The great thing is we are no longer poor college students. We are trying to save money for a house, pay off student loans and pay off our wedding. I love being married. Michael is my best friend, and I have never felt as happy as I do now. I love waking up next to him. I can't wait until he comes home from work every day. The weekends are the best. We sleep in a little, make breakfast, and spend the whole two days together. But romance aside, we realize that relationships require a lot of work, and sometimes it's not easy to put the other person first. Neither one of us can just stop trying to make the other one happy just because we're married, and it doesn't matter anymore. We are continuously growing as a couple, and as individuals, and are still getting to know each other…and loving every minute! I'm Izabella Wentz congratulations to the grooms and best wishes to all you future brides.
12 Feb 2008
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