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It's an small compilation of my poser work, the poser storie is: "Shrunken Women League" (sorry for the black squares in the preview), you can find more in: *******erodreams.eroticillusions(dot)com and in erodreamsstore(dot)com
4 Oct 2010
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Amazon Woman DragonessLife sitting on his chair and do his artist work on paper sheet. DragonessLife:"MM...The Gainess woman need more muscles." He fixing and drawing more, He feel funny someone touch his shoulder then he turn look up. He look around and saw gaintess woman sit on his bed and she says. Gaintess woman:" I Love You" He keep shock look down and up at her. DragonessLife:" WOW!!!! You are REAL Gaintess Woman!" He look down at his drawing picture, he seem unbelieveable it is real! He put his draw paper away, he turn look at giantess woman and smile at her. He stand up and walk forward to her as he is in love with her.
14 Mar 2009
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The Bean Witch Amber went out outside door, She walking and she look around somehow she saw a stranger woman stand behind the little tree. Amber:"Who are you???" Amber decide walking forward to her, the witch woman come up to her and show her 3 beans. Amber :" What is that?" The witch woman :" you can have 3 wishes!" Amber:" Oh Really? How much it cost?" The witch woman:" Just 3 coins" Amber gave her 3 coins, witch woman gave her 3 beans. She feel little freak out from stranger witch woman. She walking and enter her home, She thinking who want a wishes. Amber Thinking :"Who want a wishes? AH! Markie! He always wish a gaintess woman, Why not I give it to him?" Amber think it is good idea to send it to Markie, She walking to the desk and sit down and writing down Markie's name on it. She put 3 beans in the mail, she lick it to closed the mail. Amber:"Arrugh! it taste terrible!" She went outside walking to the mailbox. Amber:" (chuckling) I can't wait see what will happen" She put the mail into the mailbox, she walk back to her home. Few Days Later, Markie go outside and check for mails, He got the mail from Amber. He open the mail and he look inside, he seem little confused. Markie in mind:"Huh? 3 beans?" He get beans out of the mail, he look at this and look at little garden with big tree. Markie:"can it grow a plant?" He walking to little garden with big tree, he start little dig a hole in grass and put beans in and cover up. Markie:"let wait and see if it growing up." He walking back to his home, he sitting and reading book for hours. The plant growing and growing more, it getting bigger and taller. After hours later, Markie decide go outside to check how plant doing. he look up a taller plant up to the sky, he hard to look up because sun too bright. Markie" (GASPS!)" Giantess woman climb down and her foot crash him into flat, she walking through the houses. she sitting on rock mountain, Markie is already flat and stuck on giantess woman's summer shoe. Giantess woman:"I Love You" Edit spiritlady78
14 Mar 2009
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I made 3D beautiful giantess woman Indian, and stomp on him.
11 Aug 2009
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