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"The Giddy Tree" by David Hart Giddy tree, oh giddy tree You tickle my funny bones You see Your branches swirl and twirl And you look all gnarled and Ready to unfurl You creak and swing with Ease In a sweet swirling and Affectionate breeze Feisty tree, oh feisty tree Butterflies dance And fall in a frenzy At your knees Silly tree, oh silly tree Ladybugs sunbath and linger Giddy on your leaves Limber tree, oh limber tree You give and you live A delight to the Sight and always you please Dreamy tree, oh dreamy tree Love birds surround you and like adventurous ships sailing on Sprite and dazzling seas Charming tree, oh charming tree Little children squeal and tickle and swing on your arms in the breeze oh so fickle Mysterious tree, oh mysterious tree The sparrows adore you The squirrels they implore you The owls ever asking you, Who, who, who The stars with certainty Know you are no fool You are a funny and twisty and dreamy and mysterious and wonderful and charming tree, you.
23 May 2008
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New Belgium | Giddy Up! *******www.newbelgium**** *******mybeerquest**** *******www.freethehops****/ Distributed by Tubemogul.
7 Feb 2009
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New Belgium | Giddy Up! *******www.newbelgium**** *******mybeerquest**** *******www.freethehops****/ Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Feb 2009
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Jan discusses the album Giddy
14 Jan 2010
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GET YOUR BOOTS ON! AND GIDDY UP!! SEXERGY ® ENERGY DRINK! *******www.facebook****/sexergy
6 Jan 2012
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Giddy Up for iOs and Android helps you invite friends, in the most casual way possible. If Facebook is too last minute, and Evite way too formal, give Giddy Up a shot. The app treats invites so casual, you don't even need to name the event!
27 Apr 2012
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*******giddyuprides****/gallery/mini-bigi-product-videos/giddy-up-horses-video/ - Giddy Up Cycle Horse/pony is the Newest and Hottest product for kids and adults alike. Giddy Up Cycle Horse/pony is a far improvement for the old traditional rocking horse or spring horses. Giddy Up Horses/cycle pony moves by the rider�s gentle motion of bouncing up and down on the saddle which causes the horse�s legs and head to move forward & back, propelling it in a galloping motion.
3 Jul 2012
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22 Aug 2007
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Was having kind of a rough start on my birthday, but the Birthday Video Derek & friends made for me totally made it 75% better!!! :D Thanks you guys, I love ya! Birthday Video: *******www.viddler****/explore/djsteen/videos/705
14 Dec 2008
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*******CrimeSearchersOnline**** Ronald Cummings and Misty Croslin outside County Courts For information, discussion, documents, discovery, blogs, forums and more regarding crime and missing persons visit CrimeSearchersOnline
11 Mar 2009
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Billings Dance Competition by Thunderstruck Dance. Junior Solo Future Star Overall Winner from Rainbow Dance. Visit *******thunderstruckdance****/dance-competition/billings-mt for more info about Thunderstruck Dance and the Billings Dance Competition.
28 Apr 2011
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Raleigh Dance Competition by Thunderstruck Dance. Adult Large Group Overall Winner from Crystal's Elite Dance Studio. Visit *******thunderstruckdance****/dance-competition/raleigh-nc for more info about Thunderstruck Dance and the Raleigh Dance Competition.
17 Jun 2011
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Watch out Robert Pattinson. Has Kristen Stewart found a new stallion on the set of 'Snow White and the Huntsman?'
30 Sep 2011
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this is what a bit of nice british weather...a beautiful river in woodland....and a giddy dog can produce enjoy we did.
11 Apr 2007
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a poem by David Hart read by Suzie "This Moment in Time" by David Hart Leaves gleefully joyride an undulating stream Under crisp scintillating sun light. A butterfly rests in the hand of God. A sword is tightly clasped in Allah's hand. A flower is caressed by the Buddha. Now a break in fervent faith occurs. A group of children laugh and peer at an ant farm. A butterfly ascends from the hand of God. A sword cascades to the ground from Allah's hand. A small child delights upon receiving the Buddha's flower. A giddy wind now weaves lovingly through ticklish trees.
11 Sep 2007
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*******rollingmovie**** - The giddy highs and crushing lows of Ecstasy use are felt by a group of people looking to escape their troubles in this independent drama. It's Friday night in Los Angeles, and a handful of young hipsters are on their way to a massive rave party at a Los Angeles warehouse. Twentyish Summer (Rachel Hardisty) is looking for an evening of casual fun after breaking up with Josh (Joshua Harper), a high school kid who was taking things to seriously for her taste. Matt (Brian William Toth) is happy to have ended a bad relationship with his latest boyfriend, and is looking forward to blowing off some steam with his friend Samantha (Christine Cowden), a self-centered would-be actress. Dan (Albert Rothman) devotes his days to burning through his trust fund, and is looking for any excitement the night has to offer. Sarah (Angie Greenup) is a high school teacher who just wants to forget her work for a few hours. And Dustin (Garrett Brawith) is a drug dealer who is on shaky emotion ground after his girlfriend Rain (Sanoe Lake) walked out on him; what he doesn't know is she was pregnant with his child but had an abortion and is now wary of him. Nearly everyone at the party is looking for romance and hungry for Ecstasy, the club drug that's become de rigueur among ravers, and Dustin is more than happy to supply their demand. But a batch of tainted Ecstasy has been making the rounds; it's already claimed the lives of three users, and there's no telling where the deadly drugs will pop up next. Rolling was the first feature film from writer and director Billy Samoa Saleebey.
8 Oct 2007
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