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29 Jul 2009
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Nice israeli supermodel in High Quality Video with the background sound "Always on my mind" (Pet Shop Boys).Pics of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2010.
7 Mar 2010
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Rate, comment and subscribe! Thank you. Esti Ginzburg is an Israeli model and actress. Ginzburg was born in 1990 in Tel Aviv, Israel. She started modeling at the age of eight with a milk advertisement and at the age of 14 signed a contract with modeling agency Elite Models. In 2006, she signed a two-year deal with Israeli firm Fox, replacing four-year covergirl Yael Bar Zohar and was featured on the February/March 2007 cover of French ELLE. She has also modeled for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, FCUK, Pull and Bear, and Castro. She was also featured in the 2009 and 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. As an actress, Ginzburg will make her debut in the 2010 Joel Schumacher film Twelve.
15 Dec 2010
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Esti Ginzburg Profile - 2011 SI Swimsuit Issue
21 Jan 2012
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Behind the scenes of Il Makiage makeup photoshoot with Esti Ginzborg
29 Sep 2010
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Gravitomagnetism - the science behind flying saucers' propulsion systems. These are for references: www.americanantigravity****/podkletnov.html *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Superfluid *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Vortices *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Ginzburg-Landau_theory *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Bose%E2%80%93Einstein_condensate *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Abrikosov_vortex Physics Papers, Peer Review Journals and other publications Podkletnov Paper: *******arxiv****/abs/physics/0108005 *******arxiv****/ftp/gr-qc/papers/0203/0203033.pdf ******* *******aps.arxiv****/pdf/cond-mat/0612005 *******arxiv****/ftp/gr-qc/papers/0406/0406006.pdf *******www.newscientist****/article.ns?id=dn2611 www.arxiv****/abs/gr-qc/0610015 www.arxiv****/abs/gr-qc/0603033 DisclosureProject**** Here is the video with Jonathan Weygant he starts talking about 6 minutes into the film: ***********/videoplay?docid=-4694075066240662837 Also look up Gary Mckinnon and Disclosure Project Witness #19
21 May 2009
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SI will reveal a new set of 2010 swimsuit models every Tuesday. This week travel to India and Palm Springsl and meet Hilary Rhoda, Esti Ginzburg, Julie Ordon, Sonia Dara, Damaris Lewis and Genevieve Morton. For more SI Swimsuit 2010 reveal go to****/swimsuitreveal
4 Feb 2010
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A Rosh Hashanah musical parody by The Ein Prat Fountainheads from the Ein Prat Academy, Israel *******foheads****. For lyrics click "Show more" For bookings: einpratfountainheadsgmail**** T: *******twitter****/fountainheads F: *******www.facebook****/pages/Ein-Prat-Fountainheads/215863388428936 Based on Shakira's "Waka Waka". No apples, pomegranates, babies, or smartphones were harmed in the filming of this video. Please don't feed babies honey. Vocals: Yoav Hoze, Shani Lachmish, Ahava Katzin, Tal Ginzburg, Reuven Katz, and Amit Ben Atar. Choreography by Ilana Bril and Edeete Suher. Music arrangement, performance, and mixing by Amit Ben Atar. Recorded at Bit Studios by Amit Ben Atar. Clothes by Rubashka - gallery and boutique with a social mission in Beer Sheva's underprivileged neighborhoods - www.torhamidbar****.il Directed and Filmed by Ben R. Producer: Yigal Haronian Lyrics by Ben R.: Tekiyah... Shvarim Truah Tekiyah... Shvarim Truah (shofar sounds) A new year rising A new beginning Lift your head up Turn yourself 'round The world is spinning Feel the magic Of a new day Open your heart To a fresh start Send your fears away You've made mistakes You feel it You got what it takes Believe it Any wrong can be made right Just forgive, you need not fight Shana Tova Umetuka (A sweet and happy New Year) It's Rosh Hashanah Shanana nana, Tova Ume Ume Tuka Dip your apple in the honey It's Rosh Hashanah So many new hopes Waiting to find you Open your eyes The dreams you prize Are all around you The smiles are hiding No use in guessing Make up your mind Go out and find Life's simple blessings This is your time You feel it How sweet it is Believe it Any wrong can be made right Just forgive, you need not fight Shana Tova Umetuka It's Rosh Hashanah Shanana nana, Tova Ume Ume Tuka Dip your apple in the honey On Rosh Hashanah Shanana nana, Tova Ume Ume Tuka Hear the sounds of jubilation This Rosh Hashanah Yehi Ratzon She-niye Le (May we be...) Rosh, Lo Zanav (...a head, not a tail) Sweeten life for those around us With joy and love Avinu Malkeinu Chanenu V'anenu Hear our prayer 'O Lord this hour Inscribe us in the Book of Life! Aneinu, Aneinu (answer us) Aneinu, Aneinu Aneinu, Aneinu Aneinu, Shana Tova! Shanana nana, Tova Ume Ume Tuka Dip your apple in the honey On Rosh Hashanah Shanana nana, Tova Ume Ume Tuka Hear the sounds of jubilation It's Rosh Hashanah Sh'echiyanu Give us life Lord v'kiyimanu And sustain us v'higiyanu Oh deliver us To salvation Sh'echiyanu Give us life Lord v'kiyimanu And sustain us v'higiyanu Oh deliver us To salvation In this New Year On Rosh Hashanah Make your loved ones smile This Rosh Hashanah Open your hearts to one another This Rosh Hashanah And begin life anew This Rosh Hashanah! Special thanks to Yehuda Elram at gkl***.il
22 Sep 2011
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*******Twitter****/ClevverMovies - Follow Us! Twelve hits theaters on August 6th, 2010. Cast: Chace Crawford, Rory Culkin, Emma Roberts, 50 Cent, Emily Meade, Ellen Barkin, Esti Ginzburg, Kiefer Sutherland, Zoe Kravitz Based on the Nick McDonell novel of the same name, TWELVE follows a high school dropout-turned-drug dealer (Chace Crawford) in New York's Upper East Side. His lucrative life sours when the dealer's cousin is brutally murdered on an East Harlem playground and his best friend is arrested for the crime. Twelve trailer courtesy Hannover House, Gaumont and Radar Pictures.
21 Nov 2011
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CARJAM TV - Subscribe Here Now ***********/carjamradio Like Us Now On Facebook: *******www.facebook****/CarjamTV For The World's Best Car Videos Website: *******www.carjamtv**** Twitter: *******www.twitter****/carjamtv Tumblr: *******www.carjamtv.tumblr****/ Facebook: *******www.facebook****/CarjamTV Pinterest: *******www.pinterest****/carjamtv/carjam-tv/ YouTube: ***********/user/CarjamRadio Amber Seyer (born 14 April 1986) is a beauty queen from Oran, Missouri who has competed in the Miss Teen USA pageant and competed for the Miss USA title in 2007.[1] Amber Seyer won the Miss Missouri Teen USA title in November 2002, on her first attempt and Amber Seyer also won the Miss Photogenic award. Amber Seyer Zito later represented Missouri in the Miss Teen USA 2003 pageant broadcast live from Palm Springs, California in August 2003, but did not place. The pageant was won by Tami Farrell of Oregon. In October 2006 Amber Seyer Zito returned to pageantry and won the Miss Missouri USA title, also on her first attempt. Amber Seyer Zito also won the Miss Congeniality and interview awards. Amber Seyer Zito is the sixth former Miss Teen USA delegate to win the Miss Missouri USA title, and the fifth former Missouri teen to do so. Amber Seyer Zito became the fourth delegate from Miss Teen USA 2003 to win a Miss USA state crown, and the fifth former Teen USA delegate to win a Miss USA 2007 state title. Amber Seyer Zito represented Missouri in the Miss USA 2007 pageant broadcast live from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California on March 23, 2007 and placed in the top 10. Amber Seyer Zito's score of 8.400 in the swimsuit competition and 8.032 in the evening gown competition placed her 9th and 10th in the competitions respectively. Amber Seyer Zito placed 10th overall. Amber Seyer Zito was also one of three delegates chosen to participate in a special episode of the NBC game show Amber Seyer Zito Identity to be broadcast prior to the pageant on March 23.[2] It was revealed that Amber Seyer Zito was once a pig farmer. Amber Seyer Zito is an International Management and Marketing student at Lindenwood University. Amber Seyer Zito received a scholarship to that university as part of her Miss Missouri Teen USA 2003 prize package. During Thanksgiving 2006, Amber Seyer Zito volunteered at the annual Salvation Army Thanksgiving meal in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, as part of a "Holiday Hugs, Happiness and Hopes" campaign, and delivered more than 700 cookies to the Salvation Army, the Missouri Veterans Home and the Monticello House in Jackson.[4] The campaign involved Amber Seyer Zito serving food and visiting sick children in the hospital on Thanksgiving and Christmas.[5] Personal In August 2011, Amber Seyer Zito became engaged to San Francisco Giants pitcher, Barry Zito. They were married on December 3, 2011. Born Amber Marie Seyer April 14, 1986 (age 27) Oran, Missouri, U.S. Amber Seyer Zito Height 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m) Amber Seyer Zito Hair color Blonde Amber Seyer Zito Eye color Blue Amber Seyer Zito Title(s) Miss Missouri Teen USA 2003 Miss Missouri USA 2007 Amber Seyer Zito Major competition(s) Miss Teen USA 2003 Miss USA 2007 (Top 10) *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Amber_Seyer Nissan Juke Commercial AD 2011, Model V Model Amber Seyer Zito. List of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2011 cover models enumerates the chronological history of cover models for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. "sports illustrated 2011 models" "shannan click" "Kenza fourati" "Izabel goulart" "alyssa miller" "si 2011" "cover model" "irina shayk" "anne v" "laryn franco" "ashley hebert" "brooklyn decker" "esti ginzburg" "julie henderson" "genevieve morton" "chrissy telgen" "jessica white" "kim glass" "michelle money" "cintia dicker" "jessica gomes" "damaris lewis" "hilary rhoda" "Kate upton" "bruna schmitz" "chantal o'brien"
15 Jan 2015
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