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ََQuran told us also about man stages in the womb , the truth that earth s round,the truth of solar apex, hummer sound stars, the truth that the sky is kept from heavenly bodies that may harm the earth, the weave shape of the sky, the truth that atom is the smallest unit. the fact that the the front of the brain s responsible 4 telling lies. The planets orbits the fact that universe in constant movement , the fact that the rom were defeated in the lowest part of earth and they would defeat Persians, the fact of difficulty breathing when going up sky and that everything s from water and that there is a pair of everything, the universe expansion, the fact that the moon gets closer to the sun, the fact that universe will contract and destroy after this expansion, the different fingerprints, fall of iron from sky,the barrier between seas, the layers of waves of sea and sky. The fact that earth and sky were one part then separated, the role of mountains to hold the earth, the black heavenly bodies of sky(khonnas konnas in arabic),the copper color of moon at some of its stages. The fact that female bees make hives. it challenges people to know about soul that determines your likes, dislikes and character. In addition2 its mathematical miracles. (Ex: men r mentioned the same number as women). prophet Mohammed miracles r food and water multiplication, flow of water from his fingers, moon split in two 4 him, camel complained 2 him about its owner cruelty.trees,stones and a wolf testimonied he was prophet. the wood that he used to stand on when preaching cried when he abandoned it as Muslims made him a pulpit, he said that his daughter Fatima would be the first of his relatives to die after him, he resurrected his mother and she believed in him and resurrected a girl2 her father but she preferred being by Allah side, he gave dates case 2 Abuhurrira from which he continued 2 eat till Othman bin affan(the 4th successor of Mohamed) , a cloud followed him, he ate poisoned meat from a Jewish woman but did not die though his friend who ate with them died, he turned a wood into a sword ,he was midheight but when walking with the tall became as tall as them, he said that Arab peninsula was green lands, he predicted that Muslims would ship in sea and that a friend of his would die non Muslim and this all happened as he committed suicide, during a drought he raised his hands 2 sky and before lowering it rain fell heavily 4 week till Muslims asked him 2 ask Allah 2 stop it and he raised his hand and it stopped, he asked Allah that one of his friends wouldn't grow old and this happened as he never had a white hair, he said that sun would rise from the west, he cured the ill people. he was poor and refused Mikka masters proposal to leave Islam and they would make him their master, he said if u put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand, I will never stop spreading Islam. inspiration start: When prophet Mohamed was a child, a priest called el Bohiry saw him and saw a sign in his body ,he said that this boy would be the prophet the Jesus foretold, when Mohamed was playing with the sons of his wet-nurse that nursed him after the death of his mother and was called Halima el saadia,two angels in the form of men laid Mohamed on the ground and opened his chest and removed his heart and put it in a pot to clean it from the misdeeds of humans then returned it back again , when he first was taken to his wet-nurse who was very poor, blessings came to her farm and sheep produced milk and vegetables grew ,Mohamed also made little goats that haven't become mature produce milk , when Mohamed was 40 years old, the inspiration (angel Gabriel) came to him in Heraa cave and told him that Allah chose him to guide people to worship Allah, Mohamed was shocked by the inspiration ,he ran to his wife khadega who took him to her cousin(Waraka bin nofal) who knew about religions much , so he told her that this inspiration is the one that was sent to Moses and Jesus so Mohamed would complete their message, Mohamed began spreading his message ,some people especially the poor accepted this new religion but the masters refused its values such as equality and mercy fearing the loss of their possessions so they began torturing Muslims in mikka so Allah ordered Mohamed to migrate with Muslims to medina where Mohamed was welcomed and Muslims increased and became stronger then Mohamed returned 2 Mikka forgiving its people though they harmed him and Muslims before and Islam spread. www.55a****
13 Apr 2008
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21 Oct 2009
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1 Jun 2010
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ASBG2 大食いする少女達2 食べ過ぎて膨腹するシーン第二弾。 やはり外国のほうがメジャーなフェチジャンルなんでしょうかね。 *******
24 Apr 2013
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BAKA ANONG ISIPIN MO by: Curse One, Mcnaszty One, AphrylBreezy Directed by: Drei Sanchez Actor & Actress: John Ray Salas / Pauline Misenas Cinematography: Drei Sanchez Editor / Colorist: Drei Sanchez Music and Lyrics: Curse One, Mcnaszty and AphrylBreezy Sound Arranger: Mcnaszty One Music Instrumental: JE BEATS Concept by: Mcnaszty One & Drei Sanchez Produced by: Martial Camp Records & VidsByDrei Other Cast: John Mark Gonzales (Older Brother) Jenny Ronolo (Girl1) Paula Misenas (Girl2) Tiffany Maxine Sanchez (Young Pauline) Rudolf Diño (Young John Ray) Propsmen: Arnest Lozano / Jknock Salajog Official Facebook FANPAGE Account: *******www.facebook****/martialcamprecords *******www.facebook****/cev.curseone *******www.facebook****/pages/Aphryl-breezy/205281642844614 *******www.facebook****/McnasztyCEOofMartialcamp *******www.facebook****/beatprojebeats ********www.facebook****/vidsbydrei Official Facebook Personal Account: *******www.facebook****/mcnaszty *******www.facebook****/christianearlv Official Twittter Account: ********twitter****/mcrpage ********twitter****/CurseBreezy187 Special thanks to Director Willan Rivera of Clips Productio for equipment! Bilog Mendoza of Caloocan Ink Tattoo Shop. - JE Beats Cayubit Family & Sanchez Family PLEASE DOWNLOAD RINGBACK TONES.OF BREEZY MUSIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY MARTIALCAMP RECORDS & ENTERTAINMENT 'GLOBE & SMART TELECOMMUNICATION' JUST TEXT THE FOLLOWING CODE: BB1 -WALA NANG HAHANAPIN PA BB2 DARATING KA DIN BB3-DEAR BIYENAN BB4-KHIT ALANGANIN BB5-DESTINASYON BB6-MULI BB7-NANG MAKILALA KA BB8-PAANO BB9-PAGIBIG NGA NAMAN BB10-SALAMAT SAYO BB11-SANA AKO NA LANG ULET BB12-SAYONG PAGBABALIK BB13-TIWALA BB14-LANGIT LANG BB15-SA PANAGINIP KA NA LANG BA THEN SEND TO SMART OR TALK N TXT.JUST TXT EXAMPLE : BB3 SEND MO YAN SA 2447 GLOBE OR TOUCHMOBILE EXAMPLE : BB13 SEND TO 2370 FOR FREE!
18 Sep 2013
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