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I sneaked inside the girls locker room
6 Apr 2008
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Girls Locker Room
17 Jan 2009
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*******www***llegegirlsknowhow**** Sexy coeds know how to hide in the locker room to help them pick the right guy by seeing their absolute body to prove they are indeed healthy and sexy, and to hear their thoughts about you and some other girls. Checkout this video and learn the locker room strategy straight from our sassy college girl Michelle. Make your college life spicier. Buy your favorite toys at *******AdamandEve**** using Offer Code COED at the checkout and get 50% OFF on almost ANY ITEM, 3 FREE Bonus DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift, and FREE Discreet Shipping on your ENTIRE ORDER. ***********/watch?v=eJUNKgWU8CU
7 Nov 2012
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funy girls-locker-room-prank
15 Jan 2008
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girls locker room ab crunch fail
15 Jan 2010
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another case of boredom...makes you say and do really stupid sh!t
6 Sep 2009
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well right now were in the GIRLS LOCKER ROOM and skipping part of gym just to shoot this vid. jessie saw a vid. like this on you tube and this is her version of it!!!
14 Apr 2008
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The Introduction to this episode replays the event where Haruka was standing near the girls locker room, overhearing Akira's and Kazuha's conversation, but this time, instead of walking away misled, Akira comes out and takes the phone from Haruka. This allows for the story to have an alternative ending. Haruka notices that Akira has been acting strange lately, and decides to talk to her alone at school the next morning. He sees the sad look on Akira's face and becomes worried, and wants to help Akira find her mother's pendant (after remembering her losing it as a child). They go in search for the pendant by a tree they would play by as kids, only to Haruka's horror that the tree had been removed by a landslide. He attempts at digging around for it, but without any luck. The two go to Akira's residence to take a bath, and have a romantic moment together. From there, Haruka goes to the festival, and, after seeing Akira cry while dancing the sacred dance, rushes off to see what had happened.
9 Aug 2017
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