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22 Oct 2010
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A girl in the shower?
29 Jan 2011
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well we all know, greys fans, about the girls shower scence from episode 2. 16. but, this is the mens shower scence.
2 Oct 2008
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The clip Lance Dowds from Clerks II (2006) with Jason Lee, Jeff Anderson You are never gonna believe what Elias just told me. Look who it is, Randal. Randal Graves. You work here, too? Jesus. Anyone else from our graduating class back there? Well, well, well... Pickle Fucker. Man, look at you two fun-ployees. Nothing's changed. You know, I'll bet dollars to donuts, when you two aren't fighting about who shot first, Han or Greedo, you can still muster up enough energy to make fun of other people. Yeah. So hurry up and order and get out of here, so we can make fun of you. Oh, I don't know if you're in a position to make fun of anyone anymore, Graves. 32 and you're flipping burgers? Before that, I'd heard it was the Quick Stop for, what, like, ten years? We can't all be Internet millionaires. Who's an Internet millionaire? Elias, this is Lance Dowds. We went to high school together. A few years ago, he built a search engine which compiles the lowest prices of merchandise you can buy online. You might have heard of it... MadDucketts. Com. Didn't that just sell to Amazon for, like, 20 million bucks? Yeah, but back before he was the Mad Ducketts guy, he was just Pickle Fucker. You see, freshman year, the seniors would hunt us down and put us through what they called initiations. They'd stuff us into lockers or throw us in the girls' shower room naked. But Lance here got the worst of it. The seniors yanked down his pants, and shoved a pickle up his ass, and made him walk ten feet. The pickle fell out before he hit the ten-foot mark. He had to take a bite of it, reinsert it and walk again. Ew... Yeah, but don't worry... he made it. His pickle was small enough to stay wedged after only four bites. I'll bet you're the only guy in the world who still remembers that, Graves. Oh, I bet you still remember it pretty vividly... Pickle Fucker. Do you have any interest in building the ultimate fan site for both The Lord of the Rings and The Transformers? Because I'd moderate it for free. Ease up, Pillow Pants. The dude's not into your D&D, GoBots bullshit.
13 Nov 2011
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Nicky Romero & Anouk - Feet On The Ground (Official Music Video) *******www.beatport****/release/feet-on-the-ground/1313721 Following the release of Nicky Romero and Anouk’s explosive ‘Feet On The Ground’, the duo have offered up an exclusive new video to accompany the single. Mirroring the rebellious, full-blooded euphoria of the track itself, the video centers around a girl showering her apartment in paint in a defiant, powerful show of emotion. Also shot in slow motion for added effect, it offers an excellent visual interpretation of Anouk’s piercing lyrics and Romero’s trademark, big room composition to add genuine ‘rock star’ gloss to ‘Feet On The Ground’. More info: *******nickyromero**** *******twitter****/nickyromero *******facebook****/djnickyromero *******instagram****/nickyromero ******* *******facebook****/anouk *******twitter****/anouk *******youtube****/user/anouktv *******instagram****/anouk *******protocolrecordings**** *******twitter****/ProtocolRec *******facebook****/protocolrecordings *******instagram****/protocolrecordings *******youtube****/protocolrecordings
21 Jan 2015
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