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The dangers of annoying your neighbor with the smell of spray paint.
5 Aug 2017
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super junior kim heechul sang because you are my girl (lee seung gi)
30 Jul 2017
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hajoom bhi dekha tanhai bhi dekhi
11 Aug 2017
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Mercury Mercury has no known beneficial role in human metabolism, and its ability to affect the distribution and retention of other heavy metals makes it one of the most dangerous toxic metals (Houston 2011). Mercury toxicity can arise from ingestion of metallic mercury or mercury salts (which are generally poorly bioavailable) or by inhalation of mercury vapor (which is readily absorbed) (ATSDR 2001). The relatively high solubility and stability of certain mercury salts in water enables them to be readily taken up and biotransformed to methylmercury by certain fish; these forms are readily absorbed through the GI tract and are becoming a major source of mercury exposure in humans (Houston 2011). Dimethylmercury, a mercury compound chemically synthesized in the laboratory, can also be absorbed through the skin, and several cases of fatal exposure among laboratory workers have been reported (Nierenberg 1998; Bernhoft 2012). Although humans can excrete small amounts of mercury in urine or feces as well as via exhalation or sweating, they lack an active robust mechanism for mercury excretion, allowing levels to accumulate with chronic exposure (Houston 2011; Sällsten 2000; Houston 2011). Mercury, particularly when inhaled as mercury vapors, can distribute to many organs, but may concentrate in the brain and kidneys (ATSDR 2001). It can also cross the placenta and be found in breast milk (Yang 1997). Mercury exerts its toxic effects by competing with and displacing iron and copper from the active site of enzymes involved in energy production; this induces mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative damage (Houston 2011). Mercury can also directly accelerate the oxidative destruction of cell membranes and LDL cholesterol particles as well as bind to and inactivate the cellular antioxidants N-acetyl cysteine, alpha-lipoic acid, and glutathione (Houston 2011). Because of its effect on cellular defense and energy generation, mercury can cause widespread toxicity and symptoms
28 Jul 2017
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The deleterious effect ionizing radiation has on human tissue can be divided into two types: non-stochastic (deterministic) or stochastic effects. Deterministic (Non-Stochastic) Effects Deterministic effects only occur once a threshold of exposure has been exceeded. The severity of deterministic effects increases as the dose of exposure increases. Because of an identifiable threshold level, appropriate radiation protection mechanisms and occupational exposure dose limits can be put in place to reduce the likelihood of these effects occurring. Mechanisms Deterministic effects are caused by significant cell damage or death. The physical effects will occur when the cell death burden is large enough to cause obvious functional impairment of a tissue or organ. Skin Erythema/Necrosis/Epilation Erythema occurs 1 to 24 hours after 2 Sv have been received. Breakdown of the skin surface occurs approximately four weeks after 15 Sv have been received. Epilation is reversible after 3 Sv but irreversible after 7 Sv and occurs three weeks following exposure. Cataract Cataract occurs due to accumulation of damaged or dead cells within the lens, the removal of which cannot take place naturally. Cataract occurs after 2 to 10 Gy have been received, but may take years to develop. Sterility Radiation can impair oocyte function, leading to impaired or non-fertility. The radiation dose required to have this effect decreases with age due to falling total oocyte numbers. Similarly, radiation exposure to the testes can result in temporary or permanent azoospermia. Permanent sterility occurs after 2.5 to 3.5 Gy have been received by the gonads. Radiation Sickness Radiation sickness (correctly termed acute radiation syndrome) involves nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea developing within hours or minutes of a radiation exposure. This is due to deterministic effects on the bone marrow, GI tract, and CNS.
15 Aug 2017
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Gi Joe explaining army strategies to kids...WTF?
11 Oct 2006
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Welcome to GI JOE: The Epic Saga scene by scene! The web's first net series to have 100 episodes. When complete, this series will be over 3 hours long! The Saga follows the epic journey of america's favorite heroes, the GI Joes, and their battle against the world's first evil terrorist orginization COBRA! The saga stars over 100 of your favorite toys and action figures that the Joes encounter along the way including Harry Potter, Gandalf, Edward Scissorhands, The Thundercats, Gumby, The Evil Emperor Zurg, and even the seven dwarves! Become part of the net's first epic adventure web series, as we release all of the episodes, all the way to 100! Originally created by the Fine Brothers at RavenStake****
22 Feb 2007
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Episode 6 of GI Joe: THE EPIC SAGA! New episodes uploaded every week all the way to 100! In this episode: General Hawk holds an assembly with G.I. Joe; when Falcon is not in attendance, the Joes set out on a search to find him. Notable Characters: General Hawk, Falcon, Sgt. Slaughter, Downtown Originally created by RavenStake****
29 Mar 2007
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91 more episodes to go! IN THIS EPISODE: Rabbi Mindbender celebrates his attack on the GI Joes. NOTABLE CHARACTERS IN THIS EPISODE: Gumby and Buddy Chirst from Dogma! Originally created by RavenStake****
15 Apr 2007
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GI Joe: The Epic Saga Episode 11 of 100! New episodes uploaded weekly! In this episode: The Joes are safe in their bomb shelther hiding from Cobra. Falcon still doubts Cobra is behind it, and forces the Joes to leave the safety to have an assembly back in the open.
25 Apr 2007
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Episode 15 of GI Joe The Epic Saga New Episodes uploaded weekly all the way to 100 In this episode The GI Joes regroup in their bomb shelter following Cobras recent terrorist attack. While they debate over their plan of action, they encounter three new unexpected allies. Notable Characters Falcon, General Hawk, Lifeline, & the first appearance of Harry, Ron, & Hermione! Originally created by RavenStake****
16 May 2007
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Episode 17 of GI Joe The Epic Saga! New episodes uploaded weekly all the way 100 In this episode: Rabbi Mindbender basks in the glory of his recent attacks on GI Joe, while Cobra Commander questions the Rabbi's authority. Notable Characters: Dr. Mindbender, Cobra Commander, Destro, Buddy Christ, and Zartan trying to show his balls to everyone. Originally created by RavenStake****
1 Jun 2007
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