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Give em hell Alabama roll tide
13 Jan 2018
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************/watch?v=UsgbVQV_CGc Drake x Travis Scott Type Beat - Imperial (prod sulto) LEASE ******* *******sulto.bandcamp**** DESCRIPTION All beats are mixed not mastered. For exclusive/WAVs/trackouts/masters contact me at sulto.mp3gmail****. ********www.facebook****/iamSULTO/ I claim no rights to the video, it's just there to accompany the music. Tags are words that describe the beats, artists related or rappers that I think would do a good job on the beats! Drake - Summer Sixteen (his new track) And obviously the album If You're Reading This It's Too Late, an inspiration for this beat. Legend (prod boi 1da), Energy, 10 Bands, Know Yourself, No Tellin', Madonna(prod noah shebib), 6 God, Star67, Preach, Wednesday Night Interlude, Used To(prod wondagurl), 6 Man, Now And Forever, Company, You & The 6, Jungle, 6PM In New York, How Bout Now. A lot of OVO sound related artists were also an inspiration like PARTYNEXTDOOR. Travis Scott's Rodeo, I thought it was not gonna be up to pair with his other works, but it was actually pretty good. Travis has certainly improved on his rapping, you can tell if you compare his latest tracks to his OG Owl Pharoah releases. I have noticed that the general consensus is that Maria I'm Drunk is great, but I preferred the original Drunk compared to it, didn't feel Bieber over Travis' verse. Also the original Travis Scott type beat was better. I'm a bit sad that I can't yell "I NEED ME A BLUUUNT" on this album version. Night Call, Oh My Dis Side, and 90210 are all absolutely amazing. I've listened to his Rodeo EP 3 times and I really like it. Wasn't expecting to enjoy after 3500, I felt that song was waaay too long and repetitive, but I got over it and the album exceeded my expectations. Features are also on point, Travis utilizes everyone very well. My favorite Travis Scott type beat out of all the album has to be 90210, the beat switch is so good. WATCH MORE Lil Yachty Type Beat - Fresh (prod sulto) ************/watch?v=gMVq-jTXrDg baked af (Yung Simmie x Trippy/Stoner Type Beat) ************/watch?v=nGAdA8IfhUM Space Beach (Cloud Trap: DJ Smokey x Lex Luger Type Beat) ************/watch?v=om6ozTUQcvg Focus (Cloud Rap x Yung Lean Type Beat) ************/watch?v=Ubm8MMM6F-M Give em Hell (Bones x Travi$ Scott Type Beat) ************/watch?v=9oM6YGRBra8 RADAR (Southside x Future Type Beat) ************/watch?v=ICKeL3FdDrI ------------- Subscribe for more beats! ******* *******www.facebook****/iamSULTO
20 Oct 2016
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El Video esta muuuuy pero muy bueno bueno.... la batalla entre el dragon de una estrella y goku,,,,,,,
31 Oct 2010
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Critique DVD Give em Hell Malone par Gilles pour www.actualite-dvd**** et www.dvdfrenchonly****. Distribué par Séville, réalisé par Russel Mulcahy avec Thomas Jane, Ving Rhames et Elsa Pataky.
27 Feb 2010
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Malone (Thomas Jane) is a private eye with a reputation for being tough – so tough that he can't be killed. Sent to retrieve a briefcase from a seedy hotel, bullets fly as he walks into a trap. Pursued by the city’s most notorious crime boss and his henchmen Boulder (Ving Rhames), Matchstick (Doug Hutchison) and the beautiful, yet deadly Mauler (Chris Yen), Malone battles to protect the case’s mysterious contents and a bombshell client who may be more trouble than she’s worth. BONUS FEATURES: Interviews with Thomas Jane, Elsa Pataky and Doug Hutchinson.
9 Jan 2010
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They're there because Raytheon produce some of the most hideous military hardware imaginable (they claim to be world leaders in "smart" hidware). Bunker busters and cluster bombs being just two examples of their lethal hardware. Their hardware wasn't smart enough to avoid 62 civilians in Iraq: *******www.independent******/news/world/middle-east/the-proof-marketplace-deaths-were-caused-by-a-us-missile-593074.html As CAAT reports, "Raytheon is the prime contractor for the Tomahawk cruise missile and the JSOW AGM-154, both of which deliver BLU/97B submunitions." (that's cluster bombs to you and me). They've got a regular stall at DSEi: *******www.caat*******/publications/armsfairs/dsei-2003-report/clusterbombs.php And do you remember Israel's little bombing frenzy in the summer of 2006? When they blasted Lebanon to smithereens? Well Raytheon's hardware played its part: *******bristol.indymedia*******/newswire.php?story_id=25266 All that seems reason enough to protest Raytheon's presence in Bristol. In fact plenty of people have been protesting against Raytheon. Nine fine folk from Northern Ireland were recently (June 2008) "acquitted in Belfast for their action in decommissioning the Raytheon offices in Derry in August 2006. The prosecution could produce not a shred of evidence to counter our case that we had acted to prevent the commission of war crimes during the Lebanon war by the Israeli armed forces using weapons supplied by Raytheon." *******www.raytheon9****/ The rooftop protesters want Raytheon, and the rest of the world to know, that there'll be protests every Thursday at Raytheon's offices in Bristol. Let's give 'em hell! Bristol IndyMedia has regular updates on their front page: *******bristol.indymedia*******/index.php
30 Oct 2009
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