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Learn to do square of any number in your head, Leave Comments of what u think of this video glad2teach link :
5 Sep 2007
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.. Learn to calculate fast with your body parts. Amazing trick to learn easily multiplication table or times tables ( in just 2 mins )
21 May 2009
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Learn this really simple but superfast way of multiplying any 2 digit numbers. Like others if you too find this trick useful then you can download all such 26 EasyCal Videos by visiting the URL below
25 Apr 2009
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Learn this fast way to multiply 2 digit numbers or Integers. Same trick can be used to multiply large numbers or to do algebra multiplication. To download all 26 EasyCal Tricks ( FREE trial copy ) visit .. ... vedic math speed fast way multiply numbers integers whole easycal glad2teach multiplication algebra binomials
8 May 2009
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