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Classic Game Room reviews the BABBAGE'S 5 1/4" FLOPPY DISK CASE for all of your old school 5 1/4" floppy disc storage needs. Do you still have games from the 1980's in floppy disk format? Do you have fond memories of stores like Babbage's and Electronics Boutique? Then relive those glory years of PC gaming (IBM PC and Tandy of course, but this will also work for Apple IIe games) with the Babbage's floppy disk storage case for floppies! Did you know that GameStop started out as Babbage's in 1984? This means that GameStop fans should demand that Game Stop bring back the 5 1/4" floppy disk case because it also works for Nintendo DS games, PS1, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast and other CD sized game cases. This video review of the ancient Babbages 5 1/4" floppy disk case nas Babbage's 5 1/4" storage action for old school computer gameplay videogame goodness. Babbage's was named after Charles Babbage, his 5 1/4" floppy disk case was made out of wood and imagination.
17 Jul 2012
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CGR Trailers, from Classic Game Room®, presents a release trailer for GUN COMMANDO from Green Hill and Ripstone. Gun Commando is run and gun first-person shooter (FPS) that harkens back to the glory years of such games that are now old school/retro. Gun Commando is available for the PlayStation® Vita and mobile devices that fall under the PlayStation® Mobile umbrella and are compatible. Enjoy! *******gamehackerz****/baseball-heroes-hack-facebook-cheat
29 Jan 2013
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The Glory Years - 1980's
6 Sep 2009
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Buffon eyes return to glory years, Mancini sweats on selecti ... soccer football daily news mancini aquilani
7 Apr 2009
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Song: Here In My Heart Artist:Scorpions & Lyn Lyechty Album: Moment Of Glory Year: 2000
27 Nov 2009
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A tribute to the glory years of the Sacramento Kings. Enjoy! NOTE: This is not my creation. Thanks to the good soul that beautifully captured the magic of the Sacramento Kings.
4 Mar 2010
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My protege, Tahira Jumah, returns to the brand new "Northern Soul 2008" album with two tracks, the fabulous "World Of Your Own", and this bonus track, "Mister Right". I first cut this song with Frances Nero in 1991. It was to be the follow-up to "Footsteps Following Me", and I co-wrote it with my wonderful friend, the late great Edwin Starr, and he sang the backing vocals on it, which you can still hear on this new version. In the end we didn't release it as a single, but I always thought the song was better than the arrangement, so in 2006 I re-wrote all the chords and restructured it and it became a bit of an anthem off the compilation album "Solid Ground". Of course there was never a video, so I decided to redo it with my number one protege, Tahira Jumah, the fabulous diva who is my Evelyn Thomas for the new millenium. When I first met her, when she came to the studio with Fay Jones, they were both friends of Angelo Starr, and he brought them along to meet me. I decided to pair them up to make a song which I wrote with Angelo, "It's An Ill Wind". They had never met each other before that day. But as I got to know Tahira, I realised she had all the attributes of a real Ian Levine long term star, which is why she then sang my very first song ever, "Reaching For The Best", for my last album, "Yesterday And Tomorrow". And also, "It's An Ill Wind" has now firmly become one of my two favourite tracks off "Disco 2008", and, along with the Odette Adams track, these two ended up being the real sleepers of the whole bunch. Tahira is FABULOUS. I just want the privilege of introducing her to the world. The album, "Yesterday And Tomorrow" was released on March 3rd on Centre City Records, and we did another duet for it of Tahira and Fay, a remake of the Carol Woods hit, "I'm In Wonderland". Since then, the wonderful Tahira Jumah has been scouring England for the best soul talent there is, finding artist after artist to make our new album a vocal masterpiece, a new hope for the future, and a proof positive that great soul music is far far far from dead and buried. Thankyou my wonderful wonderful Tahira. You have done me proud. The best A&R talent scout there ever was. So yes, this is the absolute first time premiere of another track which I am exclusively unveiling here on YouTube, from the recent album, "Northern Soul 2008", which was just released on June 30th, 2008. It is true to say that I have tried many times in my life to capture that quintessence of what makes a Northern Soul record actually work on the dancefloor, and with records like Sidney Barnes "Standing On Solid Ground" and Chuck Jackson "All Over The World", I certainly hit a popular chord. But this time I have never been more artistically satisfied. Everything about this wonderful new song suggests the magic and energy of the era that I fell in love with as a teenager. Forget the purists - this one has it all. If you can keep your feet still while listening to this, then you must be a country and western fan or something. The new album, "Northern Soul 2008" was released on June 30th on Centre City Records, distributed once again by Passion Music and Pinnacle, and available to pre-order through the new website, *******www.ianlevine****** This new Northern Soul album is a sequel to our album from last year, "Northern Soul 2007" which was the very first release on Centre City Records. I have spent thirty two years honing my craft to the point when I am able to produce authentic records like this. There are some small minded people who call themselves fans of Northern Soul who refuse to accept that anybody can make a new record that sounds like the real thing. But with well over two and a half million YouTube hits, they seem to be thankfully a very small minority, and my YouTube page is officially the 54th most watched UK Music Channel on YouTube of ALL-TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The new album consists of twenty four brand new 2008 songs by soul and disco legends. Each song has an accompanying video of the artist basically performing it the studio and in outside locations, and the DVD has four extra bonus tracks too. The work that we have all put into this project is quite staggering, and I hope it will break down the barriers between the older Northern Soul stalwarts and a new generation who need younger acts who still produce the same vibe we all witnessed forty years ago for Motown's glory years. Play the CD, watch the DVD, and give new Northern Soul a chance this time.
5 Jan 2011
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From The Album: (Whats The Story) Morning Glory ? Year: 1995
2 Oct 2011
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