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This welder definitely doesn't give a damn about safety gear. No gloves, no protective glasses. Just squint and weld!
3 Jul 2019
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This cat has eaten away at all of the watermelon's flesh and is lying inside the peel of the watermelon and it fits like a glove.
13 Jul 2019
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this is a gameplay of a link to the past one of the games you can find on the Super NES classic
21 Jun 2019
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That moment when you haven't studied at all for your exams, but you still jump in for the exam, and you fail horribly.
14 Jul 2019
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Medical Equipment Wholesalers are suppliers and distribuors of medical equipment apparatus, instruments and supplies, to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health care facilities, medical professionals, businesses and government agencies. Products sold by these Medical Equipment Wholesalers include surgical instruments, operating room equipment, X-ray machines, hospital beds and supplies, medical and dental laboratory equipment, physician and surgeons equipment and supplies and safety devices such as first-aid kits, gloves and face masks.
18 Jun 2019
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Select a home office look that is customized to your needs with us at Texas Furniture Hut. Speak to one of our knowledgeable employees and let them know what you’re looking for. Ask us about our white glove delivery service, and take a look at our Design Center where you can decide what style works best for you. Visit either of our Texas Houston office furniture showrooms in Cypress. Address : 23922 Northwest Freeway, Cypress, TX 77429, USA Phone : 281-205-9080
21 Jun 2019
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Proozy is a leading fashion store. It sells different types of clothes and accessories like tanks, vests, boots, sweats, caps, watches, and gloves. Go and grab the Proozy discount code from Don'tPayAll to gain high savings.
10 Jul 2019
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This guy is pulling a rubber glove over his head and then blows it up...
13 Jul 2006
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Can you remove a latex glove with one hand? It's harder than it sounds, but we did it in 1 minute and 15 seconds!! Give it a try at home or work. Rules: 1. Use a glove that fits properly 2. You can't touch ANYTHING with your hand!! 3. Don't give up RATE THIS VIDEO!! Thanks to Emman who was wearing the glove. Produced by Alka-JonHall-ik and Jeremiah LongBear for Oversat Media who couldn't break the 25 minute mark. Try This at Home (or work)!!!!
21 Dec 2006
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Do you have the motorcycle gloves that will perform when your palms are clammy and the terrain is rough? The BMW Rallye Pro 2 suit is not yet complete without the Rallye Pro gloves, whether you are on or off road. You don't have to ride a BMW to wear BMW riding apparel--all you need is to be an experienced rider that likes to mix up your riding terrain, doesn't mind the cold and rain, and can go the distance. The Rallye Pro 2 motorcycle suit is as technical as they come. Watch the video to find out how to complete the Rallye Pro riding suit with high performance gloves. Additional information can be located at www.ascycles****
2 Apr 2007
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I demonstrate the use of a sap glove, a defense weapon used by police. This model I got for $20 online. It is made of leather and spandex, and the knuckles are filled with 8 ounces of steel shot. The maker is Hatch. The brick was a patio block, straight from a hardware store, untreated. Oh, and sorry for the crappy audio. It was windy out.
18 Apr 2007
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Prague New Years part 6. The Underground Metal Bar which we got kicked out of. The glove incident.
25 Jun 2007
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