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EXPERIENCE CONCERT ON TV ---------------------------------------- ---- La Diva (Maricris Garcia, Aicelle Santos and Jonalyn Viray) with Ayen Munji-Laurel rendering Atang, the Musical's "Nasaan Ka Irog / Sana'y Maghintay Ang Walang Hanggan" on the SOP Concert Stage. Held at the GMA Network Studio 7 on the 25th of January 2009.
26 Mar 2011
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BY STEPHANIE REDDING You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy The man who stormed off the set of Good Morning America, sang his way back onto the network on Dancing With The Stars. E! Online says... “After apologizing for his Good Morning America tantrum Chris returned to the ABC network Tuesday to perform on Dancing with the Stars. ‘Hold your glasses up people everywhere and put your hands in the air’ ... The R&B singer busted out to amazingly choreographed numbers on the show and while we waited for Chris to address his GMA tirade. Brown kept it all about the music getting a standing ovation from the judges and the audience.” The staff at The Hollywood Reporter spoke with dancing pro Cheryl Burke-- and she’s not a fan. "As a victim of domestic violence, I don't agree with him coming on the show, but it's out of my control." Brown, who recently had a meltdown on GMA, apologized on BET last week. ABC REPORTER: “In a rambling message on BET accompanied by a background music track.” BROWN: “First of all, I wanted to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office, anybody who was offended and really looked disappointed in my actions because I was disappointed in the way I acted. And you know a lot of people don’t know what went down.” Despite Brown’s recent behavior at GMA, ABC invited him back and are trying to get him and Rihanna together for a reunion. The Boombox writes, “Media fodder aside, the Virginia native's music sales have not diminished as a result of his antics. His latest album, 'F.A.M.E.,' topped the Billboard album charts this week with an estimated 132,530 copies sold.” Neither Brown nor Rihanna have commented on the potential reunion. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
5 Apr 2011
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i love Dongyi series.. i only make alternative ending because it's quite confusing to the original..because when you watch it, there's no narration what's happen to them as well as to the other characters, it came up to the ending of the story that Prince Geum became the King of their Nation.. so what happen to Dongyi, the king and the other Prince?? I hope GMA 7 will made a great ending or narration.. For now, i made my own version using my skills.. note: i don't own anything.. it's for entertainment purposes only for viewers..
25 Apr 2012
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The last thing you want happening on your vacation is winding up in the hospital, and unfortunately for Robin Roberts, that's how her trip to Key West ended. On Thursday the GMA anchor told her fans on Facebook, "I began not to feel well. Nothing serious, just under the weather," she wrote. "I contacted my doctors and flew back to NYC. They felt it best to admit me into the hospital for a few days. Seems my young immune system needed a little boost to fight off 'opportunistic infections.'"
19 Apr 2013
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This is a clip of Salman Rushdie on Islam and Terrorism.
19 Dec 2006
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lobo tv series where angel fears to go inside the cave to get the stone of remus, angel find herself not comfortable this time for thinking that she might die if she cant handle the quest.....
28 Apr 2010
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This video is created to depict the idiocy of the people who are supposed to be governing this country. This is not an attack on Filipinos. I love my country and the 90 million of the nicest, most-hardworking and some of the smartest and most talented people in the world. If you fail to see my point, that's not my fault. This song is an expression of thought. My thoughts. My opinion to how stupid this country is being run. The government prioritizing short-term solutions to our country's problems to save their shit-deep popularity (or notoriety) is a huge showing of lack of morality and decency. Or as I see it, just plain IDIOCY. Don't tell me I missed some points or I should have said this or do this. Because the points I mentioned here are what I think are the most relevant... according to my own view of things... I don't need to explain further because that would mean you don't clearly understand my point. I don't need to include all ills of the society because I believe all societies aren't perfect. Go to other countries and you'll discover that the best place to live in is still the Philippines. Even if you're a moron (like user: gagokanto) who doesn't understand this song... this song is still not written for you or about you. So stop acting like a know-it-all and just shut it. And to those who've appreciated and understood... thank you very much. Enjoy. My version of greenday's amazing song American Idiot. Music used is by greenday dancing clip from video owned by jibjab...or ansfav... my apologies. lyrics and voice by ME!! harhar... enjoy! please rate or comment! dedicated to all filipinos around the world!!! Justice to all victims of this regime!!! Politician Idiots Don't want to be a Filipino robot. Don't want my nation Pwn'd! by the media And can you hear the laugh of little gloria? The ugly poster girl of hysteria Welcome to our land of confusion. All across the Asian nations. Where everyone else are well, okay. While senate dreams of tomorrow. We are the ones who needs saklolo. at least they're there to argue. engineers in saudi arabia is this a part of a wicked agenda? all the doctors flew to america. All good teachers moved to south korea . We fucked up edsa revolution. seen All across the asian nations. everyone thought we're all okay. while congress eats our tomorrow. pork barell drains us all to zero and no one's there to argue. I want to be in a Filipino revolt . One nation boycotting BunyiTA. Information from Bunye and Ermita. Fucking the minds of all in Manila Politicians fucked up inflation. All you did was destroy our education. and everyone stinks in Doj. Are there still food left for tomorrow? Or bet our lives in PCSO's lotto. or wowowee will kill you.
14 Nov 2008
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news unheard of about the philippines
1 Oct 2008
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"Citizen's Cry" - An Internet Video Produced to Inspire the Youth of Today to Vote *******www.BySpecialInvitationOnly**** In a time of anticipation over the outcome of our national election, comes a voting message produced to inspire the youth of today to vote. Executive Producer Hooman Khalili and Adam Ottley, founder of RIVERCAVE Productions, brings us a voice from the future; a "citizen's cry" for what we must do today and not leave for tomorrow. Written by Adam Ottley and beautifully directed by Corey Rosen, whose credits include "Iron Man," "Superman Returns," "Star Wars," "Pirates of the Caribbean," and "War of the Worlds." "A Citizen's Cry" is a passionate endeavor made possible by Palm, Inc., which helped funded the project and created the landing page. Palm makes the Palm Centro, a wildly popular smartphone among American youth. *******www.BySpecialInvitationOnly**** WHY: This video is a call to the American millennial generation, and the rest of the country, to speak now with our vote, so that our silence will not echo for generations to come. The "Citizen's Cry" makers are targeting the millennial generation specifically because less than 50% of them have ever voted in a presidential election. The youth vote of America is of unprecedented importance today; this is a vital audience that needs to be reached. Our responsibility to vote is our greatest opportunity for change. It is crucial for all generations, creeds and colors to take action. Help us spread the word
25 Oct 2008
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Cristian music artist Bernie Herms talks about growing up in a Christian home that placed God's Word as a foundation in his life.
17 Nov 2008
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Press Secretary Jesus Dureza's Prayer Neda Cabinet Meeting November 18, 2008 Tuesday. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo till 2010.
25 Nov 2008
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A comment from DBZZ commentator, broadcaster, newscaster Even Demata
24 Nov 2008
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