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True gnosis.... www.gnosisbookdvd****
31 Jan 2009
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La Finalidad de la Gnosis: la Auto-Gnosis (Óscar Uzcategui)
20 Feb 2010
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La necesidad de transvalorizar la Gnosis (Óscar Uzcategui). Congreso de AGEAC, Agra- India 2008
20 Feb 2010
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*******www.ageac**** Traidores que crean otras corrientes en la Gnosis, por Óscar Uzcategui. (Gnosis - Samael Aun Weor)
11 Mar 2010
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*******boletingnostico.blogspot**** Gnosis. Samael Aun Weor. Te invitamos a ingresar al Templo de la Ciencia Pura, donde conoceras la sabiduria de todos los tiempos. "Hombre, conocete a ti mismo y conoceras al universo y a los Dioses"
10 Apr 2010
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22 Jan 2011
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*******www.vopus**** El Sr. Óscar Uzcategui (AGEAC) explica como el trabajo psicologico nos ayuda regresar a la Gnosis, al Conocimiento del Camino espiritual
30 Mar 2010
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SUBSCRIBE 2 EXODIK *******www.urantia****/ Subjects Archive The Urantia Book Urantia Book PART IV: The Life and Teachings of Jesus : The Bestowal Of Michael On Urantia The Times Of Michael's Bestowal Birth And Infancy Of Jesus The Early Childhood Of Jesus The Later Childhood Of Jesus Jesus At Jerusalem The Two Crucial Years The Adolescent Years Jesus' Early Manhood The Later Adult Life Of Jesus On The Way To Rome The World's Religions The Sojourn At Rome The Return From Rome The Transition Years John The Baptist Baptism And The Forty Days Tarrying Time In Galilee Training The Kingdom's Messengers The Twelve Apostles The Ordination Of The Twelve Beginning The Public Work The Passover At Jerusalem Going Through Samaria At Gilboa And In The Decapolis Four Eventful Days At Capernaum First Preaching Tour Of Galilee The Interlude Visit To Jerusalem Training Evangelists At Bethsaida The Second Preaching Tour The Third Preaching Tour Tarrying And Teaching By The Seaside Events Leading Up To The Capernaum Crisis The Crisis At Capernaum Last Days At Capernaum Fleeing Through Northern Galilee The Sojourn At Tyre And Sidon At Caesarea-philippi The Mount Of Transfiguration The Decapolis Tour Rodan Of Alexandria Further Discussions With Rodan At The Feast Of Tabernacles Ordination Of The Seventy At Magadan At The Feast Of Dedication The Perean Mission Begins Last Visit To Northern Perea The Visit To Philadelphia The Resurrection Of Lazarus Last Teaching At Pella The Kingdom Of Heaven On The Way *******www.gnosis****/naghamm/nhl_thomas.htm How did the Lord proclaim things while he existed in flesh and after he had revealed himself as Son of God? He lived in this place where you remain, speaking about the Law of Nature - but I call it 'Death'. Now the Son of God, Rheginos, was Son of Man. He embraced them both, possessing the humanity and the divinity, so that on the one hand he might vanquish death through his being Son of God, and that on the other through the Son of Man the restoration to the Pleroma might occur; because he was originally from above, a seed of Truth, before this structure had come into being. In this many dominions and divinities came into existence. I know that I am presenting the solution in difficult terms, but there is nothing difficult in the Word of Truth. But since the Solution appeared so as not to leave anything hidden, but to reveal all things openly concerning existence - the destruction of evil on the one hand, the revelation of the elect on the other. This is the emanation of Truth and Spirit, Grace is of the Truth. *******johnallegro****/Allegro-SundayMirror.htm Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Apr 2009
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Gnosis- Samael Aun Weor- Óscar Uzcategui Cual de los 3 factores es el mas importante?
14 Feb 2010
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www.ageac**** El Gran Arcano (en. Great Arcanum) se dava en Egipto al 30% de conciencia (Sr. Óscar Uzcategui). La Gnosis, AGEAC
1 Mar 2010
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www.ageac**** Necesidad de cambiar la forma de pensar y de no identificarse con el sufrimiento del ego. Gnosis - Samael Aun Weor & Óscar Uzcategui. AGEAC
7 Mar 2010
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La tenacidad, requisito indispensable para avanzar en el camino (por Óscar Uzcategui). Gnosis - Samael Aun Weor
10 Mar 2010
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*******www.ageac**** Óscar Uzcategui (AGEAC) talks about the psychological work and Gnosis. Samael Aun Weor and the Revolutionary Psychology
28 Mar 2010
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