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God is alive proof
26 May 2017
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Genre: Thriller Synopsis: God created Man.. Man created Computer.. Computer took over! Director/Producer George Anton sends a first time writer and a first time director in a basement to shoot a film. Watch what happened. Seven prisoners. One room. Filmmaking games. Directed by George Anton Cast Annabelle Bourlet ... Jenny Wesley Claggett ... Interviewer Chaz Fatur ... Failing Director Jeff Garner ... Harry Kid Koppe ... Eddie Aria London ... Gina (as Courtney Black) Robert O'Connor ... Writer Kelly C. Ryan ... Nancy Kevin Strom ... Steve Gates Billy Tim ... Security Guard / PA Brett Weinstock ... Carlo Writing credits (in alphabetical order) George Anton story Robert O'Connor screenplay Produced by George Anton .... executive producer Vitaliy Versace .... executive producer George Anton .... producer Kevin Strom .... co-producer Film Editing by George Anton
30 May 2017
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Brother Larry teaches that God does speak to us. sometimes from reading His word, speaking to us in dreams like what was writen in Joel 2 and other times speaks to use through his voice.
9 Jun 2017
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Brother Larry tells his story how god called him to serve him.
10 Jun 2017
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don't take people's opinion ... listen to God
16 Jun 2017
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GOD OF WAR Gameplay Demo
17 Jun 2017
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3 Jun 2017
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Is Jesus real? did he really come to Earth. Is there proof Jesus real? where is Jesus now? is jesus God?
10 Jun 2017
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A Tribute to some of my favorite Christian movies. 1:The Ten Commandments 2:Passion Of The Christ 3:Do You Believe? 4:God's Not Dead 1+2
16 Jun 2017
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6 Jun 2017
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Luffy fight in skype with enel
11 Jun 2017
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Here, people are worshiping to meet with the God at a Bank of a river in india.
8 Oct 2006
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The Life and more importantly Death of God as described by the poet. Is God dead? Is there a God? Life after Death? Social injustice? Revalation all addressed! Yes, the answer to your questions is here... AWARD The Poet www.myspace****/awardyourself
17 Oct 2006
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Father Peter speaks of what it is like to have an actual relationship with God, speaking and communicating with God within. See also AskFatherPeter****
9 Nov 2006
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Why it is wiser to believe in God then not from a wagering perspective!
29 Nov 2006
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Watch out David Novak. Lamb of Gods Chris and John hope to see you in hell.
14 Jan 2007
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