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after the recent spate of pool visitation massacres, the administrative staff of dm_hellzpriz0n have come under fire from human rights organisations in a 72-hour artillery bombardment. after the miscommunication was realised, fire was ceased and elite protest units were sent in, including senate prectre barack obama, with the authority to operate above, and for, the government and beyond, and for, the law, the law that is not the prison administrators. agent obama is outfitted with the latest in military hardware, augmented with target tracking systems with the ability to detect and kill terrorists and dissidents at a rate of 5MPS (minorities per second). among his state of the art loadout is his patented "unspellable name" anti-ban system and multiple redundant countermeasure flare launchers. with pool and ball strategies failing, obama is the unimprisoned world's last hope. god bless american. Barack Obama - racist man 3D Probably Hitler/Could Possibly Be Hitler/Other Hitler Variations - weedwizzard
24 Jun 2010
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