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18 May 2017
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Goddess of guanyin,we want to feel pious
6 Dec 2006
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3 Easy steps to turn your wife or girlfriend into the raging sex goddess that you have always wanted her to be. This is so easy, every man will want to know the secret. THIS IS SO VERY LAME AND SEXIST!!!!!!!!!!
31 Oct 2007
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here's an ah! my goddess slideshow i've made with the song mune ni himeta omoi by the composer inu yasha hope you enjoy! ^^
28 Apr 2007
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It’s been almost a year since the Goddess Belldandy came to live with college student Keiichi Morisato, and he’s almost gotten up the nerve to kiss her. Unfortunately, the encounter with the Lord of Terror damaged some clerical systems, and the contract binding Belldandy and Keiichi is among the lost data. The lovebirds can only hope the information can be retrieved before the Almighty One orders Belldandy back to Heaven.
6 May 2007
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Magical Goddess event in the Isle of Avalon - Glastonbury England. The Spanish Dance
23 May 2007
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Magical Goddess event on the Isle of Avalon
23 May 2007
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Some pictures and statues of Nike, the goddess of victory, by Gregory Zorzos.
24 Jun 2007
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NYX Greek protogenos goddess of night by Gregory Zorzos.
24 Jun 2007
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Venus - Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty. In 1820 a peasant named Yorgos found her broken body in an underground cavern on the Aegean Island of Melosa. The mystery is now solved as how her arms became broken as these two guys explain!!!
20 Aug 2007
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goddess angel
12 Sep 2007
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hot goddess from british keiraknightley
13 Sep 2007
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A stunning display symbolises Senju Kannon - the Thousand Armed Goddess of Mercy. Check Out More Free Videos, Pics, Audio, Text & Games at steakandcheese or at our myspace account www.myspace****/steakandcheese
25 Sep 2007
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My first anime music video about Ah! My Goddess. I hope you´ll like it. Kisses Chibua Productions
20 Oct 2007
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AMV sobre la serie de animación japonesa ah! my Goddess con música de Joan Osborne - One of us
22 Oct 2007
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God-Goddess The Astrologer with guest Jeffrey Armstrong. Jeffrey Armstrong, ayurvedic astrologer and western master of eastern wisdom, joins me in the studio to discuss his enlightening book,"GOD GODDESS THE ASTROLOGER: Soul, Karma and Reincarnation". Jeffrey's book systematically reveals the lost links between religion, science, destiny, and free will. A clear guide to how the Divine actually manifests in the material world and how we can cooperate with it. Learn about the true spiritual relevance of astrology in our lives along with the profound revelation that God is the original astrologer.
28 Oct 2007
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