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In an exclusive sitdown with Fuse, Rihanna dishes about fashion, life and music, getting up close and personal on Fuse's new one-on-one interview series “On The Record with Fuse”. See more at The show brings viewers exclusive and revealing conversations with the biggest and boldest names in music. Premiering on Thursday, November 26 at 6pm ET, Toure’ sits down with Rihanna to chat about the creative process behind her new album Rated R, her sense of style, what it means to be a lady, and her inspiration – her favorite divas.
25 Nov 2009
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Me tries to submit this video on a slow computer.
5 Dec 2009
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Wow! This dog does absolutely not real things!
28 Dec 2009
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Strange incident in Oklahoma City.
13 Apr 2010
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composed and played by Hanni Mobarak
19 Apr 2010
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Fuse sits down with Hole’s lead vocalist, Courtney Love in “Hole: On The Record with Fuse.” Premiering on Tuesday, May 11th at 8pm ET, Fuse host Toure’ goes one-on-one for a candid interview discussing everything from her band, their highly anticipated new album, Nobody’s Daughter, her life with Kurt, being sober and much more. For more info, go to
8 May 2010
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8:47 Bullmastiff Jodi, the biggest dog in the challenge, loses 21 pounds with Purina's 90 day diet and exercise plan which includes fun home activities in their horse rink. Follow Purina veterinarians for the best nutrition and exercise solutions for your dog. Purina Project Pet Slim Down was made possible by Purina Veterinary Diet.
10 Jun 2010
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When archaeologist Mark Graham unearths the remains of a pterodactyl at a dig site in the mountains of Zimbabwe, his discovery isn't all that remarkable - that is, until he sees the remains of gigantic human bones buried beside it. Suddenly, speculation begins to mount about the true nature of the fossils, with most opinions pointing to a mythical ancient race of half-god, half-men known as the Nephilim. However, as he wends his way through the ensuing web of deception, sabotage, and betrayal, Mark struggles to preserve not only his momentous discovery - but also his very life...
11 Jun 2010
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3 Jul 2010
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2:31 - As ever, Karl is unenthusiastic about something he considers to be "from the '80's" because of the rennovation the Great Wall received
25 Oct 2010
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3:05 Leann Rimes, Guitar, Tutorial, Song, Acoustic, Live, Lyrics, Chords, Tabs, Cover, Videoke, How To Play,
26 Oct 2010
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In the first of many episodes to come, Bobby McBobbo is on his way to Spain on a holiday. First he gets a plane and flies to Spain where he heads towards the hotel, however, not everything goes as planned...
5 Jan 2011
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Whilst on holiday, Bobby McBobbo (copyright Shane Lucas) decides to go to the aquarium to see the different fish
17 Jan 2011
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A preview to the new Bobby McBobbo adventure "Day at the Beach" due next Monday (07/02/2011). It will be the first adventure with sound :)
2 Feb 2011
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1:56 The question is for how long, given the idleness of the company...
28 Feb 2011
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13 Mar 2011
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