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26 Dec 2008
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2 weeks after we first did 50% water change. The bright sun and bringing back some KH in the KY. The Parrots feather does a great job of filtering. Lillies coming soon. Bryan know more then me on water chemistry. This will be the goldfish breeding grounds....aquatic jungles.blogspot****
12 Apr 2010
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Goldfish Breeding Part 2
2 May 2010
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7 Sep 2009
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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions: How do you remove the eggs? The eggs will be STUCK on the plants real hard. You remove them gently with your fingertips. It's a bit hard at first until you figure out the exact power and pressure needed to remove an egg from the plant. You will break few eggs at first but eventually you'll get it right. Do you use the same water in the tank? You don't have to use the same water of the tank especially if the water was not clean. The only reason for you to use ...
18 Apr 2009
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This is my pond where some of my goldfish are spawning early in the morning!! SUBSCRIBE to see next weeks video!!
4 Aug 2009
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These are my children and my grandchildren. I love them so much. I had them for 3 years before the breeding happened. Patience is the most important factor in the process. I'll be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Enjoy the show!
7 Sep 2009
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Breeding goldfish requires several steps like adding Chloramine to a tank before adding male and female goldfish and planning, as goldfish breed in the spring. Breed goldfish with tips from an aquarium shop owner in this free video on aquariums. Expert: Chris Simms Contact: www.aquatic-central**** Bio: Chris Simms owns Aquatic Central in San Francisco, Calif. Filmmaker: Bing Hu
31 Aug 2009
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