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Joe Davis plays the 1957 Gibson Goldtop that belonged to Duane Allman. This guitar was featured on the first Allman Brothers records, as well as Eric Clapton's Layla. *******www.thejoedavisband****
18 Jun 2010
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an old 4tube 35w no name amp thru a 10" Ross Les Paul Goldtop ceramic slide/heart of pine cracker wood floor
12 Sep 2009
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You should watch this in HIGH QUALITY! This Epiphone is AWESOME!!! Great pickups, amazing sound, a lot of sustain... I love it Anyway, this isn't a cover, it's about the sound of the guitar; so please forgive me for my "bad bends", I think they're out of tune :S The song is "Estranged" by the Guns N' Roses (I thought it was appropriate since I got a SLASH Signature^^) I only play some parts of the song (my favorites) - Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop Slash Signature + Vox VT15 Thanks for watching! PS: I LOVE THIS GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!! and "Go For The Gold!"
6 Dec 2011
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topgear porgramme from 1980 featured brisca stockcars world champion frankie wainman,great interview with frankie and stu smith from 1980
12 Feb 2010
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Music video of the song "I Wanna Be Free" by New Zealand artist Larry Killip...reached Number One Cashbox Indie Pop Charts Feb 08. Filmed in Coromandel and Auckland New Zealand 2008. Hear the mighty Les Paul Goldtop almost play itself. From the album "Never Going Back' (iTunes). Hear more of LK at IACmusic**** or RadioIndy****. See the original 1970's version of this song here at STARBOW.
1 Feb 2009
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It took me a while... but I think I finally manage to play it! (although I messed up at the end^^) One of my favorite solos ever, played with my Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop Slash Signature, plugged into my Toneport UX1. (+ the Dunlop Wah Cry Baby GCB-95) I didn't use my amp in this video, It's the "Slash Lead 1" preset on Gearbox. Then I mixed my solo and the backing track with Reaper. Enjoy ;)
14 Aug 2011
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Here's my new vid! gear: -Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop Slash Signature -Ibanez SR500bm -RayBan Aviator & Levi's jacket^^ I recorded guitar, bass, & vocals with my Line 6 Toneport UX1 (So I didn't use my amp). I used Gearbox "Angus Young rhythm" & "Angus Young solo" presets; and I think I used "Arena Rock Backline" preset for the bass... but I'm not sure about that. I made the drums with EZdrummer. I tried to synchronize everything (guitar/bass/vocals/drums) with Reaper (for the audio), and Windows Movie Maker (for the video). So I really hope there isn't any synchronization problems... Anyway, I hope you'll like it! (and that my English is fine^^) Enjoy ;) PS: Watch in HQ!!!
12 Dec 2011
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dédicace à Jon W :) I finally found some time to record a new cover, hope you'll like it! ...and if you look really close, you might see my new telecaster baja :) btw, I saw them live in July and it was great! In this video, I used: -Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop Slash Signature -Fender Telecaster Baja -Line 6 Toneport UX1 (and gearbox) to record
12 Dec 2011
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... Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop Slash Signature + Vox VT15 :)
20 Jun 2012
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EDIT: Since the original upload was taken down, I had to do a botched upload from the previous video... Basically, the quality sounds bad in this recording. Download it here. *******www.mediafire****/?a07a4bx7ixl4463 Pigs on the Wing: 00:13 Dogs: 03:36 Pigs (Three Different Ones): 20:31 Sheep: 31:50 Labels: Harvest/EMI (UK) Columbia Records (US original LP) Capitol Records (US re-issue) Sony/ CBS (Japan Vinyl Release) RPM 154 ("Goldtop" label) Produced by: Pink Floyd Personnel: David Gilmour — guitars, bass guitar, vocals, talk box, synthesiser and lead vocals on the first half of "Dogs" Nick Mason — percussion Roger Waters — bass guitar, lead vocals on remaining songs, acoustic and rhythm guitar Richard Wright — Hammond organ, Wurlitzer electric piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Hohner Clavinet, piano, synthesisers and backing vocals Snowy White — lead guitar on "Pigs on the Wing" (8-track cartridge version only, included in Goldtop) This album was uploaded primarily because there hasn't been an officially and easy-to-get released version that has Pigs on the Wing with Snowy White's solo and the album in 4 track format besides the getting an 8 track cartridge version, which are very rare and expensive to come by nowadays. The other reason is so people may enjoy this awesome album. So, here it is. A Pink Floyd masterpiece.
11 Sep 2012
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A great song :) I used my Epiphone Goldtop Slash Signature, and my new Fender John 5 Telecaster... I love them! Both plugged into my toneport UX1. I recorded all the guitar parts... and downloaded a backing track (bass and drums). Actually, I decided to play this song the way John 5 plays it; cause I didn't feel like singing this time. Hope you'll like it ;)
16 Oct 2012
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Here's my Facebook page! *******www.facebook****/pages/Laura-Cox/505959636112964 Hope you like it! I tried to play some riffs & solos that I love... using my Epiphone Les Paul Slash Goldtop, Fender John5 Telecaster, Fender Telecaster Baja, and Epiphone G400 vintage (sg)... the bass is an Ibanez sr500bm. no amp here... only my Line 6 Toneport Ux1 (w/ Gearbox) songs: -Paradise city -Sultans of swing -Master of puppets -Thunderstruck -A kind of magic -one of my own songs (doesn't have a name yet...) ps: the audio is out of sync sometimes!!! (and I can't fix it... the problem comes from youtube.) hope it's ok though ;)
13 Jan 2014
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My Facebook page : ********www.facebook****/pages/Laura-Cox/505959636112964 After several years without uploading any Guns N' Roses cover, I thought it was time to come back to good old Hard Rock solos! Nightrain is my favorite Guns N' Roses song, and here's my attempt at the solo... I used my Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop Slash Signature, with a Marshall Class 5 on an Orange PPC212 cab, and an Xotic BB preamp too. I hope you'll like it! Feel free to leave comments ;) Thanks to MasterBackingTrack for the best backing track I could find on Youtube!
22 Jul 2014
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