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A video by Sam Yanow, given to Midwest Music News, becuase he is a good friend.
13 Feb 2007
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me on a nice ride in Newport Belgium, filmed by my good friend Kometsky... the composition of this video was totally ours (Wushu and Kometsky)
22 Feb 2007
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Check it out. (Please Rate) Thanks! Cool fact... Olivia Olson sang in the movie "Love Actually". Robert F. Thompson is the same songwriter who wrote Good Friends from the Davey and Goliath Christmas movie. He wrote this new Gumby song with her in mind. Martin Olson is a well known comedy writer that co-wrote some of the material - When Thomspon described what he was thinking... the little girl from that movie, Martin said - "oh, that's my daughter!" Talk about a message to the stars....
1 Mar 2007
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This is my good friend John suprising his dad at work with a 1967 Dodge Coronet. His dad is honestly the nicest, most deserving person I know. I filmed this and posted it to remind people how important your family is. Maybe this video will motivate you to do something nice for someone you love.
19 Mar 2007
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Extraordinary fish, they are like playing a movie! Nice Present For A good Friend! The Fish Is Coming!!!
20 Mar 2007
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Here's a video a good friend and I made for an English project. We made a fake teaser trailer the movie "Fahrenheit 451." Little did we know, that movie is coming out this year! I converted it to widescreen format, because I think it looks better than fullscreen. I enjoy it, and I hope you do too.
15 Apr 2007
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A movie I made....I think yugi has a crush an Atem....Atem is just a good friend because he loves Tea!! give me your thoughts!!
25 Apr 2007
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Camping Stove Selection Guide - Good food has the power to make breathtaking sunsets more beautiful, rainy days less of a drag and good friends even more fun to be around. Learn how to choose the right camping stove for your family.
25 Apr 2007
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Come savor the expert homemade BBQ cooking of Mama and Papa Portis as we take you to Clinton Portis' house for his Easter Sunday BBQ! Not only did we get to enjoy this awesome feast, but so did his good friends from The U. It's not just the PressPass team that thinks Mama's cooking is the best.... Look out Mama McNabb! As always, check out www.presspasstv**** for more behind-the-scenes action.
29 Apr 2007
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this video has no sound so lalalalala i cant hear you, or you cant hear me. it is about 412 am which reminds me of the time i pooped a hammer. i say pooped because i dont want to distrespect any hammers.i went to tiajuana once and came home with a crabs well just one crab. his name was bob. i know this because he had a name tag that said....bob. bob and i became pretty good friends we go out to bars and pick up the ladies. it works out well because i meet ladies with crabs and that is good because then bob and i both get some play. my other good friend is mr. coolaid. he had been drinking a little too much and burst thru my wall. it was a little crazy at frist because he puked a bunch of red coolaid all over the floor.i told him how i thought lemonaid was overrated and he kind of agreed but he was pretty messed up. i wasnt just saying that be because mr***ol aid is famous. i really think coolaid is better ( more flavors). my spelling is bad because i am from kansas. i was hukt on foniks and luvd tu reed but somtimes i get kunfuzzed. well unfortunatly bob the crab nor mr***olaid could be in my silent video ( too many waivers to sign) but i think is it very informative and a quality experiance. jimmy hindrex had a song about experiance but that is a story for another day. vote 4 mee i luv tu reed. thanks. k by
7 May 2007
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This is Me and my good friend Danny...We like to dance
21 May 2007
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i had a little to drink... and that "white bitch" is a really good friend of mine.. so i can call her that.
21 May 2007
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