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What never to say in an office hour: A sampling of "Professors' Guide To Getting Good Grades In College", by Dr. Lynn F. Jacobs and Jeremy S. Hyman, from Collins. A VidLit Production.
31 Jan 2008
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Get good grades fast by learning how to get organized, quickly and easily
14 Sep 2008
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Scott Straub shows anyone how to make any notebook cover look incredible in minutes. Get good grades by looking like a very organized student.
18 Sep 2008
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3 Apr 2011
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3 Dec 2011
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what a way to group study.........
21 May 2009
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24 Jul 2010
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9 Nov 2012
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these are my friend Josh Gray, the tall one, Dakota Poe, the blond one, Paul Tong, the asian, and Me the other one doing a science project which got a really good grade
15 Dec 2007
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16 Jan 2008
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a boy gets a good grade on his report card and goes nuts. Enjoy =)
17 Mar 2009
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This is a commercial stating why Leonardo da Vinci should win the Person of the Era award that I did for a Global project. The songs used here are "Whipped Cream" by Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass, and "Magic Carpet Ride" bu Steppenwolf. I give all credit to the artists for theses songs. This was a project and I didn't use this for any profit of any kind---except a good grade on our project and coming in third place for Person of the Era : ) So yea, Leonardo is me, so...enjoy the wonders of Leonardo da Vinci... Haha, I have an honor #65 most discussed today (5/30/08) in the UK #62 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation - United Kingdom XD XD
12 Jul 2008
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This absorbing vintage film explores the issue of cheating in school. John, a Student Council representative, is having trouble with algebra. He knows he has to maintain his good grades for his social status, so he gets his girlfriend Mary to allow him to copy from her answers on a test. Later, after he’s been caught, his fellow students come down on him hard, eventually punishing him by kicking him off the Student Council. What makes this film different from others of its ilk is the Film Noir quality that the film employs to heighten tension and fear. The characteristics of film noir are ever present. The beginning is quite dark and scary, with a young boy's loneliness, with many different close ups of a phone, faces, and disembodied voices. And of course, shadows and sharp angles are focused on with the stark black and white picture exploding off the screen. As this was part of the Discussion Problems in Group Living series, this film focuses not on what the adults do to John, but on what his peers think of his actions, and whether they will offer peer support or more peer pressure. This series of films was made specifically to stimulate discussion among young audiences who viewed it, instead of making rigid pronouncements about what is right or wrong. Cheating on tests in school is an ever growing issue and it's fascinating to see how cheating was perceived in the 1950's.
7 Feb 2010
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Study smarter, not harder! Any student can create incredible posters, homework assignments, and give dynamic presentations in about the same amount of time they are currently spending. Get good grades in school using simple time-tested techniques.
14 Sep 2008
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Scott Straub shows you how to get get any notebook looking incredible in no time. Simple strategy gets anyone's notebook(s) looking sharp. Get good grades by getting organized for success
17 Sep 2008
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College tips for freshmen check out ******* for more crazy tips to get good grades and get laid
1 Nov 2008
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