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*******www.musicianwebshed****, *******www.quamonfowler**** Quamon explains what a good practice regimen would be for jazz musicians to develop their jazz vocabulary.
23 Sep 2009
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is a very good practice
20 Mar 2010
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In this video, we teach the system administrators how to protect important files within their linux server. This strategy is VERY useful in case a hacker breaks into your server or network. DISCLAIMER: ALTHOUGH THIS IS GOOD PRACTICE FOR ADMINISTRATORS, ITS NOT TO BE USED WITHIN THE COMMISSION OF A CRIME! FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!
26 Jul 2007
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I wrote this song and threw it together March 13, 2008 with video. I tried something new (to me) with combining video in adobe Flash. It's not a perfect job but it was good practice. The song is about current life events.
24 Jan 2009
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There is no question that search engine optimisation is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and most smart businesses now make SEO a central plank of their internet strategy. Nevertheless, before launching into an SEO web strategy for your business, it’s good practice to find out broadly what to expect from SEO in terms of timeframes, investment, and results. Join now to get free access to tips, advice and know how from the world's top business experts - direct from your desktop. There are hundreds of shows like the one you've just seen. Tap into the combined experience of dozens of world leading experts and thousands of other business people. There are also low risk, results based options if you're looking for more help. Sign up today. To find out more and to join yourBusinessChannel go to *******
10 Mar 2009
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Health care costs are not a new topic. For decades the idea of re-hauling an escalating out-of-control system has been attempted without success. Why can't they fix it? Because too much money is involved. And your poor health fuels this for-profit health care. Even if you are healthy due to luck & good practices, you still contribute by paying for insurance whether you use it or not. One example, contrary to what most health experts mention, is my contention that obesity is not costing society more in the long-run. The concept that the higher rate of overall medical costs for obesity (cardiovascular diseases, higher blood pressure, diabetes, early death, etc.) is an economic burden to society is a fallacy. Sure, there is less productivity and maybe some extra costs to businesses, but obesity is actually good for the economy, and that is exactly why it is on the rise. Consider all that is involved throughout a lifetime of obesity: besides eating more food more often, heavy weights are harder on and go through more shoes & clothes, need extra material for garments, require special stores or sections for larger garments, go through & are harder on furniture, beds, couches and make vehicles work harder, wear out faster and use more gas. There is also the multi-billion dollar weight loss & fitness industry that keeps offering band-aid short-term ideas that work at first, but cannot be kept up over longer periods. Keep also in mind that with medical advances and prescriptions, we can make people live longer, even when afflicted with poor health & disease. Obesity generates a great deal of added profits, and those who have been in power realize this. The lobbyists & special interests for many industries know that their profits must continue to be maximized, and this is why obesity is not only growing, but starting at an earlier age.
21 Mar 2009
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22 Mar 2009
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When enrolling in and exercise program it is a very good practice to keep a fitness workout chart. As you progress over the weeks you can spot your strengths and weaknesses so much more efficiently, than by tape measurements alone. A workout chart honestly pictures if you have stuck to the regime perfectly or if you have been below par in your performance. A fitness workout chart also encourages you where you have been successful. It is a great pat on the back to be able to see outlined that you have actually worked quite hard on your program. So, you should be certain to keep a fitness workout chart and you should be certain to fill it out each time you work out. Thi
7 Apr 2009
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GM Friedel continues in the vein of "How *not* to Play in your Opponent's Time Trouble" 1 and 2, offering good practical advice for situations where both you and your opponent are in time pressure. This lecture covers a very instructive segment of his 2009 Toronto Open game with GM Perelshteyn.
16 May 2009
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This guy acts 10 movies in 60 seconds...actually 53 seconds only. He is the same guy who acts in the 4 videos part of Fisherman's Friend acting contest (*******www.kuatberlakon****/) with Afdlin Shauki. Very good practice for actors I think. The guy who was timing it dont know how to say 52.8 seconds lol
16 Jun 2009
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GM Khachiyan starts to take a look at some incredible defensive gems from famous Grandmasters. The first one is from former World Champion Karpov. When you see this position, I suspect you'll be quite shocked to hear that black could defend himself! There is also good practical advice about where to use your time, and how far to calculate before making your decisions.
20 Jul 2009
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A nationwide campaign, an annual celebration to mark children’s right to play, has been going on in Britain this week. Play England promotes free play opportunities for all young people and provides advice and support to promote good practice.
6 Aug 2009
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FM Daniel Rensch finishes The Principle of Two Weaknesses series with a “bonus” lecture on the Knight vs. Bishop endgame. Emphasizing again the mindset needed to win a “won” game and the good practice of finding the true weakness in a winning position. Watch the video and learn to stay on target and finish your winning games properly. Full video available at *******www.Chess****/videos
18 Aug 2009
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Please Rate Subscribe and Comment. *******www.helpvid**** *******www.twitter****/helpvid ***********/helpvid Most people use the magnetic lasso or the polygonal lasso tool when extracting a person or object from a photo. This is good practice when the object has flat edges. However when we are looking to extract a person or even an animal and there is hair involved the extract filter gives you a much better result.
29 Aug 2009
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Join Voice Over Expert Marc Cashman in his podcast, "Practicing." Marc addresses issues such as the importance and value of practicing your craft. His tips will assist you in developing a good practice regime that you will enjoy! His examples of how artists such as Joshua Bell and Wynton Marsalis pushed themselves to practice regularly are truly inspiring.
4 Sep 2009
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*******www.GetWealthywithJohn**** John Milligan entrepreneur criterias (entrepreneur criterias) “entrepreneur criterias” entrepreneurcriterias support at *******www.GetWealthyWithJohn**** # Entrepreneur Criteria — Agora Partnerships Entrepreneur Criteria. by anaji — last modified 02-16-2009 16:28. Agora Partnerships looks for motivated entrepreneurs dedicated to making a difference ... *******www.agorapartnerships****/entrepreneurs/qualities - Cached - Similar # Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship - Criteria When selecting the members for its network, the Schwab Foundation applies a number of criteria that together characterize an outstanding social entrepreneur ... schwabfound.weforum****/.../SocialEntrepreneurs/.../Criteria/index.htm - Cached - Similar # [PDF] ENTREPRENEUR CRITERIA File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View ENTREPRENEUR CRITERIA. Entrepreneurs: • Intend to establish a business in rural Alaska OR have owned and operated a tourism ... ******* - Similar # [PDF] UNIVERSITIES, INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP CRITERIA AND ... File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML 12 Jun 2009 ... This criteria list for good practice in entrepreneurship support in universities is directed to those who are designing strategies and ... *******www.oecd****/dataoecd/0/8/43201452.pdf - Similar # Entrepreneurs and Investors: Selection criteria 31 Mar 2007 ... Entrepreneurs: Selection criteria. In order to qualify, you must first meet the definition of an entrepreneur. You can find the definition ... ******* - Cached - Similar # Entrepreneur Criteria Videos - Metacafe One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. *******www.metacafe****/tags/entrepreneur_criteria/ - Cached - Similar # Entrepreneur of the Year Judges' Criteria | BCBusiness Entrepreneur of the Year Judges' Criteria. Entrepreneur of the Year 2007. Image: Dina Goldstein | Published: October 10, 2007 ... ******* - Cached - Similar # Entrepreneur Criteria: List Building - Mixx *******yt.mlmsuccessfunnel****Both Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have said that MLM Network Marketing is the best possible way to begin as an ... *******www.mixx****/videos/.../entrepreneur_criteria_list_building - Cached - Similar # video List Building, Entrepreneur Criteria: Video 1 - entrepreneur ... video List Building, Entrepreneur Criteria: Video 1 - Both Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have said that MLM Network Marketing is the best way to begin as ... *******www.kewego******/channel/iLyROoafttVP.html
15 Oct 2009
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