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*******www.burgesses**** show you how to get good value mortgage protection insurance in the UK
3 May 2009
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For your FREE DVD go here now: *******www.TheInternetFactor**** I’ve just attended a course (internet marketing) with Javaid Kiyani. It was fantastic; I enjoyed the course, he’s very explicit in his explanations and he’s quite good with his presentation of the internet. It would be fantastic for anyone to invest in him or his programmes which are good value for money.
26 Dec 2009
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Parenting: How to Instill Good Values in Children - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Three things. Listen without judgment, is being able to allow your kids to open up and tell you what they are thinking, whatt is going on for them without you jumping in and trying to solve the problem, which is our instinct. As adults, when there is a problem, we want to solve it. Kids need the space to just recount what is going on for them and most often they will figure it out on their own, or solve it themselves. And in giving them that space to talk, you build trust. And it's really important to build that trust particularly with the younger kids, because when they get older, you want your kids to be able to trust you enough to be able to tell you what's going on, you know. Some kid at school is smoking pot, Mom. So you want to be able to have that open communication. So listening without judgment and starting that when they are young is huge. Focusing on feelings, not behaviors, is the second piece that we talked about. Behavior is always always always the reflection of how we feel. And so when kids are behaving in a way that we don't like, it is so much more effective if we can figure out why; what the feelings are behind that and address the feelings, rather than just trying to stop the behavior. Because if we just put a stop to the behavior, if we just scare them into behaving in a way that's pleasing, it's going to come out in another way, because the feelings are not going away. The third thing is empowering kids to make decisions. And, you know, it has been said the kids learn to make good decisions by making decisions. And they need that space, they need the opportunity to make some choices. And maybe bad choices, maybe they decide to wear a tutu to school on a snowy day and, you know, learn that maybe that maybe that's not such a good choice. But when we can give them that space, first of all, it shows respect to them. When we do that, we also increase their reserves of cooperation back towards us. And it really just serves to raise more independent, responsible, compassionate children.
23 Jun 2011
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Visit: www.whosp**** - Ms Jill M from USA talks about his experience of coming to India for a complex spine surgery at a most modern facilt called Wockhardt Hospital, Bangalore. Amongst the few hospitals in Asia equipped with most advanced Neuro-navigation and Endoscopic facilities to perform complex brain and spine neurosurgeries and a vastly experienced team of Neurosurgeons and Neurologists, backed by the most comprehensive neuro-diagnostic and imaging facilities, Wockhardt Hospitals in Bangalore India are now the first choice for non insured self paying US patients. Few hospitals even in US can match the neurological services at this Indian hospital that has latest in diagnostic equipment such as EEG, ENMG, and Video-monitoring, 1.5 Tesla MRI and 64-Slice CT Scan. Our dedicated state-of-the-art Neurosurgery operation theaters have semi-robotic microscopes, the neuro-navigation facility, cranial and spinal endoscopy, MRI and CT compatible stereotaxy for functional neurosurgery that assist surgeons in attaining precision while conducting complex neurosurgeries. formore check out www.whosp****
9 Oct 2007
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Dr. Rosenberg's Patient speaks about the office and his amazing work. Simon W. Rosenberg, DMD can rebuild a tooth or your entire smile using a CAD/CAM (Computer Design and Manufacturing) CEREC system with porcelain that looks natural and will last and last. Dr Rosenberg specializes in Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry. With over 30 years experience, he uses High Technology in Dentistry to improve smiles one patient at a time with personalized, gentle dental care. Using CEREC one-visit veneers, crowns or onlays your teeth can be restored with precision and the most tooth like appearance and material properties. Ultimate smile makeovers are done with CEREC, daVinci or Lumineer Veneers / Laminates. Invisalign (nearly invisible aligners without braces or wires) can straighten and align teeth. One hour Zoom! or Custom Deep Bleaching systems can whiten teeth up to 10 shades lighter. For more info visit the web site at www . DrSimonRosenberg . com or call the office at 917-720-5689
18 Mar 2008
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*******www.tracfone****/ Best value for money if your usage is low.
13 May 2011
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How much of what makes an attractive investment is a result of the company itself and how much is the economic growth of the country in which it operates? Charles Lannon, Toron Director Global Equities, discusses Luxottica, a good-value stock in a fast growth company from a slow growth economy, to illustrate.
17 May 2008
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*******www.tower***.nz/Web_Content.asp?PID=100000771&L1=100000693&L2=100000771 Learn about TOWER's car good value car insurance policies and specifically TOWER's 3rd party fire and theft.
20 Feb 2009
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The Thinksound Thunder 10mm headphones are a good value at their street price and should be a top consideration for those who like plenty of bass and natural sound.
27 Jan 2010
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*******www.sheehy**** See this video, virtual walk-around of 2008 Honda Accord with low miles. Slightly used, great fuel efficiency. Available at Sheehy Honda, Alexandria
9 Feb 2009
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With 2 bedrooms down, this 4/5 bedrm lovely 1998 3400 sq ft 2 story home, situated on a large fenced sprinkled lot with no-one behind, is IMMACULATE and loaded with upgrades. REALLY A DEAL at under $60/sq ft. Has large rooms, a study, both fomals, a master down and gameroom up. Hi-ceilinged den opens to kitchen and breakfast. In a planned newer upscale community, home has a GRAT location, just 1 mile to lots shops, 3 miles to freeways, 7 miles to Bush Intercontinental and 20 miles to Downtown. GREAT schools close, a complete make-over and price reduction - make this a "MUST SEE!", ready for a fast close.
9 May 2009
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*******www.karaokewirelessmicrophone****/ Due to the fact constrained movements is a guaranteed fun spoiler, karaoke wireless microphone is definitely a great choice to choose
2 May 2011
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*******www.universalcarseatcover****/ For excellent quality and relaxation , you’ll never make a mistake with universal automobile seat cover
3 May 2011
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Sample of a few rhythms from my hour 101 drum circle rhythms DVD. I think we are all feeling the crunch of the economy. It's especially hard on us involved in the arts. Since things are so tough for us right now, and to give you a good value for your money, I am including a free live drum circle CD with all orders of my 2 hour DVD 101 drum circle rhythms from my website. The free CD is over 70 minutes of great live drum circle action. (Mostly Afro-Cuban jams) So you get both disks, the 101 rhythms DVD, and the drum circle CD for $15 + $2 for shipping and handling, anywhere in the USA. (It's $19 total to All other countries) Perfect for the drum circle, or just jamming. Visit drumcircles**** for more info. as well as the drum circle finder, some great drum circle photos, mp3s and lots more. Thanks, drumcircles****
19 Apr 2007
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Gourmet travel Sydney. Sydney is a fantastic destination for the gourmet traveller, and Banjo Patterson Cottage restaurant is certainly worth a visit while you are here, this restaurant has everything including beautiful views over the magnificent Sydney Harbour, landscaped gardens, great food, attentive service, and surprisingly it is very good value for money. Head chef Marco Bonanni is a master of flavour, he cooks us a beautiful Kangaroo dish, definately worth trying if your an international traveller, you may never taste better. So put this one down in your travel diary for next time you are in sydney.
9 Feb 2009
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It doesn't seem to make sense - circulation falling, cost of newsprint soaring yet profits healthy and steady. Mystery surrounds the reason behind the collapsing share price, then. Is the whole regional newspaper business a dog? Or good value?
7 Apr 2008
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