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Project Loon is a Google's investigation into whether balloons can be used to provide Internet access to parts of the world that are currently going without.
18 Jun 2013
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Is it as smooth as Google claim on the new Nexus 7?
12 Jul 2012
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In this video, I give my thoughts about Google's Project Glass concept.
2 Jul 2012
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Jon R is back to tackle more questions and queries from Buffalo readers, viewers and fans! In this episode, Jon shares his thoughts on the newly announced "Project: Glass" by Google. Jon also provides some insight on the best time to purchase a brand spankin' new smartphone and much more!
17 Apr 2012
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My vision for the Google project : Project Glass. Please Suscribe, Like & Share : *******youtube****/GuillaumeRuchon
12 Apr 2012
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Sorry for the delay getting this up. *******www.jtwebman****/shows/google-glass-gaming-companies-purge-sex-offenders-instagram-is-on-android-jtwebman-68/
10 Apr 2012
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Rejoice! Instagram is finally available for Android. Plus Google unveils Project Glass so all your daily data can be displayed right in your face and Bounce for Android helps keep you on time, all the time, including traffic data!
7 Apr 2012
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******* Here are some valuable Google Plus marketing tips. This social network already boasts over 10 million members and is positioned to compete heavily with Facebook. Click the like button and leave a comment below if you find this social marketing information helpful. To your success, - Matthew Loop PS - Check-out the blog post at: *******dcincome****/blog/google-plus-marketing-tips/ Google Plus marketing tips Google+ Marketing Tips Google+ business page Google+ page Google Plus business page Google Plus page Google+ project Google+ social network Google Plus social network G+ vanity url Google+ vanity url Google Plus vanity url
24 Jul 2011
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******* Google has scanned and indexed the entire archives of New York magazine. Issues spanning 40 years have been organized as part of Google Book Search. New York is one of the first magazines in the program which was announced in December. We sat down with New York top online exec Michael Silberman to talk about the Google project. Michael told me there is value in having the magazine indexed for both internal use and external brand building. The program does not yet provide any direct revenue to New York, he says in this interview. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer
3 Mar 2009
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iListenToYou is an idea made to make a website content audiobooks to help blind, disabled,illiterate people and also person who don't have time to read a book. With this idea,we can break the borders between normal and handicape people :).
14 Dec 2008
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Ending extreme poverty in our lifetime is achievable. Hillside Digital (HD) is based on the concept of micro franchising. We empower impoverished communities, give them a voice to the global community and move them ever closer to achieve the millennium development goals and so much more. Hillside Digital is the answer to human kind's legacy.
21 Oct 2008
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