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Grumpy But Gorgeous Pamper Party provides pamper, spa, hair styling and birthday parties for teen girls.
The Art Gorgeous bring the best of the art crowd and fashion into one new and unique online editorial and offers a glimpse into the creative minds and style essentials of some of the art world's most exciting women.
Photoshoot of the Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Edition with Adriana Lima. She is one gorgeous model.
22 Jun 2006
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The most gorgeous woman ever seen! And the ending is brilliant!
17 Apr 2006
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Some of the most breathtaking surfing I have ever seen. The waves are gorgeous and the surfer is incredible - did you see how he rides those waves without falling off? He makes it look so easy!
31 Aug 2008
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Hot photo shoot of Sofia Vergara, I have seen a couple of pics on meta of this shoot but no one has put the video up. She is absolutely gorgeous, great body, beautiful face. She started as a model in Colombia and now has crossed into acting here in the U.S.
31 May 2006
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This is a filmed photo shoot of a young Shakira in 1993. Shakira has been famous in Latin America since the age of 13. This Colombian-born singer is a gorgeous, sexy babe.
6 Jun 2006
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Check Out This Video Slideshow of Just Scarlett Johansson's Gorgeous Legs. You'll Thank Me Later.
19 May 2007
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100 Headshots of the beautiful Jessica Alba In 100 Seconds. 1 headshot per second of the gorgeous Jess Alba. ......................................................................... TAGS: jessica alba jess jlo sex sexy celebrity celebrities gwen stefani d12 nude naked t**s breasts hot 10 jessica alba jess jlo sex sexy celebrity celebrities nude naked breasts t**s p***y vagina girls girl women lady ladies no nudity
25 Jun 2007
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*******casinosmack**** Jillian Beyor, sexy Playboy Playmate, gorgeous Hawaiian Tropic hottie, and super sweet Beauty and the Geek 5 finalist bares all in this pictorial video. She's now featured as BetUS Girl of April 2008. Her photos have graced the pages of many men's magazines. Now you have the videos to check her out for yourself. *******casinosmack****/blog/i-want-you-to-date-jillian-beyor-from-beauty-and-the-geek/ KW: bikini, g-string, bath, hot tub, water, fun, cute, sensual, non nude, non naked, .mov
21 May 2009
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www.ProfessorAlbert**** - Professor Albert discusses and shows sexy pictures of Jessica Alba. Is Jessica Alba really a sex symbol? Why won't Jessica Alba pose naked or nude? Is Jessica Alba a Feminist who poses for Men's magazines? What is up with her? Professor Albert, Celebrity Commentator and Sexy guy explores the real truth about the super sexy and gorgeous Jessica Alba! Professor Albert lives in Podunk Idaho where he is developing a reality TV show and reinventing the world. He has been linked to Jessica Alba, Diane Lane, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Pierro, just to name a few. He is smart, sexy and is great in the sack. (He says...) "Please enjoy my video today, my fans! Someday I vill get back vith Jessica, I swear!" - Professor Albert - For more information and more of Professor Albert, log on to www.ProfessorAlbert****!
1 Aug 2007
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Check out this hot asian girl and see what happens when nobody is watching
28 Nov 2007
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Guys, does this ever happen to you? Your doctor can help!
8 Oct 2006
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I know most are going to post comments asking why I uploaded this, I will tell you why cause I think she is hot even if it is a short clip and she snt showing anything. She is beautiful, hot and sexy. What a gorgeous Colombian woman this is. If you can appreciate beauty, you will appreciate the clip and the smokin outfit she has on.
22 Jun 2006
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