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This is an online webshow run by me, DOM! I make episodes that have news from around the world, anything that has to be dealt with globally, and shout outs. There are these other videos made called Featured Videos, and these are anything that is strange, special, or surprising in what people see or hear or know about. Every week or bi-weekly there's weekly polls. There's a question on them that you viewers can see on the latest episode I last made. To answer them, you can message me on this YouTube or email me at [email protected] . (When emailing me your weekly poll answer, please put the poll number in the subject field. (Sample: Subject: poll 3). And email the answer you choose like this (sample: yes.) . If any viewers have any further questions or comments on Videos, etc., email [email protected] or message me on my YouTube. I try to translate video info in different languages as much as easy it can get. Just to let you know, I'm dom from NEMS school in TN/USA - 37040 area. Contact me at any of these URL: or email me @ [email protected] .
This is the new got2bshow promo video. If you have facebook account/pages, then you maybe noticed this on the page.
17 Jan 2010
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translacion en español
19 Apr 2009
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dich trong tieng viet
19 Apr 2009
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(übersetzt in Deutsch)
19 Apr 2009
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[G2BS_PRM_PRW_ADS] This video is a preview of ANS's new segment, "ANS Digital Shorts". She explains what she'll be doing for her side of the show. Of course, what she does will be different than what is done from DOM's part. They should only last at least about 5 minutes. Message them g2bsproductionsmyspace**** or g2b.helphotmail****
27 Oct 2009
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This is the final part of the long episode. Also, episode 10 is the last episode of this episode set (this is the end of "season 1"). That's why the end credits are so long. Watch the whole video and read the credits! Thanks to all my friends and UMG, WMG, SME, and Fox News Network for being in my videos and that the big entertainment companies, you guys did great work for your music videos. I'm sorry for just placing them in my episodes, but you guys earn the credit for actually making them. I'm getting ready for the set 2 of episodes to start soon. and for the 1st year survival of the webshow (Dec. 14, 2009). If you want to email me, g2b.helphotmail**** or g2bsproductionsmyspace**** . or click on the contact me link on my website or tubemogul page. (Tubemogul Page is: tubemogul****/profile/the-official-got2bshow) That's all for now. Stay tuned for any upcoming videos and set 2!
13 Sep 2009
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What WE have to say about Obama and ''people '' that define the word of ''democrat.'' Words that appear in the video are what other people say about him. parody/snl: tina fey (as Sarah Palin ) holds up the PALIN IN 2012 shirt/Imagine by John Lennon . The music video is for to see how ''peaceful obama will get.'' Q's/A's/Comments, email at g2b_helphotmail****
19 Apr 2009
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domnetwork.blogspot**** mediafire****/g2b-dls Some stuff has been down and I've been on vacation over the summer. More episodes will be posted. Stay tuned! DOM
22 Jul 2009
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Summer vacation has gone by too fast. So I have a shoutouts segment with some of my friend and they tell what they did over the break. MUSIC VIDEO CONTENT: BLACK EYED PEAS - I GOTTA FEELING IS NOT INTENDED TO INFRINGE COPYRIGHT IN THIS VIDEO. THE MUSIC VIDEO IS ON THIS EPISODE BECUASE I LOVE THIS SONG. ALL AUDIOVISUAL CONTENT OF THE MUSIC VIDEO BELONG TO BLACK EYED PEAS AND UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP. also viewers can go to this link: *******got2b-show.webs****/dls.htm
22 Jul 2009
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Song #2: Knocks you down (originally sung by keri hilson/ne-yo/kanye west). This is our remake of it. email me g2b.helphotmail**** or g2bsproductionsmyspace**** email Stacie and Mae cadenfredlakerocketmail**** . What do you think? Email us, comment, or message us on what you think about the video!
16 Aug 2009
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part 4: We dance to Boom Boom Pow. email me and Ans g2b.helphotmail**** email Stacie and Mae cadenfredlakerocketmail**** .
17 Aug 2009
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part 6: ans sings decode, an original by Paramore. email me and Ans g2b.helphotmail**** Comment, message, whatever ya think on this part of the episode
17 Aug 2009
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This will be used for the upcoming season 2 episodes in December
4 Oct 2009
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(G2BSS2E1TCE11) whew! lots of time has passed by. this is the first episode of season 2! i know i dont have too much, but it's reasonable! you get to know the movies that made it in the box office (U.S.), what kind of songs everyone listen to nowadays, and you get to know a little more about me in the extra video clip. this isnt the survival episode, thats later on. the weekly poll is a little different, but i just want your opinion on the poem by messaging me, or commenting this episode. AND YES, USE THE ANSWER CHOICES PROVIDED IN THE VIDEO WHEN YOU ANSWER THE WEEKLY POLLS!!! this is a really long episode but it is worth it. im going to have more shoutouts and guest appearances later on. email me or hit me up: g2b.helphotmail**** or g2bsproductionsmyspace**** or g2bsproductionsgooglemail****
2 Dec 2009
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[Short segment clip] This is what happens if you have too much turkey on turkey day!! watch and learn! g2bs productions 2008-09 g2b.helphotmail****
9 Dec 2009
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