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Aww that's gotta hurt
17 Jan 2007
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Eagles gotta go
4 Feb 2007
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Funny TV Commercial with a Mafia theme for an assembly business. www.assembledbyus**** Assembled By Us, Inc. Based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. (479) 561-7363 Mafia boss notices his new desk is not assembled but his "enforcer" has "gotta guy" Written, directed and produced by David Coatney, DCP Video and Productions. (479) 783-3558
11 Feb 2007
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Gotta Love Me
14 Aug 2007
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Music video for Gotta Hold An Angel
11 Oct 2007
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Atlanta Based R&B Singer/Songwriter Levar Thomas Singing Original Song "Gotta Love U".
14 Oct 2007
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AMV Realizado por Cristian Cobo con la version en castellano de la canción We gotta Power, y utilizando los videos de los juegos de DB Budokai, Final Bout y de algunas OVAs
8 Nov 2007
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gotta have sweet
22 Nov 2007
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it gotta be tied
25 Nov 2007
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Check out "Gotta Move Faster" the all new internet exclusive video from Sean Kingston. For more info, check out www.gottamovefaster****
17 Dec 2007
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Charlie plays guitar (good, I might add) and sings his latest release "Gotta Have A Humphune". The songs lyrics as usual are typical of the Charlie Iguana philosophy... about one of our favorite topics and what we all need. All can relate to the basic human desire to have a Humphune. If you visit Charlie on the web at www.charlieiguana**** you will certainly realize the profound complexity expressed through the years of work by "HIM". As Charlie says... "Ta dis a doin' saidi hoppest", and I Agree, don't you. Be prepaired as in the days to come more exciting help will hit the web, can we waite?
23 Dec 2007
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Hey Diggers! Here's a little Digg love from me to you :) I'm a finalist in Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl Contest and could get my music video played during the Super Bowl and a record deal with Interscope. I need your help! I'm feeling lazy, at school or when I work I sneak to my computer, and then I like to shirk I don't go online shopping, I don't email with my mom I open up my browser, and go to digg-dot-com Chorus: Gotta digg, gotta digg, gotta digg Gotta make this story big! Did you hear that awful sound? Another server's down! I always dig up Apple, and I bury Microsoft But when I said I was a girl, all the diggers scoffed And when I see those stories about Senator Ron Paul I don't even RTFA; I just digg them all! Chorus: Gotta digg, gotta digg, gotta digg Gotta make this story big! Did you hear that awful sound? Another server's down! The fanboys can be tiresome, they always are outspoken And if you're listening Kevin Rose, the comment system's broken! I know digg isn't perfect, but be thankful for what we've got It's just like daddy always says: 'At least it's not Slashdot!!!' Chorus: Gotta digg, gotta digg, gotta digg Gotta make this story big! Did you hear that awful sound? Another server's down! ------- Chords To 'Gotta Digg' VERY simple. D C G A D C G A D C G A forever and ever and ever.... I'd double check what fret I did it on, but I'm not around my guitar. I'm pretty sure it was standard, but I am a big capo user, so it's possible I threw it on some fret? Happy playing!! for more of my music: buy cds: download cds: search iTunes for Kina Grannis!
26 Dec 2007
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Movie extract of the song 'Gotta Go My Own Way' which is performed by Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella Montez and Zac Efron as Troy Bolton!
27 Dec 2007
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*******www.mentormonique**** No matter what MLM company you are with, you gotta have that purple cow that everyone is looking for. Find out what I mean in this mlm training video!
21 Jan 2008
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*******www.mentormonique**** This video is #4 in a series of 5 focusing on mlm training systems. Here you will learn an important truth on mlm: you gotta understand how you get paid! You will get free mlm help on how to figure out to earn the income of your dreams.
8 Feb 2008
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Evil masterplan - Gotta pay that rent!
29 Feb 2008
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