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My bros ford mav ( GQ ) in the mud,
6 Sep 2008
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Behind the scenes footage to Benisour's music video "Throw Them Staxxx" featuring Billy Blue & Clete. Cameos include Fat Joe, Ace Hood, DJ GQ and more. Video Produced by the Public Wizard Team.
24 Jan 2009
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If you love heels and you like to dance, show us your best moves for a chance to win cash prizes and be featured in the Pushin Heels by GQ's Music Video. Just send us your dance video to see if you're a winner.
22 Aug 2009
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Exclusive video for GQ****
4 Nov 2009
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Racy new pictures in a GQ photo shoot of two actresses from the hit show Glee have some angry over what they call porn.
22 Oct 2010
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Transcript by Newsy BY ANDREW HOWARD You're watching multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. Moms are mad. The March cover of Cosmopolitan, which shows Lea Michele with a disproportionate skin-to-clothing ratio, has teenage boys drooling, and parents up in arms. The star of the hit TV series Glee is no stranger to controversy. Michele and fellow cast members Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron took a lot of heat for this risqué GQ photo shoot back in November. With her new Cosmopolitan cover splashed with headlines like“The Sex Quiz”, “Get Naked” and “For His Thighs Only” - Fox reports many parents aren’t breaking out into song over the glee star’s new image. “These peeved parents say Michele, as an actress who plays a high school student on a TV show watched largely by teen and pre-teen viewers, has a responsibility to their kids to keep things a little more buttoned up.” That same article quotes Suzette Valle, a mother of two teenagers. She says... “It’s irresponsible to be using an adult who represents a minor dressed in provacative clothes. I think Cosmo is now taking advantage of the raucous GQ caused with their ‘Glee’ cover and hoping to cash in on the press it got.” But a blogger for Zap2it says- Fox News would track down some mad moms. “The parents claim that because Michele plays a high school ‘good girl’ on TV, she should uphold that image off-screen as well. No word on whether these parents understand what ‘acting’ means, but we'd imagine they expect Jane Lynch to berate children in the street and Kevin McHale to remain wheelchair-bound at all times when in public.” Amidst the criticism, The Boston Herald comes to Michele’s defense saying- here’s the deal. “Lea Michele is a grown woman.... Cosmo is a magazine for ADULTS. The fact is, you can cleanse your house of the magazines, place controls over certain sites on your internet, and do everything in your power to block reality from your 13-year-old’s life. But it’s only going to do so much.” For the record, Lea Michele is 24. Many media outlets report she has increasingly moved further away from her on screen character Rachel Berry. Who does she credit for her new found sexuality? Why Glee of course. ANCHOR: “Lea Michele credits Glee with giving her confidence.” LEA: “It gave me a chance and it shows that you don't have to look like how everyone else looks.” ANCHOR: “She tells Marie Claire UK that Glee gave her the confidence to believe in her own unique beauty.” LEA: “So many people growing up told me that there was no place for me in television. I wasn’t pretty enough. That no one could figure out what I was. There was always something." So does Lea Michele’s new image have you Gleeking out? Get more multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy
8 Feb 2011
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BY ANDREW HOWARD You're watching multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. Hannah Montana ruined -- his -- and her life? That’s what Miley Cyrus’ dad -- Billy Ray -- is telling just about anyone who will listen. Cyrus, whose parenting skills have been long-scrutinized in the media, tells GQ Magazine Satan has taken over his family. The magazine interview hasn’t even hit store shelves -- and already it has people buzzing. Dlisted says, after reading the article, it has an idea of how Billy Ray Cyrus got that -- achy-breaky heart thing. “GQ's piece portrays Billy Ray as a lonely and sad-like hillbilly who sits on the front porch of his Tennessee mansion petting at his pet possums head while deep thinking about how fame and fortune was the rusty nail shoved deep into the heart of his family.” Oh there’s more. Cyrus says he’s afraid for Miley, and tells the New York Post, media exposure hasn’t helped. “Every time something happened in Miley’s career, every time the train went off the track -- Vanity Fair, pole-dancing, whatever scandal it was -- her people [would] put me [out there]. ‘Somebody’s shooting at Miley! Put the old man up there!’” One person who sympathizes with Cyrus is Chad Chester from Hollyscoop who admits.... “It’s actually really sad because you can feel the p’ain in his quotes. Either that or I’m a really big sucker and he just has a great publicist.” But wait -- but haven’t we heard this story before? E! News seems to think so. “Stop the presses: There are apparently some people out there who think that allowing your offspring to ‘become a child star isn't such a great idea. Shocking, right? But not as shocking as the fact that Billy Ray Cyrus is one of them.” So where did Papa Cyrus go wrong? The Huffington Post says -- first thing -- he tried to be a friend instead of a dad. “Now, as a concerned parent, he feels helpless -- and even cites Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and his late friend Kurt Cobain as ultimate disasters that he hopes she’ll avoid following.” So if given the chance, would Cyrus change the past? He says yes... for him, Hannah Montana was never the best of both worlds. “I [wish the show never happened]. For my family to be here and just everybody okay, safe and sound and happy and normal, would have been fantastic. I'd erase it all in a second if I could." Did we mention, Billy Ray’s in the midst of a musical comeback? He says, he still hasn’t spoken to Miley since her infamous bong incident back in December of last year. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for updates throughout the day. Get more multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
19 Feb 2011
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Brady Quinn may be a free agent, but his comments in GQ Magazine have been making plenty of headlines in Denver. But according to Broncos coach John Fox, there's no controversy between the QBs.
25 Feb 2012
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21 Jump Street's Channing Tatum tells GQ Style about his days as an exotic dancer before his career as an actor ever took a Step Up.
13 Mar 2012
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LeAnn rimes is worried Eddie Cibrian is cheating, Katie Holmes is the new face of Bobbi Brown, Camille and Kelsey Grammer's divorce is close to being settled, Robert Redford's new film is called The Company You Keep, Lana Del Rey was named the woman of the year by British GQ, all in today's celebrity gossip.
7 Sep 2012
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Check out the GQ Men of the Year event in the video. Watch Big B, Anil Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Jhon Abraham, Deepika Paukone, Nargis Fakhri, Vidya Balan and many more speaking about the B-town men and designs.
3 Oct 2012
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Remember the original "Bennifer?" Ben Affleck tells GQ how he remembers his days dating and working with Jennifer Lopez.
15 Nov 2012
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In the new issue of GQ, Robert Downey Jr. admits he's getting an Oscar no matter what.
16 Apr 2013
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Robert Pattinson spoke to GQ Spain and revealed that people don't know how lonely it is.
26 Aug 2013
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Ricky Martin is open, honest and candid about his homosexuality today, but tells Australian GQ that he used to bully gay people growing up in Puerto Rico.
27 Aug 2013
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Victor Cruz is known for his moves on the football field, but the wide receiver's sartorial game is sharp off the field. In a recent interview with GQ, Cruz opened up about his style. The New York Giants star talks about dressing well in the NFL, and admits that even though he is the best dressed player in the locker room, he is always willing to give fashion advice. He also attributes his sense of style to his coach. He explains that the coach treats the team like a business and while traveling and even for home games they all must wear suits. Victor also explains why he doesn't wear one of the most coveted accessories in the world, his Superbowl ring.
17 Oct 2013
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