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My American Heart knows how to rock on when they performed one of their hit songs, Boys, Grab Your Guns! It doesn't get any better then listening to the young and talented band perform their awesome music live in person. My American Heart is a rock band hailing from San Diego, CA. The bands original name was No Way Out, consisting of Larry Soliman on vocals, Jesse Barrera on bass guitar, Clint Delgado and Jeremy Mendez on guitar, and Steven Oria on Drums. No Way Out gained much local fame from many local SoCal venues they played at. Due to some legal troubles concerning their name the band changed it from No Way Out to their current name. Although many of the original members of the band are Filipino, singer Larry Soliman says "we're all American". The band made their first big break winning The Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands". As popularity grew, the band was pressured to play at larger venues farther from home, causing Clint Delgado to leave the band to focus on his education. The band played the Taste of Chaos tour in 2005 and shortly afterward recorded the full length album The Meaning in Makeup with famed producer Sal Villanueva (Thursday, Taking Back Sunday) released on punk/indie legend Kevin Lyman's label, Warcon, in fall 2005. - Larry Soliman, 20 years old: vocals - Jesse Barrera, 20 years old: guitar, vocals - Dustin Hook, 19 years old: bass guitar (formerly of Transition) - Steven Oira, 20 years old: drums - Matt "Spud" VanGasbeck, 22 years old: guitar (formerly of Downtown Singapore) View the artist's official sites: more music, interviews, and artists, visit us at: produced by: Lightbulb Entertainment
18 Jan 2008
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Using an elaborate set up that included a bag of Doritos, a snorkel and cat like reflexes, this guy grabs an unsuspecting seagull.
23 Jan 2008
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Free money grab a grand for free from the lotto
10 Feb 2008
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my cat grab the ball
30 Mar 2008
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this is a parkour tutorial where olie of street perfection will show you how to wire grab into climb up
11 Apr 2008
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a small video with me training on techniques of arm jumps/cat grabs enjoy
11 May 2009
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Using an elaborate set up that included a bag of Doritos, a snorkel and cat like reflexes, this guy grabs an unsuspecting seagull.
12 Apr 2008
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Some guy walks by a news reporter while she is live on the air and grabs her ass. She hardly moves and keeps reporting as nothing happened.
14 Apr 2008
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This cat has a lot of energy, that's for sure. He really wanted to grab onto the camera but gave up after a while. Little weasel. Music: Kevin MacLeod.
5 May 2008
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A rookie reporter does a story on an electric fence and then grabs it sending 6000 volts of electricity through his body.
9 Feb 2009
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Description Dirty Dan gives skateboarding Tips to the world - Half-Cab Backside Grab
28 Feb 2011
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Tom Vasel reviews Grab Bag Designed By: Marianne Harts Michael Schacht Published By: HABA - Habermaa
21 Nov 2008
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OutWit Hub Tutorial on how to grab images from a webpage directly onto your harddrive.
30 Mar 2011
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Video on how entrepreneurs can grab prospects attention to make more ads, on websites, and even while speaking.
17 Mar 2009
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Do a magic coin sleight where you appear to grab a coin out of thin air. Easy to learn coin magic instructions.
29 Jun 2009
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kungfu Mashal arts lapel grab
24 Jul 2009
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