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The clip Heidi's eulogy from Grace Is Gone (2007) Grace Ann Phillips was born in Newport, Indiana, on October 3, 1971. She was a happy child who loved spending time outdoors. Once she even spent an entire summer sleeping in a refrigerator box in her mother's backyard. She waterproofed it with garbage bags so she could sleep in it even when it rained. Grace was a brave woman. She enlisted in the Army right out of high school. She met my father, Stanley Phillips, at boot camp in Fort Knox, Kentucky, later that summer. They married after training was over. My father says that, to this day, he's still surprised Mom said yes, which is funny because Mom used to tell my sister and me she was worried he was never going to ask the big question. Grace and Stanley loved each other very much. They were best friends. Anyone who knew Grace knows she was a special person. She was kind, generous, and funny. She had a loud, silly laugh you could hear even when you were in the next room. And she could sing better than anyone. We'll miss her very much, but we promise to always think of you when we laugh, wake up, fall asleep,
28 Nov 2011
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