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Firefox breaks world record while Skype 4.0 is nothing new. Coffee machines are online as cellphone's and bananas make Popcorn. Sony's PS3, PSP, and Samsung try to improve gaming experience while GT4 makes you a pedophile. Gettheglass milk fun!
1 Jul 2008
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We create the ultimate game for your PS3, Xbox or Wii
24 Dec 2011
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a quick how to on car modding, for vice city but its actually the same procedure for GTA III and GTA SAmod tool:*******grandtheftauto.filefront****/file/GTA_Garage_Mod_Manager;55092
26 Oct 2007
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I found a great website called *******www.gameoffers**** which has free beta keys for games such as GTA V. The site offers Beta Keys for different new upcoming games. Additional tags: GTA V KEY, GTA V BETA KEY, GTA V SERIAL, GTA V SERIAL KEY, GTA V KEYGEN, GTA V KEY GENERATOR, GTA V TRAINER, GTA V CHEATS, GTA V BETA GIVEAWAYS, GTA V TRAILER, GTA V WALKTHROUGHT, gta v release date, gta v news, gta v release, gta 5, gta v gameplay, gta v forums, gta v youtube, gta v download, gta v lançamento, and theft auto, theft grand, grand theft at, auto gta, grand gta, gta 4, gta iv, auto theft grand, gta vice city, gta cheats, gta pc, san andreas download, the game gta, GTA V GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto V Grand Theft Auto 5 Grand Theft Auto GTA trailer Rockstar Games Rockstar official games gaming video games high definition HD Video Game Grand Theft Auto (series) GrandTheftAuto gta game gta games games gta grand game game grand new trailers gametrailers Debut trailer first trailer theft auto gta grand game new games videos game game videos video gaming grand theft auto trailer trailers grand theft auto V trailer, Gta5 gtav gta grand theft auto grandtheftauto gameplay Grand Theft Auto (video Game) Grand Theft Auto (series) Andreas Gameplay Footage (magazine) Gta Auto Theft Grand (series) (video Game) City Vice Video Game Gta4 Stunt Rockstar Xbox Ps3 Games Playstation Xbox360 Sony GTA V GTA 5 GTA Five GTA 2012 BETA GTA: V Grand Theft Auto (series) Free DEMO Download Legit no survey beta key Grand Theft Auto (video Game) Video Game trailer analysis
9 Jul 2012
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HD Quality video
4 Oct 2009
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This is an easy route for getting and remembering all 100 tags. :) The biggest challenge that most people have when spraying the tags with a map is that when they're done, there are usually 1 or 2 left over. :( So this video shows an easy route for getting them all. :) All these were done from memory, which is easy to do, once the path is learned. :) I start in Northeast Los Santos, and finish there too. :) There is very little backtracking, if any, and the route is efficient and quick. :) Also, I used the jet pack to make the video faster, clearer, and easier to understand. :) It's not unlocked at the beginning of the game, so either the tags can be done later, when it is unlocked, or a car or bike can be used. :) But for the purposes of showing a clear, fast video, a jet pack was used, and at the beginning of the game, so the 6 tags which are gotten in Sweet's mission "Tagging Up Turf" can be included in the route. :) NOTE: For the tag to be counted, it must *beep.* If it hasn't beeped, even if the tags sprayed text shows, then it hasn't counted it yet. :/ So I usually overspray each one a little bit to make sure I got it. :) So this route will make spraying all 100 tags easy :), and it will be virtually impossible to miss any. ^^ I have done the tags 5 times by memory since making this route, and haven't missed any since then :). So it must be easy. :) Also, I employed a small jet pack glitch to make the video faster. You can equip or enter the jet pack while spraying and it won't show up yet, and it will show up as soon as you're done spraying. :) Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and I hope it makes tag spraying in Los Santos a lot easier! :)
24 May 2009
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Grand Theft Auto: 67 Puncture Wounds (Full - PC version - NO CHEATS/MODS) Find full lists of all GTA game missions here: *******www.gtamissions**** See all the games I've uploaded here: *******www.bonersgames****
24 May 2009
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Grand Theft Auto: 69 Highjack (Full - PC version - NO CHEATS/MODS) Find full lists of all GTA game missions here: *******www.gtamissions**** See all the games I've uploaded here: *******www.bonersgames****
25 Apr 2009
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ShowOff with BMW M3 GTR in San Andreas:P
6 Sep 2009
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A video of us trying to make a police chance video on gta4 and it failed so badly. this is all the blupers from the video that we have made into a montage.
17 Sep 2009
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 62 The Da Nang Thang (Full - PC version - NO CHEATS/MODS) Find full lists of all GTA game missions here: *******www.gtamissions**** See all the games I've uploaded here: *******www.bonersgames****
6 Oct 2009
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c'est des mystères que j'ai trouvé moi même sans l'aide de google ^^
3 Dec 2009
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Grand Theft Auto, Liberty City Stories, (ps2), Mission #37 - "Friggin' the Riggin'" (full) Find full lists of all GTA game missions here: *******www.gtamissions****
3 Dec 2009
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GTA: San Andreas (PC Version) The Green SabreMy PC skillz are improving!*******www.gtamissions****
16 Mar 2010
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An AWESOME gta 4 parody
8 Apr 2010
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This is me playing GTA San Andreas on Playstation Portable. Check out my other Vid "GTA 4 on PSP NO FAKE!!!" I have a Playstation 3 with GTA 4. If you want, you can add me on PSN. (If you share Rayman 2 on PS3 with me I will give you GTA San Andreas for PSP) My Online ID is: M-Duzz PLZ Subscribe
22 May 2010
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