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There is no evidence that you can prevent prostate cancer. But you may be able to lower your risk. A diet that helps maintain a healthy weight may reduce your risk for prostate cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends: Limiting high-fat foods Cutting back on red meats, especially processed meats such as hot dogs, bologna, and certain lunch meats Eating at least 2-1/2 cups of fruits and vegetables each day Healthy food choices also include bread, cereals, rice, pasta, and beans. Antioxidants in foods, especially in fruits and vegetables, help prevent damage to the DNA in the body's cells. Such damage has been linked to cancer. Lycopene, in particular, is an antioxidant that has been thought to lower the risk of prostate cancer. It can be found in foods such as: Tomatoes -- both raw and cooked Spinach Artichoke hearts Beans Berries -- especially blueberries Pink grapefruit and oranges Watermelon It's not clear whether lycopene actually helps prevent prostate cancer, and recent studies have not been able to show that it does.
18 Jul 2017
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Persimmon with Goat Cheese and Grapefruit Balsamic Reduction
21 Nov 2008
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Why is it bad to have medicine and grapefruit together?.. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN ***********
2 Apr 2009
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*******www.weightlosssurgerychannel**** A flavonoid found in grapefruit can reduce fat and curb obesity.
4 Aug 2009
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The Duncan White Grapefruits bear seeds in the fruit that make it more cold hardy than the seedless grapefruit trees. Visit the Duncan White Grapefruit page at *******www.tytyga****/product/Duncan+White+Grapefruit+Tree
22 Sep 2009
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For more like this visit: ******* Chef Higgins from George Brown Chef School leads you through how to peel and segment a grapefruit for salads and desserts.
8 Feb 2010
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Grapefruits are a wonderful fruit. Watch this health tip from Dr. Savant to learn about benefits as well as medications you should be careful with. Visit *******savantmd**** for more health videos. Follow us on Twitter *******twitter****/savantmd .
10 Mar 2010
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*******HoboHookah**** - for Tangiers Grapefruit and all of your hookah gear. Tangiers Grapefruit is a buy! A great hookah tobacco.
29 Apr 2010
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*******www.lemeurice**** - Camille Lesecq, Head Pastry Chef at Le Meurice, demonstrates a simple candied grapefruit recipe using three basic ingredients. Tangy pink grapefruit, sugar and water combine to create a sweet and sour treat which can be easily recreated at home. Candied fruit is the perfect way to enhance your favorite ice cream desserts. This simple how to tip is the perfect way to dress up your sweets with extra flare.
28 May 2010
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KitchenDaily - Marcus Samuelsson - Cabbage/Grapefruit Salad
14 Oct 2010
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Best weight loss grapefruit juice diet I have used ever. I've loss 22 pounds in one month. You can eat all most everything: chicken, pork, beef meat, even candies and cakes
25 May 2011
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Grapefruit rescues Passion Fruit from Donkey Kong. It's on! 
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18 Jun 2013
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That is exactly what I will say when I get my third grammy. Just so y'all know.
15 May 2006
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Looks great 8-)
16 Oct 2007
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A man learns the hard way about the dangers of cutting a juicy piece of fruit. Filmed 2004
2 Mar 2009
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