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Learn how you can make and install a Gravatar, which is a small avatar that is displayed next to your blog comments. For more videos like this, visit *******www.tushardhoot****
21 Oct 2008
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This shows you how to add a gravatar to your blogging comments.
16 Jan 2009
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Learn to set up your Gravatar account and easily spread your brand across the Internet.
25 Aug 2009
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*******yourinternetmarketingexpert**** How To's on Uploading Addition Photos To Gravatar**** and How You Can Add Additional Emails and Link Them Specifically To Each Additional Email Address.... More Tips at *******yourinternetmarketingexpert****
7 Nov 2009
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******* How to SetUp an Gravatar
28 Dec 2009
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This tutorial is continued with full written instructions at *******WordpressVideos.TV In this video, let's talk about how to use gravatars. Now if you have been blogging for a while and especially if you have left comments on someone else's blog, then you would notice that the comment usually has the image of the commenter associated with them; for example, as you can see here, some of the commenters actually have an image (that) automatically appears for every comment that they leave on other blogs, whereas for some other commenters, you would see a general-looking blank image here. Now, these images are what they call gravatars or globally recognized avatars. And avatar, of course, is a popular term from forums and from games, which means a profile picture, if you wanna put it that way; but generally, by getting a gravatar, you standardize the image of you that appears across any blogs that you leave comments on. To get a gravatar itself, you just need to go to Gravatar**** and right up here, click on Sign Up. And then you'll be asked for your primary email address. Now, it's important to remember that whenever you leave comments on other blogs, in order for your gravatar to show, you need to use the exact same email address every single time. However, another easier way to get a gravatar is actually to go to WordPress**** and click on Sign Up Now or you can click on the signup link above to get yourself a WordPress**** account. This is very useful because by creating a WordPress**** account, you'll be able to get a free blog at WordPress****, and you'll also be able to get your WordPress API key, which you'll probably need to use in your Akismet spam plugin and in other applications as well.
13 May 2010
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*******live.pirillo**** - I know a few of you use forums. Some of you have blogs and other social accounts. Most of these places allow you to set up an avatar. The hope is that one day, you only have to upload an avatar once and have it populate to all places you are on the Web.
9 Feb 2009
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This video is about Blog Commenting Tips, including using Gravatar, Disqus, RSS, dofollow backlinks and SEO. Visit *******doctordubliblog**** to read the full post.
3 Dec 2009
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*******www.richwordpressor**** In this Wordpress Tutorial, let's talk about how to use gravatars. Now if you have been blogging for a while and especially if you have left comments on someone else's blog,
19 Apr 2010
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*******www.facebook****/learnwordpress Learn WordPress - What are Gravatars and how to use them with your WordPress blog or website. To learn about how to blog or configure WordPress please visit *******www.facebook****/learnwordpress
25 Sep 2011
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One night, while working on a blog post, Mike needed a break and decided to surf the net. He discovered dozens of social networking sites, stayed up all night, and wrote this song. Social Networking Blues (lyrics) It was getting late I needed a break From writing my latest blog. So I surfed the net To see what I could get Amazed at all I found. There was so much stuff That I had to share And this is how it all went down I went to: MySpace, YouTube, Metacafe Friendster, Facebook, Magnolia Tumbler, Zillow, MybogLog And don't forget Blogcatalog. Wink, Yelp, Furl Gimme a thumbs up. Kiva, Bebo What the heck is Jumpcut? Why don't you Stumble it Put it in the Mixx Give a shout and a Tweet And say that you Reddit. Fav on Technorati Tell me it was Delicious. If I give you a Digg Would you add me to your blog list? I checked out: Blogline, Netvibes, Iowa Ave Entrecard, Ximmy and Zimbio Google, Yahoo Tell me I'm LinkedIn. Flickr, Jaiku What was I thinking? Bumpzee, Feedjit, and Delirious Soundclick, Imeem, and Gravatar Linkswarm, Smarking, Zorpia, Pownce, LastFM and Active Rain! (chorus) I went to: Newsvine, Tailrank, Funnyordie, Fark and Simpy I'll give 'em a try. Slashdot, Blinklist, Misterwong, Backflip, Spurl This list is too long! Blogmarks,Twitter, and Multiply Propeller, Ask I'm gonna cry! Linkagogo, MSN and Netvouz I'm about to lose my mind I need livelife365! That's my site Check it out. And then please (chorus) Oh, twitter, twitter, twittering my night away I'm Stumbling my life away. Digg, digg, digging my day away I need livelife365!
10 Mar 2009
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A video tutorial on the basics of adding an Avatar to your blog. Gravatars are Avatars which are simply a small picture of you. This video describes what an avatar is and how to add your gravatar to the blog community so that your picture will show.
15 Sep 2009
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23 Apr 2010
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This tutorial is continued with full written instructions at *******WordpressVideos.TV If you sell a product, offer a service, or if you just want to improve the overall perception and branding of your blog, then adding testimonials to your blog is a great idea. You can easily add a WordPress plugin that helps you to manage testimonials on your blog. Just search for the term testimonials, and look for the plugin called Testimonials Manager, and you can install that plugin automatically or install it manually to your WordPress blog. Once youve uploaded the Testimonials Manager plugin, just activate that plugin, and youll see a new menu item here, right under Comments, that says Testimonials. So just click on that. And then you can either edit the existing testimonials or you can add a new testimonial by entering the name, the company, the website URL, and the actual testimonial itself. And you can either use a Gravatar if you know the email of the person, or you can upload a picture, or you can choose to not display any type of image at all. So Im gonna show you an example here by uploading a picture from my computer, alright, and there are some restrictions on pictures though, and then you just put in your name. Sorry, the name of the person who gave the testimonial, and the company name, and the company website. And then answer your full testimonial in this section here. And then click on Create Testimonial. Okay, so this is how my new testimonial looks like, and of course make sure that you use the actual picture of the person and not a stock photo or something like that. And if you scroll down, you can actually see that you can edit the custom CSS for the testimonial page which Ill show you how it looks like later, and to display all the testimonials on a single page, you just need to copy this code and put it onto a new page on your WordPress blog. So in my new page, Im gonna call this Testimonials, and I can add text here if I want to, but Im just going to paste the testimonials code and then Im gonna update this page.
12 May 2010
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*******www.quickregister****/wordpress/2011/11/08/review-disqus-comment-system-wordpress/ It also displays the Gravatar pictues linked to the email addresses that commentators leave. This adds a more personal and visually appealing effect to your blog. However, the ability to pull Gravatar images is included in most wordpress comment systems so this is not that unique a feature.
13 Nov 2011
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13 Jun 2012
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