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This man was traveling by and noticed a dog lying on the grave. He thought it's a ghost and on a closer look, realized its just a flower boutique.
4 Aug 2017
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Caesar has a scheduled encounter with McCullough at their hideaway base, some place in the wild where untold primate detainees of this war are holding up to their lives in the fine line of hope for the little group of entrusted partners working with Caesar. The most intelligent choice is the lines of devotion more than any time in past movies of the series. life isn't getting any simpler on the Planet of the Apes, somberly taking a glimpse at the skyline that they know might be their last. Immense scenes of bloodletting truly help make this film the prominent achievement that it is, while part of this story is that Caesar so regularly appears to be looking for peace. This War emphasis on Caesar and his kindred simians from a character point of view, diving into the grimmest scene up until now. Regardless of the grave picture depiction, Caesar will be a legendary character after moviegoers look back and remembering them as aware creatures. Confronted with a similar kind of goods and devils that stack in moral and social issues, and each has moved the ethical ground from Ape and human perspective.
8 Aug 2017
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A song about capitalism, greed and ethics. Written and performed by John Ludi. Production and engineering by John Ludi. Lurid photo by John Ludi. Here's the words: You tried to find your way in this sad and wicked place but all your good intentions got thrown back in your face. Everyone eventually gets pulled into the race, gets swallowed and digested if they don't keep up the pace. Climbing up the ladder in this sad and wicked time, how to get ahead is all that's on your mind. Honesty and ethics abandoned on the way... the payout makes it worth it: you're a richer man today. Take the money and run, you whore. Grab what you can, find the back door. Presidents do it, so it's ok. Deal with your conscience some other day. [C] And go along to get along, it's what's done...right or wrong. Don't rock the boat and don't make waves, while you're digging your own graves. Now you are a leader in this sad and wicked land raking in the rewards of all your greedy plans. Rolling in the spoils of all that you could steal, and no one dares to ask you, how do you really feel? There is no center, nothing can hold and all your futures are bought and sold. It doesn't matter what the rich folks do 'cause just admit it, you'd do it too. Do it for the money all that awesome money tasty yummy money happy happy money you're worthless without money bad people don't like money what's wrong with them anyway? They should get with the program.
11 Aug 2017
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17 Aug 2017
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Up Down And To The Grave veiksmas
31 May 2006
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Under The Grave Live At Club Soda In Montreal On January 27th 2007 i'm the singer
2 Feb 2007
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This is the sneek peek of investigations done at the chinese graves in Singapore.
19 Mar 2007
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Holy Fire From The Grave Of Our Lord Jesus Christ At The Holy Sepuchre In Jerusalem (the blue light) (2007)
26 Apr 2007
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Grave of the sultans
31 May 2007
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The Spirit in the grave
31 May 2007
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Digging the Grave - Please no More, BANDA TRIBUTO A FAITH NO MORE en ex OZ, Escudo Power Party
20 Jun 2007
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أهوال القبور - graves - the end
30 Dec 2007
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